The Ultimate Guide to Building a Solid Social Media Presence

November 7, 2023



Social media presence can help you in many ways. For instance, social media presence helps businesses connect with their targeted audience, helping increase brand visibility and boost sales. A recent survey has shown that around 4.8 billion people, from across the world, use social media applications. So, building a strong social media presence among such a large community has become crucial in 2023.

This comprehensive guide is all about popular social media channels and the benefits of using social media for your businesses. At the same time, we will cover the ultimate guide to building a solid social media presence. So, let’s begin our discussion here!

Popular social media channels in 2023

With the increasing interest in the usage of social media, the number of social media channels has also been increasing. Recently, the world has been introduced with Threads and we may see many more near in the future. Here we come with the list of top social media platforms along with their total number of users in 2023:

  • Facebook (3.03 billion MAUs)
  • YouTube (2.5 billion MAUs)
  • Whatsapp (2 billion MAUs)
  • Instagram (2 billion MAUs)
  • WaChat (1.3 billion MAUs)
  • TikTok (1.03 billion MAUs)
  • Telegram (700 million MAUs)
  • Snapchat (557 million MAUs)
  • Kuaishou (626 million MAUs)
  • Qzone Kuaishou (600 million MAUs)

All these social media applications are popular worldwide and users from different regions are connected with each other. Starting a marketing plan with any of these social media channels can be beneficial. What you need to do is to establish a suitable and effective social media marketing strategy and pursue it dedicatedly.

How to build a solid social media presence?

Building a social media presence is just like a piece of cake. Almost all the social media channels are user-friendly enough, allowing you to register with only a few clicks. But maintaining your social media presence can be challenging.

Whatever social media channel you are going to choose, follow the given instructions, suggested by experts, to establish a winning social media presence in 2023:

1. Setting up social media profiles and optimizing them

Start with establishing your profiles or accounts on some most famous social media channels. Experts suggest establishing a presence on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. This is because billions of users are active on these social media channels are popular.

Optimizing your profile is important more than creating your accounts. To ensure your profile is optimized add a quality profile picture or logo, register with a name that reflects your services, add a bio that summarizes your services, and never forget to add keywords and hashtags to your bio.

2. Establish a long-term strategy

Remember that maintaining a social media presence is much more important than establishing your social media presence. Maintaining a social media presence depends upon the strategy you follow. Here we come with some key points, suggested by marketing professionals, through which you can stay persistent on social media for a long time:

  • Clearly define your goals and objectives
  • Do a competitive analysis for your target audience
  • Ensure a content plan and strictly schedule or follow it
  • Stay updated with the market trends and adapt yourself accordingly
  • Be consistent. You won't establish stability overnight. You need to work consistently to develop a long-term presence

All these strategies are helpful for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and other platforms. To maintain your presence you must also increase your followers who will keep in touch with you.

It is true that at the beginning level getting a huge fan following is quite challenging. The new social media users, like TikTok rising stars, can start their strategy by buying TikTok followers to have a booming start.

3. Publish quality content consistently

Social marketing professionals suggest adding quality content consistently is key to successfully maintaining your online presence. Users connect with your social media channels to be updated about their respective fields. If you are not consistent they will move on to connect with other sources that are credible and updated.

Keep your audience updated with regular updates. For example, if you are associated with a fashion brand, tell users what fashion is on trend in a particular season or a particular region. It will give them a sense of being prioritized and they will appreciate your presence.

4. Always keep in touch with your audience

Posting consistently on your Instagram channel sounds professional. However, you must also keep in touch with your audience. The best way to interact with them is to encourage them to collaborate or participate. Discuss events and products with them. Their participation will enhance engagement.

Moreover, content with more engagement, such as comments, likes, and shares is capable of going viral. To increase likes on your social media stories or reels, you can buy TikTok likes and other social media services to increase your content engagement instantly and effectively.

5. Utilize social media advertisement when necessary

Experts reveal that social media marketing is the 2nd largest market in digital advertising. It helps businesses reach more engaging and relevant audiences on an immediate basis.

What you need to do is to arrange a suitable plan with better preferences, promoting your content across the platform.

The closing statement

Today, with the increasing number of users on social media, social media presence has become a crucial part of digital marketing. Maintaining a social media presence or strategy helps you reach your goals instantly. Start establishing and maintaining your social media presence today and for better results, we recommend you follow the discussed ultimate guide, helping you build a solid social media presence.


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