How do you find the best photographers for newborn photoshoots?

January 26, 2024

Your delivery date is near, and the excitement of holding your baby is surreal. You are waiting for their tiny toes and fingers to hold your hand. Right? Also, you must be looking for newborn photographers to take beautiful pictures of your baby. It is best to get a newborn baby photoshoot done when the baby is between 5 and 14 days old. The baby sleeps a lot these days, and you can get them to pose anyway. But the main decision you must make is: who will be the photographer who captures these beautiful moments you will cherish? It is a massive decision to make because the safety and comfort of your baby are in their hands. So, you do not want to hire anyone; you have to consider a few things before you finalize the person who will create these beautiful memories.


Tips for finding the best newborn photographer


Start researching baby photographers early.


You must search for a professional newborn baby photographer before your bundle of joy comes. You do not want to settle with any photographers available after the baby comes. Remember, the window to take the best photos is limited. So, contact them ahead of time and book them. The dates are not in your hands unless you go for a planned C-section. But a rough idea can help you book a great photographer. There are many great studios for newborn photography in Edmonton, each offering a unique blend of creativity and expertise to capture those precious moments and create endless memories for your growing family.


Know which type of newborn photographer you want.


The number of types of newborn baby photographers is large. Once you start researching, you will understand this. However, this article discusses two main types.


Sleeping baby photographers are affectionately called this because they are miracle workers with sleeping newborns. They can mold and shape the sleeping baby into creative poses. They go through training to hold babies in such poses because it is challenging. Such photographers usually ask you to come to their studio, where they have tons of tools and equipment, props, and outfits. This kind of photography takes time, but the results are great. Know their price and choose a package that suits your needs.


Lifestyle newborn photographer: They click photos of newborns in a yard or home. They involve the whole family in the photos. It can last up to 2 hours, and if the photos have family, the mother will get to choose her wardrobe, and there will be someone to help her do her makeup.


Familiarize yourself with the style of the photographer.


Every photographer you meet has a different style of clicking images and editing. You should ask them questions about all this and get familiar with their work. This way, you will have no surprises when the results come into your hands.


Price range


Of course, you will want to consider the prices offered by different photographers before finalizing one. Newborn baby photography prices typically range between $200 and $5000. It depends on the location, the experience and training of the photographer, the venue price (studio or somewhere else), and more. So, create a budget according to your requirements and make this investment. Your child is small only once; you will want all these moments captured.


Training and experience


It is essential to look at the training and experience the photographer has. It is necessary to ask if you are going with a posed photograph. They will be handling newborn babies and posing them in many shapes. So, training for this is essential; otherwise, it can compromise the baby's safety.

Check out their studio.


Many photographers have studios where they call the parents of their newborns to capture them in multiple shapes using endless props. While some photographers do not have studios, they will visit your home. They have limited props. It is up to you to decide what you want. If you go with the studio one, ensure you check out the studio once to see if it's big enough, clean enough, or safe enough to bring your baby.


Digital film or wall art


Another thing to consider when finalizing a photographer is whether you want digital copies of the photos or printed ones to put on a wall. Discuss the photographers' packages and choose the one that meets your requirements.

Want to digitize old photos? Check this guide.



Hopefully, these tips will help you find the perfect photographer for your newborn baby shoot. Remember, a great photographer knows how miraculous it is to capture a newborn baby's moves and poses. So, they will come prepared to get the best pictures within a timeframe. Look at their reviews and portfolios to ensure the photographer is the right choice for you and your baby.




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