Plumbing Repair in QLD: A Homeowner's Guide to Water Leak Solutions

December 20, 2023


Have you noticed random puddles on your kitchen floor recently? Or maybe, an annoying pitter-patter coming from some part of the house? Are you having a hard time enjoying your morning showers because the water pressure is lame?

Well, if you notice any of these problems occurring inside your Queensland home, then you’re probably looking at a bigger problem. In fact, these “little problems” are more like symptoms of the actual problem you might have at hand: Water Leaks.

Water or pipe leakage is not an uncommon problem – especially when a house is of a certain age (read more). If you’ve lived in the same infrastructure for several years, it would mean that you’ve been using these pipes and water lines for about an equal amount of time. This makes them susceptible to normal tear and wear as all things are when frequently and constantly used. However, the situation is aggravated if your household is the type that doesn't really invest in plumbing maintenance.

That’s right. If you feel like you’re experiencing these leaks or other plumbing issues way earlier than expected (i.e. you just bought the house 2-3 years ago), it’s most probably because your residential plumbing has not been maintained properly. Even if you bought your house brand new, it is still necessary for you to do what most Queensland homeowners should be doing – schedule regular maintenance for various functional areas of the home like plumbing, roofing, pest control, and the like.

Unfortunately, for a lot of us, we only understand the importance of doing such maintenance work a second too late. The damage is already done and now, there’s a mess to clean up. Looking at the silver lining of the situation, however, at least it serves as a good wake up call. So that after everything is repaired and good as new, you’ll never underestimate the importance of plumbing maintenance again.

Now, moving on to the problem at hand, how do you manage water leaks once they’ve already started?

Water Leak Management in QLD: Plumbing Repairs Every Homeowner Should Know

Before you can fix any problem, you first need to be able to identify how these problems manifest themselves in real time. This is because when you say you have a “water leak problem,” it doesn’t just refer to one thing. There are several types of residential water leak problems, each having different repair procedures. Let’s discuss them one-by-one:

Burst Pipes

This is the gravest type of leak that you can experience in your home. This type of leakage is caused by a pipe that has burst or exploded due to corrosion or possibly a build up in water pressure inside the pipes. Pressure builds up when there is blockage inside the water lines that limit the amount of water that can pass through. Just check out the extent of damage it can cause here:

If the water supply is continuous, this puts the pipes under a lot of kinetic pressure which can eventually lead to the pipe bursting. Depending on how big the pipe that exploded is or how much water supply it holds, a burst pipe’s damage can be catastrophic. Water would be all over the place fast which can damage a lot of nearby objects. The best solution is to cut off the main water supply and seek immediate professional help. A burst pipe is not something you can fix with duct tape, so don’t even try.

Leaking Taps

Although leaky taps may not sound all too serious, they are definitely annoying – especially when the tap that is leaking is somewhere you can hear by your bedroom. The pitter-patter will eventually drive you crazy during nights you can’t sleep. And when your water bill arrives? Boom. Things will get crazier.

These leaky taps can really run a number on your average water bill; it’s downright wasteful considering how quick it’ll be to fix it. Leaking taps are usually caused by a faulty or wrong size washer that sits on the valve seat. The solution? A quick replacement of the washer should do the trick. If you’re not handy with tools, simply call in the pros to do it for you.

Running Toilets

You might think that having a leaking or running toilet is no big deal. However, it can actually lead to more problematic situations, such as your septic tank flooding or the drain failing, both of which being way more expensive to fix than a leaking toilet.

A leaking toilet is often a sign that something is misaligned or positioned incorrectly in the flushing mechanism of your toilet. It can also be caused by a bad (or dirty) flapper. Or maybe, your refill tube is simply too long or the water pressure in your home is too high. Whichever the case is, it’s important that you remedy the situation right away to avoid bigger problems.

Oftentimes, it can be a matter of replacing simple parts. But if the cause is something more major, it would be best to leave the work to professionals to avoid escalating the situation.

Leaking Gutters

Yes, the leak may have nothing to do with your bathroom or kitchen at all. Instead, it may be caused by blocked or damaged gutters in your roof. It’s easy for debris to get into your roof gutters because the spout is big enough for leaves, small branches, and other stuff to get in. If you don’t regularly clean your gutters and you start noticing puddles of water around that area, then your cleaning is most probably overdue.

To resolve this, all you have to do is remove whatever is blocking your gutter pipes. You can do it yourself or have it professionally cleaned. If the problem doesn’t go away after that, then there might be a more serious underlying problem so it’s best to leave the work to the experts.

Effective Leak Repairs by Qualified Brisbane Plumbers

We keep talking about these experts, but who are they anyway? Well, if there’s one reason why Brisbane residents are happy, it’s because there are reliable, trustworthy, and capable plumbing services in the area. And if you want to say goodbye to your water leak problems for good, you have to make sure you hire the very best one.

When looking for the right Brisbane plumbing company to partner with to keep your home leak-free, it’s important to look at the company’s capacity to perform the service. They must employ registered, certified, and Qualified Brisbane Plumbers with a heart for service. Hiring qualified plumbers can help you ensure the effectiveness of the service; it will also help you get the guarantee you need in case any back jobs need to happen.

Once you’ve sorted out your leak problems, make sure to schedule regular maintenance next. Prevention is always better than cure!


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