Daily Maintenance Of The Hydraulic System Of The Boom Pump

January 4, 2024


To ensure the normal operation of the boom pump hydraulic system, daily maintenance is crucial. Here are some common maintenance measures.

1. Check the physical properties of hydraulic oil: mainly check whether the color and taste have changed. If the color turns dark brown or milky white, or if there is a pungent odor, it indicates that the oil has deteriorated and cannot be used anymore, and a new oil needs to be replaced.

2. Keep hydraulic oil clean: Pollution is one of the most common causes of hydraulic equipment malfunctions or malfunctions. Therefore, the correct hydraulic filter should be selected to ensure the removal of particulate pollutants from the hydraulic oil before the components become clogged or damaged due to wear. In addition, during equipment maintenance, it is important to ensure the cleanliness of the operating environment and minimize dust in the air. When disassembling parts, the exposed parts of the pump truck to be removed should be cleaned and wiped first to ensure that no impurities fall into the hydraulic system during the removal process.

3. Control oil temperature: In the presence of high temperatures, it will increase the fluidity of hydraulic oil and decrease its viscosity. In this case, it is possible to cause leakage in the hydraulic closed system, leading to a series of fault problems including equipment oxidation. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the appropriate (minimum and maximum) fluid operating temperature and viscosity range of the surrounding environment in which the hydraulic system operates, and then select hydraulic oil with appropriate viscosity grades and additives.

4. Follow the correct hydraulic system debugging procedure: Do not attempt to cut corners, as it may unintentionally damage the hydraulic components during the initial start-up process. It should be ensured to maintain the hydraulic system settings in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications and at least incorporate them into one's own maintenance plan.

5. Proactively replace damaged components: Before hydraulic components malfunction and cause further problems in other parts of the hydraulic system, these components should be replaced proactively.

The above are some daily maintenance measures for the hydraulic system of the boom pump. For more information, it is recommended to consult the professional.

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