AWS Certification Path - Levels, Exam, Cost

December 27, 2023

Ever wonder why platforms like Dropbox, Facebook, and WordPress serve millions of users daily? Because of Cloud Computing you all! It has spurred a growing demand for skilled professionals. Amazon Web Services (AWS), a leading cloud platform, offers certifications to enhance your Cloud Computing skills and propel your career.

What’s AWS exam?

AWS (Amazon Web Services) certifications validate the expertise of professionals in deploying, designing and managing cloud infrastructure, thus instilling confidence in the employers. AWS offers an array of certification paths from foundational certifications like AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner to specialised tracks such as Solutions Architect, DevOps Engineer, and beyond. You can practise using our AWS certification dumps.

Let’s get right into the details!

Foundational Level

The foundational level exam, an MCQ-based exam, is aimed for individuals new to AWS. Once you’re done with this level, you’re awarded with the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification.

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner requires a minimum of six months of practical experience in the AWS Cloud domain. You need to cover various aspects like basic global infrastructure, architectural principles, the value proposition, fundamental security and compliance considerations, pricing models etcetera if you want to ace this exam!

Cost: $100

Duration: 90 Minutes

Associate Level

Next comes the Associate Level, an MCQ-based exam (again, yes!) that requires a certain degree of in-depth knowledge of one year (to say the least) of experience in this field.

There are 3 certifications that you expect here:

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect: This examination requires you to understand the architecture and deployment of applications on the AWS platform and demonstrate solution-oriented skills using architectural design principles and their implementation.
  • AWS Certified Developer: If you want to get this certification, you ought to have a solid grasp of programming languages and a comprehensive understanding of core AWS services, as well as familiarity with basic best practices in AWS architecture. That’s not it! You’re also supposed to showcase your expertise in the development, deployment, and debugging processes of cloud-based applications.
  • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator: You gotta master facets like the deployment and management of applications on the AWS platform, transfer of data between data centres and AWS, selecting AWS services that suit what your organisation needs, evaluating AWS cost usage, and identifying mechanisms for operational cost control etcetera.

Cost: 150 USD

Time Duration: 130 minutes

Professional Level

The former certifications are a prerequisite for getting hold of a certification of this level, which is a testament to your advanced skills and knowledge and proves that you’ve got the perfect ability to architect, design, implement, and operate AWS solutions at an enterprise level. Furthering it, it requires you to have been in the field for 2 years to say the least. It, an MCQ-based exam, offers two certifications:

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect: It majorly concerns assessing your skills and abilities in the evaluation of cloud application requirements, the design and deployment of cloud architecture on AWS, and the implementation of cost-control strategies, among other competencies.
  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer: It primarily revolves around Continuous Delivery (CD) methodologies, automation processes in AWS, and the setup of monitoring and log systems on the AWS platform.

Cost: 300 USD

Time Duration: 180 minutes

Speciality Certifications

These certifications, which are around 6 and again MCQ-based (don’t say “again,” please!), allow you to deepen your expertise in specific domains. You need to master whatever domain you choose, to the core level, for it isn’t as easy-going as the previous certifications. Each of these certifications cost you around 300 USD.

AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty

This certification, which expects you to possess a minimum of 5 years of experience with data analytics technologies, including 2 years of hands-on experience on the AWS platform, confirms your expertise in Data Analytics and your capacity to design and model Big Data solutions using AWS services.

Exam Duration: 180 Minutes

AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder – Specialty

If you manage to attain this certification (after having 6 months of practical experience in developing Alexa skills using the Alexa Skills Kit, coupled with a solid understanding of programming languages), it attests that you’re an aficionado in constructing, testing, and deploying Amazon Alexa skills.

Exam Duration: 170 Minutes

The AWS Certified Security – Specialty

This certification, which confirms your expertise in AWS security, expects you to have a minimum of 2 years of hands-on experience securing AWS workloads and at least 5 years of practical involvement in designing and implementing security solutions within the IT security field to qualify for this certification.

Exam Duration: 170 Minutes

The AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty

Affirming your skill in developing, implementing, and maintaining Machine Learning solutions using the AWS Cloud, this certification expects you to bring forth one to two years of experience in the development and architecture of Machine Learning or Deep Learning workloads on the AWS Cloud.

Exam Duration: 180 Minutes

The AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty

You need to have the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification or any other Associate-Level certifications like Architect, Operations, Developer, etc prior to aiming to get this. This certification aims to demonstrate your ability to handle detailed networking assignments on AWS. Further, you’re recommended to have a minimum of five years of hands-on experience in architecting and implementing network solutions.

Exam Duration: 170 Minutes

The AWS Certified Database – Specialty

This speciality certification, which expects you to have a minimum of 5 years of professional experience with database technologies, including at least 2 years of hands-on experience on AWS besides practical experience with AWS Cloud-based relational and non-relational databases, shows that you can design and maintain AWS database solutions based on specific requirements.

Exam Duration: 180 Minutes

During the course of preparation, if there arises a thing that confuses you, don’t hesitate and learn the fact here now. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR EXAM!


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