7 Most Effective Tips and Tricks to Manage Muscle Pain

January 29, 2024

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Did you know that according to the World Health Organization, a total of 1.71 billion people worldwide suffer from musculoskeletal disorders? It’s almost impossible to avoid muscle aches and pains. In the case of temporary muscle pain, rest, stretching, and pain medications may provide some relief. But those who suffer from chronic or severe muscle pain find it difficult to carry out their favorite hobbies.

Muscle pain and soreness are a price every gym-goer must pay after a rigorous workout routine. Sore muscles usually occur after pushing yourself too hard or doing something new. Muscle pain is prevalent after exercise or intense sports activities, but you should be concerned if you feel it daily.

Both adults and children can suffer from muscle pain. Depending on its severity and cause, some mild discomfort can result. It’s normal for muscle pain to heal on its own within a few days, but if it doesn’t, you can try some seven practical tips and tricks to manage them. So, read on to find out more.

What Causes Muscle Pain?

Usually, it’s easy to pinpoint the cause of muscle aches. Various factors lead to myalgias, such as too much stress, tension, or physical activity.

There are several common causes of muscle pain, including:

  • An area of the body with muscle tension
  • The overuse of muscles during physical activity
  • Work-related or exercise-related muscle injuries
  • Performing a workout without warming up or cooling down

Most Effective Tips and Tricks to Manage Muscle Pain

Here’re the seven most effective tips and tricks to manage muscle pain:

Hydrate Yourself

Keeping your body hydrated is crucial to keeping it healthy and happy. When you’re recovering from an injury, staying hydrated is especially important. Muscles can heal themselves naturally, but dehydration may slow this process down.

On average, men should drink about 12 cups of water daily, while women drink about eight cups of water a day. It is also best to exercise for weight loss; you add 16 to 24 ounces of water to your daily consumption for each pound you lose.

Reduce Inflammation With Cherry Juice

Muscle injuries often result in pain and swelling because of inflammation. An essential part of managing the symptoms of your injury is reducing inflammation. There are a lot of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds in tart cherry juice. In an analysis published in 2020, long-distance runners who used tart cherry juice for eight days reported less muscle pain.

Several over-the-counter treatments are available to reduce inflammation to manage muscle pain. Drink tart cherry juice for a more holistic approach. Researchers are still studying this, but preliminary results indicate that tart cherry juice can reduce muscle inflammation, damage, and soreness.

Compress the Affected Muscle

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels:

It would be best to compress the affected muscle throughout the day if possible. An ACE bandage or compression garment explicitly designed for that area of the body can help you achieve this. It is important not to wrap the muscles too tightly to prevent cutting off circulation.

Exercise-related compression appears to be most effective when used as a preventative measure. The firmness can help reduce swelling and inflammation, thus speeding up recovery time. It is also helpful to elevate the affected muscle whenever possible, besides compressing it. An injured muscle can swell less when elevated above your heart.

Change to Low-Intensity Exercise While Recovering

It is important to remember not to make an injury worse when you are recovering from it. The most common cause of muscle injuries is overstretching. It can happen to anyone active or athletic, including yogis, weight lifters, and runners.

When recovering from an injury, do an exercise that won’t be too strenuous for your injured muscle. Switching to swimming can help prevent damage from worsening if you usually run but are currently suffering from calf or ankle pain.

Take Organics to Manage Muscle Pain

Photo by Elsa Olofsson on Unsplash

Sleep aids, stress killers, and performance enhancers abound with Organic weed benefits, but pain relief is the most significant. It had worked for many when other remedies failed or when they weren’t enough.

Although it’s different from chronic pain, some research suggests it could replace anti-inflammatory medications and hot or cold creams. Your choice of best weed for muscle spasms can make all the difference to the relief you receive from your aches and pains, either orally or topically.

Consume Less Alcohol And Tobacco

Drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco are generally bad for your health. Consuming either of these substances within a week of healing from a muscle injury is especially important. You can lose muscle mass when you drink alcohol due to alcohol’s effect on glycogen replenishment in your muscles and lower protein synthesis.

Although there’s no research on the relationship between tobacco use and injury recovery, they have found tobacco to damage the musculoskeletal system. When recovering from a muscle injury, you do not want to increase your risk of injury.

Consume More Protein

Photo by Ruslan Khmelevsky from Pexels:

While building muscle, many athletes know that protein consumption should be high. But did you know that you should also consume more protein while recovering from a muscle injury? Regardless of whether you exercise a lot, it would be best if you didn’t reduce your protein intake during recovery.

Studies have shown that protein inefficiency during recovery can slow muscle healing and cause inflammation. The supplementation of whey or collagen powder can help you increase protein without drastically changing your diet.


It’s natural to experience muscle pain from time to time. However, it can make your life unbearable if it becomes familiar. Fortunately, you can manage muscle pain effectively with these tips and tricks.



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