How to Redefine Your Relationship with Alcohol

December 14, 2023

Alcohol is widely used throughout much of the world, and it has a strong place in many cuisines, dishes, and social gatherings, which makes it incredibly difficult to avoid for some people. In many cases, this leads to an unhealthy relationship with alcohol, which can arise due to a lot of reasons, either emotional or through too much consumption in a short time. Whatever the reason may be, too much of anything is a risky thing, and you may be curious about how you can change your relationship with alcohol as a result.

Identify Your Problem

There is a strong difference between wanting to change your relationship with alcohol and battling alcoholism or a strong addiction. You may have too much to drink without it strongly affecting the rest of your life, and you may want to change things before they get too drastic. If you're able to identify whether you're battling addiction or just want to reduce your drinking, your goals and methods of success may vary, and your plan will differ drastically. Too reduce drinking, you'll have to be conscious of how much you're having and work hard over time to taper it down and keep it to a few special occasions. On the other hand, if you're facing alcoholism, you'll need a structured recovery process, lots of help, and total abstinence and sobriety.

Keep a Journal

Keeping a journal is a great way of being conscious of your intake and keeping yourself accountable. The average person's day-to-day life is already incredibly busy, and you may find yourself too caught up in things to track how much you're drinking every week, but a journal will help you remedy this issue. Every night, before bed, you should note down what you had to drink that day, how many glasses you had, and the situations in which you had them. This will help you identify triggers, and you'll be able to understand your psychology and reliance on alcohol better. When you begin to cut down on drinking, you'll be able to keep track of that, too, and celebrate your achievements, no matter how small.

Stay Away from Triggers

Staying away from triggers is an incredibly important part of reducing alcohol intake, especially if you’re battling alcoholism. This is because many cultural events and social activities are tied to drinking, and you may find yourself drinking more and more during certain times of the week, such as when you’re with friends, at a certain restaurant or location, while you’re watching sports, or when you’re dealing with negative emotions. Triggers could also be certain people or friend groups that act as bad influences, encouraging you to drink more whenever you’re in their presence. Once you’re able to identify these triggers, you’ll have a better idea of what drives you to drink, and you’ll be able to control yourself better by avoiding those people or situations altogether.

Get Help

Getting help is an integral part of the process of getting healthier since alcohol has a strong pull, and you may be reliant on it. Use the help and sympathy of your friends and family, letting them help you and allow you to understand the emotional problems that have been driving you to drink more and more. If you feel you need more qualified care, you'll be able to find an authentic alcohol addiction helpline to call in your area. These helplines assist and connect you with trained experts who are ready to provide guidance, support, and personalized resources. The experts know how to handle emotional problems that arise due to drinking too much, as well as the many other problems it can cause, like losing friendships, destroying relationships, and losing jobs. With the help of these people, you’ll be able to get your life on track and change your relationship with drinking entirely.


Alcohol has a lot of effects on the human body and psyche, and it's a common thing in social events where it helps people take a break from their current feelings. However, it's easy to develop a reliance on alcohol and consume it too much, which can lead to serious health risks. If you're thinking about cutting back on alcohol or stopping altogether, it's not easy, but this article has some info that can help you make a plan and take small steps toward a healthier, less reliant relationship with alcohol.


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