Celeb Drives: Inside Look at Iconic Cars Owned by Stars

December 21, 2023

Do you find yourself curious about the automobiles that famous people drive? Rich people or celebrities have their own preferences regarding luxury automobiles, and you are frequently surprised by the things they purchase or acquire. A star will almost certainly appear on hot news or celebrity news pages after upgrading their vehicle or buying a hot car to keep their followers updated on their most recent endeavors.

OnlyFans star Karely Ruiz is one celebrity who purchased a luxury car. This celebrity has profited from her Karely Ruiz Only Fans website, allowing her to invest in one of today's hottest cars. All of her fans are intrigued about the cost of the expensive car she recently purchased.

Celebrities can afford to buy luxury cars or the most innovative automobiles today because they have the ability and resources to spend millions of dollars. So, if you've been wondering what luxury car your favorite celebrity drove, keep reading to be the first to find out.

Mariah Carey and Jerry Seinfeld’s porsche

When Mariah Carey bought a bright pink Cayenne, the diva was not on the last list. Many fans worldwide were shocked by how this star profited from her singing career, which made headlines across online channels such as the hot news and celebrity news portals.

This well-known stand-up comedian has been on the lookout for car enthusiasts, as he recently purchased several classic and modern Porsche models. He is a world-class Porsche collector who enjoys every new model that hits the market. It stirred celebrity news and hot news media outlets, shocking all fans worldwide.

Ryan Gosling and Julia Roberts’ Toyota Prius

The unremarkable Toyota Prius that Ryan Gosling chose to drive to work was his choice. The fact that this expensive automobile is suitable for both men and women makes him eligible to include it in his collection. It creates headlines across online platforms such as celebrity news sites.

The Toyota Prius's practicality led Julia Roberts to select it as her vehicle of choice. It has been reported that this remarkable celebrity has been seen traveling to all her destinations in her red Prius, resulting in a front page on hot news websites.

Kim Kardashian and Ariana Grande’s Range Rover

It is impossible to make a mistake when purchasing a Range Rover, as Kim Kardashian demonstrated when she had to sell her customized car for a low price to buy this expensive automobile. The news was featured on hot news and celebrity news portals.

Behind the wheel of her Range Rover, Ariana Grande experienced a sense of contentment and ease due to the vehicle's performance.

Pierce Brosnan and Angelina Jolie’s BMW

To ensure he could travel comfortably, this remarkable actor, Brosnan, decided to purchase a BMW. It was one of his most expensive holdings and was a significant addition to her collection.

The "BMW Hydrogen 7" that Jolie purchased in 2018 is the most expensive item ever collected. It was something that she was more interested in than the old cars that she had.

Simon Cowell and Andy Murray’s Jaguar

The Jaguar E-Type, and the most expensive Jaguar model currently available, was selected by the well-known judge on this season of America's Got Talent Simon Cowell.

Andy Murray decided to purchase the I-Pace model because it is a more environmentally friendly automobile. Jaguar editions are the most expensive hot cars currently available on the market, and they were the first choice of hot cars for celebrities.

Flloyd Mayweather and Beyonce’s Mercedes

In 2019, Mayweather, now retired from boxing, is content to spend her million dollars on a Christmas present for her young daughter for the year 2019. His purchase of a "Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG" for her daughter was a complete and utter surprise. In addition, Flloyd has amassed a collection of SLS AMGs and other luxury vehicles to demonstrate to her fans that she can spend a significant amount of money on them.

All of the most recent news and celebrity news pages on the internet featured Beyonce's extravagant Mercedes on the front page of their respective websites. It resulted in thousands of responses from fans to her Instagram posts, which are supposed to motivate followers.

Jennifer Lopez’s Aston Martin DB

The legendary pop diva has been seen driving the most expensive and cutting-edge automobile currently available. Although she never brought it to the attention of her social media platforms, reporters published it on celebrity and hot news websites.

Janet Jackson’s Aston Martin Vanquish

The singer recently drove an Aston Martin Vanquish car. As the sister of the late singer Michael Jackson, it was a fitting complement to her profession and status.

Jessica Simpson’s Cadillac Escalade

There have been reports of this royal star being seen strutting her stuff inside her Cadillac Escalade, demonstrating her status and notoriety. It perfectly fits her personality and class, adding a layer of glitz to the celebrity.

Matthew Mcconaughy’s Lincoln MKX

This famous Matthew arrived at the television station in a Lincoln MKX, where they could enjoy a comfortable ride. Additionally, it prompted him to purchase an additional edition as soon as possible.


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