Navigating the World of Ethical Philosophy: Crafting Essays on Morality

December 12, 2023

Ethical philosophy, also known as moral philosophy, is the branch of philosophy that delves into right and wrong. Ethical philosophy contemplates the nature, the criteria & definition, and implications of morality in human lives. There are three distinct branches, namely, meta-ethics, normative ethics, and applied ethics, each concerning the different aspects of morality and ethics.

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So, without any more ado, let’s begin.

The Ideas Behind Ethical Philosophy

Philosophy delves and dissects human beliefs, thoughts, perspectives, notions, and the like. Logic, arguments, emotions, opinions, subjectivity, superstitions, morality – philosophers look into everything in the range of human intelligence and cognitive capabilities. Ethical philosophy is the branch that concerns itself with thinking and criticizing the concepts and ideas of morality.

Morals and ethics are values associated with the nature of human living. A key objective of the study of ethics is improving the quality of living and looking deep into the varied facets of human well-being. There are three key branches 🡪

Normative Ethics concerns itself with questions such as what one ought to do, what should be the right thing to do in a situation, how to decide what’s right or wrong in a specific circumstance, etc. The branch focuses on providing frameworks for determining and distinguishing between what's right and what's wrong.

Meta-ethics looks at the bigger picture. The very idea & nature of morality, justice, right and wrong, etc., where they come from, why they are necessary, and how they relate to or conflict with general human beliefs – discussions on all these things fall under the purview of meta-ethics.

Applied Ethics analyses and addresses the practical issues of morality in human society. The nature, ideas, and manner of morality across diverse social, cultural, and economic phenomena in human society (war, capital punishment, relationships, education, politics, religion, business, etc.) are subjects of investigation. The ethical challenges and moral dilemmas faced by human beings daily and in day-to-day situations are tackled by this domain.

Whether thinking about the bigger picture, defining practical frameworks, or applying ideas of morality to practical situations, ethical philosophy offers the instruments to study and examine the abstract concept of ethics and its role & impact on human living.

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Let's now look at some common essay topics on ethical philosophy.

Ethical Philosophy Essay Topics To Ponder About

Here are some common ethical philosophy topics to practice on 🡪

Conscience and Morality: How They Relate

Should Reason Alone Be Enough To Determine What’s Right or Wrong?

The Ethics in Animal Behavior

Morality and Happiness

Are there any universal guidelines or principles for righteousness and morality?

Should we act morally only when there are grander implications of our actions?

Philosophical Pessimism

Ethics and Social Philosophy

Is happiness just the sum of individual pleasures?

Are all basic human actions intrinsically moral?

Are all human actions motivated unconsciously by personal gains and ego?

Does science need philosophy?

What is the philosophy of science?

Ethics in AI

The Disjoint between Ethics and Happiness

Can the idea of ethics and morality be reduced to biology?

Those were some great topics to brainstorm and write about. If you find it tough to wrap your head around these topics, you might need to modify and add some filters to your outlook. Thinking from a philosophical standpoint is necessary to write an A+ essay on ethical philosophy.

Here are some tips to develop a holistically philosophical outlook towards life and society.

Tips to Think Like a Philosopher

Philosophers are rigorous thinkers. So, if you wish to look at life and everything else the way to do it, one of the first things to do is sharpen your thinking capabilities.

Think deeply and critically.

Learn to look at things objectively and without bias.

Do not ignore the immense impact of subjectivity on decisions, topics, thinking, ideas, etc.

Take nothing at face value.

Question all assumptions and beliefs.

Think in retrospect and always introspect.

Well, that’s all the space we have for today. Hope it was an interesting read for everyone.


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