What should you do if you purchase an unsuitable deletion kit from the spelab store?

November 10, 2023


So you decided to delete your diesel particulate filter to increase performance and fuel economy, and you ordered an inexpensive kit from the Spelab store. But after opening the box, you realize the kit looks pretty cheap and basic. Uh oh, did you make a mistake? Don't panic just yet. While the kit may not be the highest quality, that doesn't necessarily mean it won't get the job done. Before you rush to return it, here are a few things you should check first. With some mechanical know-how and patience, you may be able to successfully complete the DPF delete yourself and save hundreds of dollars in the process. The most important thing is making sure it's done properly so you can enjoy the benefits without compromising your vehicle's performance or reliability. If after going through these steps you still don't feel comfortable doing it yourself, you can always take it to a professional. But give it a shot - you've got nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

Understanding DPF Delete Kits for the 6.7 Cummins

If the DPF delete kit you bought just isn’t cutting it, don’t worry, you’ve got options. The first thing to do is contact the manufacturer or retailer and explain your situation. They may be willing to send you replacement parts or refund your money. If that doesn’t work out, you’ve still got a few solutions.

Do it yourself

If you’re handy with tools, you can install high-quality aftermarket components yourself. Buy a DPF sim ulator to trick the ECU into thinking the DPF is still in place. Then install a downpipe, exhaust pipe, and tailpipe to route gasses around where the DPF used to be. This approach saves money but requires mechanical skills.

Visit a diesel performance shop

Diesel performance and tuning shops specialize in DPF deletes and ECU tuning. They have the knowledge and equipment to remove your faulty DPF, install high-flow components in its place, and reprogram your ECU to maximize power and fuel economy. While pricier, this option ensures the work is done properly. Performance shops can also dyno tune your truck to unlock extra horsepower!

Trade it in for a pre-DPF truck

If the thought of deleting your DPF makes you uneasy, you can always sell or trade in your current truck for an older model manufactured before DPFs were required. Pre-2007 trucks won’t have a DPF at all, eliminating your problem altogether. You’ll still need to visit a mechanic to diagnose and fix the issue that damaged your DPF in the first place though.

No matter which path you choose, don’t continue driving with a faulty DPF delete kit. It’s not worth the risk to you or the environment. Do your research, explore your options, and take action to resolve the situation properly. Your truck and conscience will thank you!

Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing a Delete Kit From DPF Delete Shop

So you’ve ordered a delete kit from DPF Delete Shop, but it’s just not right for your needs. Don’t worry, it happens. Here are some common mistakes to avoid next time:

First, make sure you choose a kit specifically designed for your vehicle’s make, model, and year. The wrong kit won’t fit properly and you’ll end up wasting time and money. Double check those details!

Second, don’t just go with the cheapest option. Delete kits vary in quality, and a budget kit may not last as long or perform as well. It’s worth paying a bit more for a reputable brand with high-quality components.

Emissions Laws

Also, keep your area’s emissions laws in mind. Some places prohibit deleting your DPF altogether. Choose a kit that complies with regulations in your state or county to avoid legal trouble down the road.

Finally, don’t forget to factor in additional parts and a mechanic’s labor fees. The kit itself is only part of the total cost. You’ll also need things like a new exhaust pipe, clamps, and gaskets. And unless you’re mechanically inclined, you’ll probably need a shop to properly install everything.

By avoiding these common mistakes, you’ll get the right DPF delete kit for your needs the first time around. Do your research, choose a high-quality kit designed specifically for your vehicle, make sure it complies with local laws, and budget for any additional parts and installation. With some forethought, you’ll be happily DPF-free in no time!

How to Get the Right 6.7 Cummins DPF Delete Kit From DPF Delete Shop

So you purchased a DPF delete kit that ended up not being quite right for your Cummins diesel. Don’t worry, it happens. The good news is, DPF Delete Shop has the expertise and variety of kits to get you what you really need. Here are the steps to get the correct 6.7 Cummins delete kit:

Check Your Engine Specs

The most important thing is to know the specific details about your engine. Write down your engine’s serial number, engine family number, engine displacement, and year to determine which DPF delete kit is compatible. DPF Delete Shop’s customer service can look up your engine specs if you provide them the VIN.

Choose Between Race and Street Legal

DPF Delete Shop offers kits for both race and street legal applications. Race kits will typically provide the most horsepower gain, while street legal kits allow you to remain emissions compliant. Think about how you primarily use your truck to determine which is right for you.

Select Fuel Type

Kits are available for diesel engines running on gasoline or ethanol fuels like E85 in addition to traditional diesel fuel. Make sure to choose a kit specifically designed for your truck’s fuel type.

Consider Additional Upgrades

While focused on removing your DPF, you might as well upgrade other components like intake, exhaust, tuners or turbos at the same time. DPF Delete Shop frequently runs bundle deals including multiple upgrades at a discounted price. Take advantage of these combo deals to maximize your truck’s performance.

Place Your Order

Once you’ve determined the specific DPF delete kit needed for your Cummins engine, place your order on DPFDeleteShop.com or give them a call. They offer free shipping within the continental US, and your new kit will arrive within 3 to 5 business days so you can get started gaining horsepower and reliability.

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You've now got the knowledge to make an informed decision about your DPF delete kit purchase. Always go with a reputable brand that offers technical support and warranty in case anything goes wrong with the installation. Don't get swayed by rock-bottom prices from shady retailers - your vehicle's performance and health should be the top priority here. At the end of the day, doing a DPF delete is a big step, so make sure to think it over carefully. But if done right with a high-quality kit and experienced mechanic, it can transform how your diesel drives and save you bundles of cash long-term. The open road awaits!


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