The Guide to Catch Cans: Why Your Vehicle Needs One

November 10, 2023


Have you ever wondered what that rattling noise is under your car? There's a good chance it's your old and worn-out catch can, begging to be replaced. As an essential part of your vehicle's breathing system, catch cans work hard to keep your engine running right by filtering oil vapors and excess emissions. But over time, they fill up and get clogged, unable to do their job. Don't ignore the signs - it's time for an upgrade.

In this guide, you'll learn everything you need to know about catch cans, from how they work to why your vehicle needs one to the best brands on the market. We'll walk you through some easy DIY installation tips to save you money and get you back on the road fast. Your engine has given you years of faithful service. Now it's your turn to give it some TLC. Keep reading to find out how a new catch can can help maximize your vehicle's performance, boost its longevity, and have you driving for miles to come.

What Is an Evil Energy Exhaust?

An evil energy exhaust is the customized exhaust system on your vehicle that helps unleash trapped power and improves performance.

What it does

An evil energy exhaust replaces your stock exhaust system to reduce backpressure, allowing your engine to breathe better. This means more air flows in and out, so more fuel can burn. The end result? More horsepower and torque.

A freer-flowing evil energy exhaust also gives your vehicle an aggressive sound that turns heads. The deep, throaty rumble is music to any gearhead’s ears!

Why you need one

There are a few reasons to install an aftermarket evil energy exhaust:

  1. More power. By reducing restriction, your engine can produce 5-10% more horsepower and torque. That adds up to a noticeable difference you can feel when you hit the gas.
  2. Improved throttle response. With less backpressure, your engine can respond faster when you accelerate. This makes for a more exciting driving experience.
  3. Better fuel economy. Contrary to popular belief, a high-performance exhaust can actually improve your miles per gallon by allowing the engine to run more efficiently. The increase may be modest, but every bit helps.
  4. Aggressive sound. The deep, throaty rumble from an evil energy exhaust will make a statement everywhere you go. It’s the perfect complement to a high-powered vehicle.

An evil energy exhaust is a must-have upgrade if you’re looking to unleash the full potential of your vehicle. The power gains, improved driving dynamics, fuel efficiency benefits and head-turning sound - what’s not to love? Make your ride a real beast with an evil energy exhaust!

The Benefits of Installing a Catch Can

A catch can is a no-brainer for any vehicle with an internal combustion engine. Here are a few of the major benefits of installing one:

Reduced Carbon Buildup

The blow-by gasses in your engine contain oil, fuel, and moisture that can build up as carbon deposits over time. A catch can captures these gasses before they're sent back to your intake, reducing buildup and keeping your engine clean.

Improved Performance

With less carbon buildup, your engine can breathe better and run more efficiently. This means better throttle response, more power, and improved fuel economy. A catch can is like giving your engine a breath of fresh air.

Longer Engine Life

By reducing contaminants in the blow-by gasses, a catch can helps prevent premature wear and tear on engine components like piston rings, valve seats, and turbochargers. The less gunk in your engine, the longer it will last.

Cost Savings

While catch cans do require an upfront investment, they can save you money in the long run through improved performance and engine longevity. The fewer repairs and less frequent services needed, the more cash stays in your pocket.

Installing a catch can is an easy, affordable upgrade that pays big dividends for your vehicle's health and your driving experience. For any gearhead, a catch can should be standard equipment. What are you waiting for? Give your engine a breath of fresh air and reap the rewards.

Top 5 Catch Cans for Your Vehicle

A catch can is a simple but important device that helps keep your engine running clean and efficient. By capturing oil vapors and moisture in your air intake system before they can gunk up your intake valves and combustion chambers, a quality catch can will safeguard your engine's performance and help it last longer.

  • Billet Aluminum Oil Catch Can

This all-aluminum catch can is a great budget-friendly option. Its billet aluminum construction makes it durable yet lightweight. Anodized fittings and a mesh filter help keep contaminants out of your intake while allowing maximum airflow. For most vehicles, this compact catch can provides solid protection without breaking the bank.

  • Steel Oil Catch Tank

For hardcore enthusiasts, this steel catch tank is built to take abuse. Its powder coated steel casing and stainless steel internals can withstand high pressures and temperatures under aggressive driving conditions. A sight glass lets you monitor how much gunk is being filtered out of your intake air. This heavy-duty catch tank may be overkill for a daily driver but is ideal for a track or drag car.

  • Universal Aluminum Catch Can Kit

If you have a custom or modified engine, a universal catch can kit lets you install a catch can on almost any vehicle. This kit includes an aluminum catch can along with various hoses, clamps, fittings and mounting brackets so you can plumb it into your intake system. The catch can has an integral filter to trap contaminants before they can enter your engine. For maximum versatility, a universal catch can kit is a great solution.

  • Diesel Oil Catch Can

Diesel engines produce more soot and oil vapor than gasoline engines, so they benefit even more from a catch can. A diesel-specific catch can is designed to handle the higher volumes of contaminants, with a larger capacity and more efficient filtration. The can itself is also more heavy-duty to withstand the higher pressures. If you have a diesel truck or performance vehicle, a diesel catch can is essential to keep your engine running strong.

Using a catch can, especially on a performance or modified vehicle, is one of the best ways to protect your engine and keep it running right. Choose a catch can suited to your specific vehicle and driving needs, and it will serve your engine well for years to come.


So there you have it, a primer on why catch cans are so crucial for your vehicle. Don't wait until performance issues start cropping up or your check engine light comes on - be proactive and get a quality catch can installed. Your engine will thank you, your fuel economy will improve, and you'll avoid expensive repairs down the line. For the cost, catch cans are one of the best investments you can make to keep your vehicle running strong for the long haul. What are you waiting for? Do your engine a favor and grab a catch can today. You'll be glad you did!


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