The Advantages of Two-stage Furnaces

December 2, 2023

A two-stage furnace or two-stage heating is a condensing furnace with two distinct levels of heat output. The furnace operates at low output during mild winter days and automatically switches to high output during extreme cold. Energy efficiency, lower operating costs, quiet operation, and reduced need for furnace repair are among the main benefits of a two-stage furnace. Other advantages include even heat distribution and improved indoor air quality.

Energy Efficiency

Two-stage furnaces consume less energy than traditional single-stage furnaces because they don’t always run at full capacity. Standard single-stage furnaces can only operate at high output settings regardless of the outside temperature. Two-stage furnaces usually operate at low power because the temperatures outside are often mild. The furnace only switches to a high output setting when temperatures drop to extreme levels that require a full-capacity operation. Low-output settings burn less fuel and use less energy to heat your home.

Even Temperatures

Single-stage furnaces blast your home with large amounts of heat at high output cycles. The furnaces services take less time to meet thermostat settings, turning on and off multiple times daily. The frequent on-off cycles can result in inconsistent spikes and dips in temperature levels. Two-stage furnaces run at low output heat cycles for extended periods, delivering consistent heat to your home. The furnaces provide smaller temperature fluctuations and even heat distribution. Consistent heat can also prevent drafts from forming on your windows and doors.

Low Maintenance

Two-stage furnaces have lower maintenance requirements and extended operating life than single-stage units. The furnaces use electronic commutated motors, ECMs, that run longer, resulting in less system cycling. Frequent on-and-off cycling can put more stress on the moving parts in your furnace. A two-stage furnace has a steadier operation, which helps to minimize system breakdowns. You can enjoy optimal operation throughout the year with occasional tune-up service and proactive furnace repair done before fall and winter.

Quieter Operation

Two-stage furnaces have quieter ECMs running at slower operating speeds most of the time. The low-output settings produce less operating noise than high-capacity settings. Traditional single-stage furnaces constantly cycle on and off through multiple short, full-blast cycles. The furnaces have an audible kick when they turn off and can be heard blasting hot air during their short cycles. With two-stage furnaces, the noise is less noticeable. The units also run for longer durations so that you won’t experience the disruptive kicks of single-stage furnaces.

Reduced Costs

Installing a two-stage furnace can reduce operating costs and result in long-term cost-efficiency. Two-stage furnaces consume less energy than single-stage units, which helps to reduce your energy bills over time. The furnaces also deliver consistent temperatures without putting excess stress on your HVAC unit. Steady operation reduces the chances of a breakdown, minimizing repairs, replacements, and related downtime costs. Two-stage furnaces also have extended operating life when installed and serviced by experienced HVAC technicians.

Improved Air Quality

Two-stage furnaces have longer heating cycles that send air constantly through the filtration system. The increased airflow can help remove dust, pet dander, and loose airborne contaminants from indoor air. Low-speed fan operation also increases the effectiveness of the air filters, allowing them to capture more contaminants. What remains is to replace your air filters as required to keep the air coming from your registers clean. A constant supply of freshly filtered air leads to better air quality and cleaner lungs, reducing the symptoms of asthma and allergies.

Convenient Upgrade

A two-stage furnace is a convenient upgrade on single-stage units. Traditional single-stage furnaces operate at maximum capacity until they reach the highest temperature set in the thermostat. Using single-stage furnaces results in shorter cycles, more energy consumption, louder operating sounds, inconsistent spikes, and dips in indoor temperatures. Frequent on-and-off cycles also increase the likelihood of a breakdown. Installing a two-stage furnace resolves these issues, presenting a convenient upgrade to warm your home during winter.

Two-Stage Furnace Repair and Maintenance

Installing a two-stage furnace can increase energy efficiency and improve indoor air quality in your home. You still require regular tune-ups and proactive furnace repairs to fix faulty thermostats, fan motors, wiring, heat exchanger coils, and blower wheels. HVAC technicians can also help you clear clogged vents and dirt buildup. Contact a heating and cooling company today to learn about installing, repairing, and maintaining a two-stage furnace.


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