The Cullinan Diamond: A True Sensation

November 2, 2023


The Matchless Power of the Cullinan Diamond


Many people are enthusiastic about Asscher cut diamonds. Some people are enthusiastic about specific types of Asscher cut diamonds as well. The Cullinan diamond is a prominent example. The Cullinan diamond has the distinction of being the biggest polished diamond discovered in history. It was unveiled close to Pretoria, South Africa back at the beginning of the twentieth century. Thomas Cullinan was its namesake, too. He was the head of the mining business that located the diamond. What made people take notice of the Cullinan diamond? As noted before, its size was unparalleled. It was more than 3,100 carats, after all.

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A Look at the Cullinan Diamond


Size is in no sense the only thing that makes the Cullinan diamond so notable. People flocked to the stone courtesy of its unequalled level of purity, first of all. They flocked to the stone courtesy of its highly memorable color, too. It featured a bluish-white hue that wasn't exactly typical in the diamond arena.


People saw that this diamond had a cloven face. This detail hinted strongly to the public that the stone might have had the chance to be larger, interestingly enough. The Cullinan diamond travelled all the way to bustling London in the United Kingdom not long after it was first introduced to the planet. King Edward VII meticulously assessed it after its arrival on English soil. An abundance of possible purchasers got the opportunity to check out the stone in all its glory. In spite of that, it maintained its uncut status. People simply had no clue about how they could approach cutting it in a manner that made total sense. They didn't want to make any irreversible mistakes. Ultimately, they determined that they would gift the stone to the previously mentioned British king. Not long after that made the decision to recruit IJ Asscher to cut it. IJ Asscher was based out of Amsterdam in the Netherlands.


The Cullinan Diamond's Legacy in This Day and Age

A strong number of stones were cut using the mythical Cullinan diamond. These stones are presently associated with the regalia in Great Britain. The biggest diamonds that were cut from the gem are linked to the Crown Jewels of England. People who want to see them can do so inside of the beloved Tower of London. Which diamond that came from the Cullinan is particularly noteworthy? The answer to that question is the Cullinan I. The "Great Star of Africa" is yet another name for it. Its weight is pretty impressive. It actually weighs in at an incredible 530.2 carats. It has a shape that's reminiscent of a pear.


People contemplate the Cullinan II diamond a great deal, too. This is a different memorable stone that came from the first Cullinan diamond. People occasionally refer to this stone as being the Second Star of Africa. It has a weight of 317 carats.


The Cullinan diamond has in no way been forgotten by all the diamond enthusiasts of the planet. The stone has actually been in the news quite recently. It made international waves in 2022 when the nation of South Africa, its homeland, requested that the United Kingdom give it back once and for all. It was at that time situated on top of a sceptre that Queen Elizabeth II possessed prior to her death. Since the Queen passed away in 2022, an abundance of people in South Africa had the desire to get the Cullinan diamond back. It's no shocker that the majestic Cullinan diamond continues to be a sensation more than a century after its debut. To Search for best deals visit


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