How best to improve the health of office workers?

January 29, 2024

No matter what your line of business is, employees working from the office follow the same pattern: check in, stare at the screen, sit all day, and check out. While a lot can happen in the meantime, it is clear that this isn’t the healthiest option for anybody! Why should this matter?

Such a lifestyle contributes to numerous physical and mental health issues that affect the way people live and work daily. Therefore, if you want your employees to be productive, satisfied, and effective, you need to ensure they are staying healthy on your premises! Even though you can’t control every aspect of their well-being, here are some tips that will guarantee improved health of the office employees.

Minimize the air pollution

It’s not a secret that employees spend most of their day in closed spaces called offices. Whether you have an open plan layout or separate offices, the air becomes degraded after working for 8 or more hours. Not to mention outer polluters, such as cars and exhaust fumes that negatively contribute to poor air quality. So, what can you as an employer do?

To prevent respiratory diseases and heart problems caused by low-quality air, make sure to frequently ventilate the premises. On top of that, don’t neglect the power of plants that not only contribute to cleaner air but make offices a more beautiful workplace!

Take care of the cleanliness

Did you know that dust, debris, and general filth can contribute to lower immune systems and poorer health, especially in older or more frail employees? Even though their place of work doesn’t have to be completely sterile, taking care of cleanliness daily is a must to maintain their health!

Hire hygienists for your office to keep them clean and tidy. By wiping hard surfaces such as desks, handles, chairs, etc, you minimize the chance of viral or bacterial infections spreading. In addition to that, encourage your employees to clean up after themselves and keep their desks decluttered. Such an environment is more pleasant for everyone involved.


Encourage healthy eating

The truth is you can’t and shouldn’t affect your employees during their free and personal time. Keeping constant control over what they do isn’t only illegal, but highly damaging. The same goes for their diets! However, what you can do is encourage healthy eating and healthier habits! How?

Did you know that companies that offer complementary fruit and healthy snacks during break time have healthier and more satisfied employees? Consider having different kinds of fruits available for your employees as alternatives to junk. Try to educate them on the importance of a healthy diet and lead by example!

Minimize stressors

Stress is all around us. We live in a fast-paced environment in which it is almost impossible to avoid stress. Stressful events and situations may include work, escalations, traffic, personal and family issues, and many, many more. This can lead to numerous health issues!

While you can’t remove the stressors from their lives, you can minimize them in the office.

If the work is stressing your employees out, consider teaching them some coping strategies and skills that will help them solve practical problems. On top of that, you can create a relaxing nook where your employees and colleagues can take their coffee breaks and rewind from work. Too much stress leads to poorer performance, so you will get two birds with one stone!

Break sedentary life

Obesity, coronary disease, poor sleep, and hormonal imbalance are all effects of sedentary life that affect office employees. The human body isn’t made to sit for 9 hours without moving, hence many people have postural and back issues. These health complications also negatively influence work performance and productivity, which can be jeopardizing for your company!

To break a sedentary life without reducing productive time, encourage employees to come to work on foot or by bike. Also, you mustn’t forget to implement a standing desk for each employee to fix their posture and boost circulation. Standing desks are a perfect way to get employees out of chairs, but keep them focused on their tasks.

Focus on work-life balance

Last but not least, we mustn’t forget about the work-life balance. Since office workers spend more time in the office and commuting than at home with their loved ones, promoting the importance of such balance is crucial for their health. Employees who don’t have time for their families and hobbies tend to be prone to depression and lower immune systems.

So, how can you promote a work-life balance that improves health? One of the many things you should consider revoking is overtime work. On top of that, if possible, increase the number of vacation days for top performers and loyal employees. Such practice

will boost morale and create a positive work environment.

Final thoughts

These are only some ways you can improve the health of your office workers. Keep in mind that this is an ongoing journey. Start small and expand your tactics as you see the positive results. You’ll not only boost employees’ health, but create an office space where they gladly come each morning, and leave satisfied and fulfilled by the end of the day!


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