Why is the popularity of the 5G network in the UK increasing?

December 14, 2023

5G network in the UK quickly entered the market, gaining enormous popularity. About 67 percent of respondents in the United Kingdom had 4G service on their smartphones. While only 25 percent of respondents used the 5G service. 5G mobile connectivity became available on select mobile phones in the UK in 2019. And that’s when its prevalence increased dramatically, which is unsurprising because it has many advantages. Order this great service from UCtel and see how it will help your business.

What is the 5G network UK?

The fifth generation of wireless technology in the UK provides faster data transfer speeds than previous generations of mobile communications. In addition, this method guarantees better performance compared to 4G and especially 3G.

A 5G private network UK enables high-speed, reliable, low-latency connections no matter where you are. Even if your room has thick walls, this will not become an obstacle to signal transmission.

History of 5G network UK


5G network in the United Kingdom was launched in 2019. At first, it was available only in large cities, but it gradually expanded to other territories. After all, many people have realized how convenient it is and how many new opportunities it opens up. New opportunities have also opened up in the business sphere.

UK 5G network uses higher frequencies than all previous generations of mobile communications. This allows data to be transmitted at higher speeds but also requires a denser network of base stations. Excellent speed is critical, for example, for high-quality video broadcasts. The network helps in the sphere of the Internet of Things, telemedicine, etc.

5G is already available in over 100 cities and towns across the UK! And the popularity will only grow. Great Britain continues to expand its 5G network to ensure everyone can benefit from future technologies.

Two types



5G private network — only for your company

A 5G private network is very convenient for organizations that want to improve employee communication and secure data. It is relevant for an enterprise, factory, data centre, or other facilities. Anyone who has tried this service will be satisfied with the possibilities that open up.

The private 5G network is more secure than the 5G public network because it is not accessible to the general public. Owners of private networks have full control over their networks. Private networks can be tailored to an organization's needs.

Private networks are used everywhere in the UK: manufacturing, healthcare, education, and energy. Factory factories use them for factory automation, robot control, and data collection. They are currently used in hospitals and clinics for remote monitoring of patients and ensuring safety. The health of patients depends on these advanced technologies. They are also used in universities and are very good at improving the quality of learning. Using virtual reality in lessons helps students better assimilate the material. It becomes more understandable and accessible to students. It greatly increases the motivation of students. Private 5G networks are used in power plants and power distribution networks.

5G public network available to everyone

Public 5G networks are available to anyone with a 5G device and are cheaper than private networks, which is a great saving. Public networks are standards-based, making them compatible with a variety of devices.

They are used for Internet access, video streaming, gaming, and other tasks. You can make calls, send text messages, and transfer data using it. They help to create smart cities that leverage IoT technologies to improve efficiency.

Have you already chosen which type of network is right for you? If you have any questions, contact our specialists and they will help you make the right choice.

5g network: our present and future


5G is expected to generate $253 billion in revenue and create up to 2.39 million jobs in California alone. It is perfect! It is a promising technology that has the potential to change many areas. Why is it so?


In the modern world, which is so in need of new technologies, we cannot do without these networks.

  • 5G networks offer businesses good coverage, security, and a host of capabilities made possible by new technologies.
  • They are changing the future of communications for a wide range of companies, accelerating digital transformation.
  • Modern networks have lower latency than 4G LTE.

Besides this, they have many other advantages. In the modern world, when it is necessary to communicate as quickly as possible when every second counts - these networks are simply irreplaceable. Your business cannot do without them.

The UK's 5G network can be used by anyone who needs a better, more reliable connection. They are extremely suitable for businesses and people who want to take advantage of all the benefits of advanced technologies for enjoyable leisure activities, such as watching video broadcasts. In particular, organizations can take advantage of them, for example, in airports, office buildings, hospitals, etc.

These networks allow gamers to play online with latencies as low as milliseconds. This great technology also allows streaming video. Users can remotely connect to data and devices, which is incredibly useful for business, such as customer service or remote work.

You may not have heard of this area of networking apps. Autonomous vehicles are one of the most impactful 5G apps. This is impressive, isn't it? The world is changing… One thing is clear - advanced technologies will continue to develop.

Networks allow companies to automate and improve operations. You are probably convinced that these networks really do offer an incredible number of advantages. The UK's 5G network is changing both business and everyday life.

Final thoughts

So, the 5G network in the UK is an important part of the development of a digital society. Hardly anyone wants to go back to the previous version! 5G is faster, smarter, and more energy efficient than 4G. This provides high data transfer rates, which opens up new possibilities. Order from UCtel and appreciate how much easier it will be for you to do business and how much easier it will make your life.



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