Creating a Relocation Checklist: Essential Steps for a Smooth Move

December 28, 2023

Preparing for an overseas relocation? Overwhelmed trying to coordinate everything? What key tasks should you tackle? Planning a detailed checklist is essential to manage this life transition. From sorting belongings to arranging air travel, many elements demand attention. Missing something critical can derail your move date or adaptation abroad. So, where do you start organizing this complex process?


● Build a Master List

Suppose you are relocating to Portugal. Create a detailed breakdown of each sub-project for your relocation, specifying who will handle each aspect: yourself, family and friends, your company, or your Portugal relocation services agency. Organize these tasks into immigration, household, financial, family, health, and goodbyes. Further, break down these categories into specific, assignable tasks. Additionally, align these tasks with timelines corresponding to your move date. By developing a comprehensive checklist, you eliminate uncertainty and gain clarity on the next steps in your Portugal relocation process.


● Secure Key Paperwork

Document preparation is crucial yet easy to overlook. Make copies of passports, birth certificates, driver's licenses, existing visas, marriage certificates, diplomas, and health records. Get them translated as needed later.

Contact providers to access years of bank statements, tax returns, insurance claims, investment holdings, and retirement plans. Consolidate personal records digitally for easy access, too. Verifying critical paperwork means you can readily prove your identity or eligibility for services abroad.


● Handle Travel Logistics


Who is moving and when? Will you go as a group or in phases? Book tickets and verify passport validity. Choose shipment dates for belongings through your Portugal relocation services company.

Give your new employer arrival specifics to help coordinate housing or other startup necessities. Notify current property managers and utilities of exit timing. Timing every flight and delivery is puzzle work, but plotting move sequences ahead alleviates chaos.


● Research, Research, Research

Reading relocation materials from your Portugal relocation services counselor is now your nightly homework. Seek insider perspectives on neighborhoods, culture adjustments, or navigating your overseas workplace.

Talk to contacts who have lived in your destination. Peruse expat forum discussions to learn from others' mistakes. Investigate comparisons on everything from electronics to cars so you pack and buy right. Becoming an expert on the realities ahead makes you proactive, not reactive.


● Handle Financial Planning

Notify banks of your upcoming relocation overseas and establish reliable money transfer options. Set a departure date on your local accounts and open new accounts in your destination currency. Research schemes to access retirement funds from abroad.

File taxes for the partial local year before exiting and understand obligations in the new country. Review investments and insurance to see if changes are advised. Don't overlook impacts on credit, loans, or other financial responsibilities when moving overseas.


● Evaluate Insurance Changes


Examine gaps or redundancies arising abroad from medical to home, car, life, and belongings coverage. Cancel unnecessary local policies after securing alternate coverage through your international employer.

Ensure health plans span pre-existing conditions and facilitate doctor access in your new location. Review provider networks and coordinate payment for treatments overseas. Wider coverage initially prevents paying out of pocket for unexpected incidents later.


● Handle Local Property & Assets

Decide whether to sell your current house, store furnishings until a later move back, rent the property out in your absence, or take other actions. If selling, determine needed renovations to maximize the sale price and handle fixes or staging. If renting it out, choose between self-management or hiring a rental agency.

Cancel newspaper delivery, trash pickup, cable subscriptions, and memberships no longer needed. Consider selling one car and properly storing the other based on transportation norms abroad. Make arrangements around property and assets early so lingering details don't disrupt your departure.


● Learn Transport Options

Research how most locals commute, typical car ownership rates, driver's license reciprocity, and costs to buy or lease vehicles in your new location. Weigh whether shipping an existing car there makes financial sense. If not, decide whether to sell and use public transportation like trains upon arrival.

Calculate realistic budgets for taxis, transit passes, expected mileage, and fuel if owning a car. Factor in ride-share services, too. Understanding mobility realities ahead helps estimate related costs.


● Order Essentials Early

Procure needed electronics that run on the local electrical current to avoid fussy adapters. These include chargers for phones, laptops, shavers, toothbrushes, and other devices used daily. Obtain the required transformer plug shapes for the region to connect international electronics.

Source a voltage converter if bringing higher voltage hair dryers, curling irons, or kitchen items that could overload foreign grids and fuses. Order currency for airport expenses, trains, or pre-paying temporary lodgings. Rush shipping ensures you have essential tech, plugs, and cash upon arrival.



When orchestrating an international relocation, hundreds of details weave together to shape experiences later. Skipping advanced work makes everything more challenging. However, methodically addressing key items through a relocation checklist prevents feeling overwhelmed. Mark off tasks as you tackle paperwork, home sales, shipment coordination, insurance updates, transit plans, financial transfers, and customs lessons with the help of experts guiding you.



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