How Do High-Impact Windows Help in a Storm

January 18, 2024



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High impact is distinct from hurricane windows in that they are considerably heavier, more durable, and are a higher investment. While each uses safety glass technology, the high-impact variety is impact-resistant, but both have laminated glass. Go for further details on hurricane windows.


The laminate, typically resin, helps to strengthen and bid the panes. A common laminate material for most safety glass technology is “PVB- polyvinyl butyral.” This material will hold the glass components together regardless of whether a pane breaks.


In addition, a separate laminate, PET- polyethylene terephthalate is used for impact resistance to protect against flying objects or solid debris in case of heavy storms or destructive events like hurricanes.


With Tampa impact windows, there’s protection against most storm abuses, including intense winds but also the possibility of potential home intrusion, vandalism, and so on, but this will be based on the quality of the product and the varied features.


What Are the Benefits of High-Impact Windows


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As a homeowner, your primary concern when moving into your new house is securing it against the outside elements, including extreme temperatures and heavy storms. That means taking preventive measures to ensure the home can withstand potentially harsh conditions, like installing impact-resistant windows.


These have laminate layers between the panes to prevent the glass from shattering if a weather event like a hurricane occurs.


While the glass could break, the shards will remain intact. Learn tips on hurricane-proofing your home with impact-resistant windows at and then follow Here for the benefits you can expect with impact-resistant technology.


Energy costs are reduced


With high-impact technology, the windows have insulating properties, allowing climate control in the extreme summer and winter temperatures, preventing the possibility of air escaping. This means the house stays cool in the summer and holds the heat in the winter.


The US Department of Energy recommends that homeowners install energy-efficient windows to encourage energy conservation and save on utility costs.


The traditional options are exceptionally inefficient and lead to roughly a third of the average household’s expenses for heating and cooling, a considerable waste that adds up significantly.


With the construction of impact-resistant technology consisting of multiple layers, the sun’s intense rays coming through the glass are reduced, putting less of a strain on the HVAC system.

It ultimately saves energy costs and extends the lifespan of the HVAC equipment. Click for the advantages you can realize with impact-resistant technology.


Minimal noise pollution


For those who live in an exceptionally busy location or near a high-trafficked roadway, impact-resistant windows help to filter the noise level aside from their primary purpose of shielding storm debris. The PVB layer absorbs the outdoor noise, allowing for a much more peaceful interior environment.


That’s especially beneficial if you work from home and need noise pollution or distractions. Heavy bouts of noise can make communication difficult and add to physical and emotional stress, risking overall general health and wellness.

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Permanent storm protection


When living in a heavy storm zone, hurricanes in particular, many people will install storm shutters or a film over the windows to prevent shattering when storm season comes around.


These tactics are not always effective, but high-impact windows offer a more permanent protection. It doesn’t mean the glass won’t break, but there will be more of a buffer, allowing a “spider-like” effect instead of shards of glass slung through the air.


The solution boasts of withstanding virtually any environmental abuse, including flying objects or solid debris pounding against the glass in the case of natural disasters. Plus, they offer an added layer of security for the house, helping to prevent the possibility of theft or vandalism.


UV protection


Personal belongings can be damaged when the home’s interior is exposed to the sun’s harsh UV rays. Fabric can fade, including upholstery and carpeting; wood can be affected, as can photos when situated in direct light.


With the protection of these windows, the intense rays are blocked, allowing you to keep your drapes open without fear of damaging your personal items.


Avoid theft


While the primary focus of impact windows is to protect from environmental concerns, they serve multiple purposes in that they offer a layer of security to the house. When windows are difficult to pry open, it dissuades thieves from attempting to break into the house.


Impact-resistance makes the home difficult to access for intruders since the window offers greater durability and compact design. The construction consists of multiple layers of glass making the window a challenge to shatter, preventing thieves from considering your house as a target.


Premium discounts

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Insurance carriers expect higher premiums when a household presents certain risks. The more likely there will be a claim filed, the more you’ll pay. Because this window option protects the home in several scenarios, it lowers your risk as an insured client.


When providers see you taking extra precautions, they view you as safe and will typically offer premium discounts. You’ll not only be protected from storm damage and theft but also improve your energy efficiency and reduce energy costs.


All of these benefits can be identified as positive preventive measures for your insurance provider.


Final Thought


When moving into a home, the priority is securing the property against threats of environmental concerns and the potential for criminal activity. One of the best ways to do that is to add impact-resistant windows capable of withstanding virtually any abuse.


The upgrade offers incredible protection and can mean cost savings in utility expenses and insurance premiums.


With window upgrades, insurance carriers see the preventive measure as lowering the possibility of a damage claim and will often offer considerable discounts for the added safety and energy efficiency.


With the impact resistance, you can rest assured that you have more permanent protection against chaotic weather conditions, plus an added layer of security against possible theft or vandalism compared to other window options.


This gives peace of mind, which is not available with all security solutions, and safety, which is not offered with traditional windows.


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