Toyota Wait Times Continue to Increase for Popular Models in the USA

November 16, 2023


Toyota has long been known for its reliability and quality, making its vehicles some of the most in-demand. With supply chain issues caused by the pandemic and other factors, wait times for popular Toyota models like the RAV4 Hybrid have reached record highs across the USA.

Average Wait Times Reach 5-12 Months for Some Models

Whereas in previous years, buyers may have only had to wait a few weeks or months at most for a new Toyota, it's now common for wait times to stretch from five months to over a year, depending on the model. The RAV4 Hybrid, which combines excellent gas mileage with Toyota's reputation for dependability, is one of the most sought-after models - with waits frequently exceeding six months.

Regional variations in wait times exist, but even in areas where Toyota inventory is more readily available, buyers can expect to wait 3-5 months minimum. For customized models or less common colors/options, buyers could be looking at 7-12 months or more before delivery.

Why Is Demand So High and Inventory So Low?

Toyota sales remained strong through the pandemic, but supply chain issues have severely constrained inventory, like all automakers, leading to long wait times. Semiconductor chip shortages have significantly impacted new vehicle production and availability across brands.

The RAV4 Hybrid has also been impacted by the surge in gas prices over the last couple of years. With excellent fuel efficiency, the appeal of hybrid models like the RAV4 has grown substantially. Combined with the ongoing popularity of SUVs/crossovers like the RAV4, demand has outpaced supply for quite some time.

Frustration Mounts for Buyers Facing Long Waits

For buyers ready to purchase a new vehicle, the extreme RAV4 hybrid wait time usa comes as an unwelcome surprise. Pre-pandemic, customers were accustomed to driving home in their new Toyota in days or weeks after purchase.

Now, they have to plan for 6-12 months, all while relying on their current vehicle. Buyers have expressed frustration with dealers' need for more clarity on when wait times might improve. Production capacity remains limited, so most experts don't foresee inventory and wait times improving substantially in 2023.

Order Banks Full for Months Out on Popular Models

With wait lists many months long, order banks have been entire for quite some time on the most in-demand Toyota models like the RAV4 Hybrid. Dealers can only order certain new vehicles from Toyota if the pipeline is entirely booked up.

Unless Toyota can significantly ramp up production capacity, which seems unlikely in the short term, long wait times will persist through 2023 and beyond. The order books are complete and waits will only get longer as new buyers try to get in line.

Tips for Buyers to Navigate Toyota Wait Time USA.

The long wait times present a challenge for buyers needing a new Toyota in 2023. Here are some tips to help navigate the situation of Toyota wait time USA:

  • Order early - Get your name on the waitlist as soon as possible. Order banks may be complete, but you want to get in line to take delivery as soon as inventory opens up.
  • Remain flexible - If you can be flexible on colors or options, you may be able to take delivery sooner. Custom orders add time.
  • Consider loaner vehicles - Ask your dealer if any cars or demos are available for sale. These are more readily available than brand-new customs orders.
  • Search a wider area - Look at dealers across a wider geographic area for the shortest wait times and best availability. Regional variations exist.
  • Weigh the pros and cons of hybrid - Given the long lead times, assess if a gas model could better meet your needs and be available sooner.
  • Plan - With a 6-12-month wait, buyers must plan well and be patient. Reliable transportation for the duration of the delay is critical.

When Will Wait Times Improve?

Unfortunately, there is no clear timeline for when wait times for the RAV4 Hybrid and other popular Toyota models will return to more normal levels. As long as supply chain turmoil, semiconductor shortages, and strong demand persist, inventory will remain extremely tight.

Most analysts don't foresee dramatic improvements in wait times through at least early 2024.

Toyota is working to ramp up production, but it takes time to expand capacity. Wait times are expected to remain elevated compared to pre-pandemic norms for the foreseeable future.


With strong demand and limited supply, Toyota customers should be prepared for long wait times if they are set on famous models like the RAV4 Hybrid. Order banks are complete, and wait lists stretch 6-12 months in many areas. There is no quick fix, though Toyota is working to increase production. Interested buyers must order early, remain flexible, and plan transportation for the long wait to acquire their new Toyota.


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