What to Do If Professional Movers Are Late

November 29, 2023


Why are movers late sometimes? Traffic, weather, or previous job delays are common culprits. Understanding these reasons can help mitigate frustration. You're not alone. In the world of 'packers and movers,' delays can happen. But what should you do when your professional movers are late? This article guides you to staying calm, productive, and prepared during such situations.

Communication is Key

When you realize the movers are late, the first step is to contact the company. A quick call can provide you with an updated ETA and reasons for the delay. Sometimes, even the best professional movers may encounter some difficulties along the way, too.

Plan B: Contingency Measures

Always have a 'Plan B.' If the delay extends beyond a few hours, consider options like storage facilities or alternative moving assistance.

Keeping Track: Document Everything

Keep a record of all communications and delays. This documentation can be crucial, especially if you need to claim compensation later.

Stay Busy: Pre-Move Tasks

Utilize this time to double-check your packing, create an inventory, or even start cleaning. Staying busy helps reduce stress.

Relax and Recharge

If the wait is long, take this time to relax. Read a book, watch a movie, or spend time with family. A calm mind can handle the situation better.

Dealing with Frustration

It's normal to feel frustrated. However, channel this energy positively by planning for upcoming tasks or finding solutions.

Your Rights and Compensation

Know your rights. Most moving companies have policies for delays, including potential compensation or discounts.

Can I Claim Compensation For Late Moving Services?

Signing a contract with a moving company often includes terms and conditions related to delays. Typically, these contracts will outline specific scenarios where compensation is due to the client. For instance, if the delay is due to the movers' own fault (like overbooking or internal logistical issues), the company may offer compensation.

This could be a discount on the total service cost, a flat fee compensation, or additional services at no cost. It's crucial to review your contract thoroughly to understand these terms. Suppose the contract doesn't explicitly state anything about compensation for delays. In that case, it may still be worth discussing with the company, as many reputable movers aim to maintain customer satisfaction and may offer some form of compensation as a goodwill gesture.

However, it's important to note that not all delays are eligible for compensation. Delays caused by external factors beyond the control of the moving company, such as severe weather conditions, traffic delays, or unforeseen road closures, are typically not covered. In these cases, moving companies often cite these as 'force majeure' events, where they are not held liable for the resulting inconveniences.

If you believe that the delay was unreasonable or due to negligence on the part of the movers, you may need to provide evidence of this to claim compensation. It’s advisable to keep detailed records of all communications and timelines in case you need to escalate the issue to a consumer protection agency or consider legal action in extreme cases.


Delays in moving can be challenging, but with the right mindset and preparation, you can navigate through these hurdles. Patience and proactive planning are key when dealing with late 'packers and movers.'


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