Maintain Door Locks Well to Keep Your Home’s Security Up-to-date!

December 11, 2023

A solid door depends on its robust locking system to shield your house from external threats and intrusions. Locks help keep the invaders out for as long as possible and spoil their plans by refusing to give up. Hence, keeping them in good health is crucial. If you often jiggle and wiggle the lock to turn the keys in, it's not a healthy sign. Dirt and grime have gotten into the hole, creating a block that prevents key insertion and turning. Other issues can also emerge when you leave them unattended. You can eliminate these irritants and other unwanted surprises by checking on them bi-annually.

These periodic interventions will allow you to fix developing locking challenges before the situation worsens. Do you live in Salem? You can immediately contact a trusted locksmith Lebanon Oregon to have your locks fixed. The locksmith can inspect your locks for damage and other troubling signs and recommend a solution to reinstate the strength of your doors. Now, let's quickly review what routine lock maintenance looks like.

Thorough cleaning

The area between the deadbolt and latch accumulates dust and dirt over time. As you push the key in, some particles find a way to enter into the locking mechanism. You can also notice dirt on the hinges, strike plate, threshold, etc. You will need a soft brush or cloth, mild dish soap, warm water, and a bottle to blow air into the keyhole to bust dust. Use the soap to wipe the strike plate, latch, deadbolt, hinge plates, hinge pins, door frame, threshold, and track.


Generally, the manufacturer's manual provides complete information on appropriate measures and timing for lubricating the locks. Some homeowners use petroleum varieties for this job, but their sticky nature can only be a troublemaker. Safer options can be Teflon or graphite. As per the instructions, put the oil into the keyway and turn in and out the key from the lock after you sprayed the solution. You can also grease the hinges with silicone or oil-based matter. Doing this activity once a year is enough. However, you should consider professional help if locks behave quirkily. Frustrated with having to shake and wiggle the locking system every time, especially when dealing with issues like "Ford car key replacement," you can one day lock yourself out without realizing it. And it can happen on a day when you forget to carry the keys. So, please beware! Your only hope in that situation will be a professional home lockout service.

Some licensed companies offer emergency locksmith services; they can be at your place in an hour to solve the problem.

Placement and securing

Any issues with the deadbolt or latch can relate to the position of the strike plate, a rectangular metal piece on the door jamb with a hole matching the bolt or latch size. Look at the screws and tighten them, ensuring it aligns with the bolt or latch. Suppose you find any piece of wood stuck in the borehole; clear that out. Likewise, the hinge plates also tend to become loose. Tighten its screws. If the hole has been stripped or become bigger for the screws, you will want to replace them. The new screws should be minimum three inches in length to balance the door.

These are some primary maintenance steps to protect your house's integrity and elevate its safety.


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