Ask a Healthcare Fraud Attorney: What Are The First Steps You Should Take?

December 6, 2023


The term "healthcare fraud" covers a broad spectrum of illegal activities, including but not limited to, billing for services not rendered, falsifying patient records, and kickback schemes. These allegations can lead to severe penalties, including hefty fines and even imprisonment; not to mention the irreversible damage to professional reputation and career. If you're facing accusations of fraud, calling a healthcare fraud attorney should be your first step.

Immediate Steps Following Healthcare Fraud Allegations

Engage a Healthcare Fraud Attorney

Specialization in healthcare fraud defense is critical when you're selecting legal representation. An attorney with specific experience in this field will have a deeper understanding of the relevant laws, regulatory compliance, and the intricacies of the healthcare system than a regular or general practice attorney. Click here to learn more.

Preserve All Relevant Documentation

The foundation of any healthcare fraud defense is thorough documentation of healthcare practices. Immediately begin securing all relevant records, including patient files, billing information, communications with healthcare entities, and any contracts or agreements. This documentation will be instrumental in constructing a defense strategy.

Learn the Specific Nature of the Allegations

Healthcare fraud charges can be varied and complex, often involving confusing federal and Texas state healthcare laws and regulations. Identifying the nature of the accusations will help you make the right decision on subsequent steps and inform your defense strategy.

Avoid Discussing the Case

It is imperative to refrain from discussing the case with anyone other than your legal counsel. Conversations about the case can inadvertently lead to complications or misunderstandings that may do damage to your position. The attorney-client privilege ensures that communications with your legal counsel remain confidential and protected.

Comply with Legal Requests

While maintaining a defensive stance, it is also important to comply with legal requests and procedures. This includes responding to subpoenas, warrants, or any formal inquiries from investigative agencies. Failure to comply can lead to additional legal complications. Always talk to your attorney about every request and respond only with their guidance.

Navigating the Legal Process

The legal process in healthcare fraud cases can be long and complex, often involving multiple stages and entities. The following is a general idea of what you can expect, but for more details, be sure to talk to your healthcare fraud attorney about the specifics of your case:

Initial Investigation and Charges

Healthcare fraud cases typically begin with an investigation, which can be triggered by various entities such as the Texas Attorney General's office, the Department of Health and Human Services, or by private insurance companies. If the investigation finds sufficient evidence, formal charges may be filed.

In healthcare fraud cases, multiple government agencies might be involved, including the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Department of Justice (DOJ). Each agency has its own procedures and areas of focus, which must be carefully considered in the defense approach.

Pre-Trial Procedures

Pre-trial procedures include arraignment, bail hearings, and pre-trial conferences. During these stages, opportunities may arise for negotiating plea bargains or discussing case dismissal. It is during these stages that the foundation for the trial is laid, so making strategic decisions and preparations will already be crucial at this stage. Don't delay in getting an experienced attorney.

Plea Negotiations

In some cases, engaging in plea negotiations may be a strategic choice. Plea bargaining can result in reduced charges or lighter sentences, but it also requires careful consideration. Accepting a plea deal typically involves admitting to certain charges, which can have long-lasting implications on one's professional license and reputation.

The Trial Process

If the case proceeds to trial, it will involve the presentation of evidence, witness testimonies, and legal arguments from both the prosecution and the defense. The trial process requires a lot of preparation by a lawyer with a deep understanding of legal procedures, Texas and federal laws and healthcare regulations, and the local legal system.

Potential Outcomes

The outcomes of healthcare fraud cases can vary from full acquittal to convictions resulting in fines, court-mandated restitution, and even imprisonment. The specific outcome will depend on the nature of the charges, the strength of the evidence, and the effectiveness of the defense strategy.

Specific Defense Strategies in Healthcare Fraud Cases

Challenging Evidence

One common defense approach is to challenge the accuracy, validity, or relevance of the evidence presented by the prosecution. This may involve questioning the methods used to gather evidence or highlighting inconsistencies in the prosecution's narrative.

Demonstrating Compliance

Showing adherence to applicable healthcare laws and regulations can be a powerful defense. This includes proving that billing practices were in line with industry standards and that any alleged discrepancies were due to errors or misunderstandings rather than fraudulent intent.

Intent and Knowledge

A key element in healthcare fraud cases is the intent to defraud. Demonstrating a lack of fraudulent intent or knowledge can be a crucial aspect of the defense. This can involve showing that any mistakes were unintentional and that there was no deliberate attempt to deceive or defraud.

Facing healthcare fraud allegations in Texas is a serious matter and requires immediate and strategic action. From preserving documentation to engaging a specialized attorney and crafting an effective defense strategy, each step plays a crucial role in getting you through to a good result. If you've been accused of fraud, don't put off contacting a qualified lawyer ASAP.


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