Inherited Homes: Selling vs. Keeping in Florida - Considerations for Families

January 8, 2024


There are instances when you experience a death in the family, followed by an inheritance property in your name or your family’s name. If the situation is unexpected and happening out of the blue, it makes sense that you’d be confused about what to do.

This is where you need to work with professionals like to guide you through the decision-making. To be fair, deciding whether to sell or keep an inherited property in Florida comes with several considerations.

To simplify the decision, we have sorted all the relevant considerations that families need to keep in mind.

Identify the market trends and property value

When you have inherited a home or property for the first time, identify the market trends and also find the property valuation. If they are good and you don’t have any need for this additional property, you always have the option to sell it and get a good cash flow from the process.

Financial implications

How stable is your financial situation? Do you need to sell the property for the money? Will selling the inherited property help stabilize your current economic situation? If you answered yes to all, there’s no question why selling the property is a superior option.

Memories and attachment to the property

Do you have any memories attached to the property that are holding you back from selling it? If yes, there’s no point in doing so. However, keep in mind that we are suggesting you do this if you are financially in a stable situation, and selling the property won’t make much of a difference to your lifestyle.

Rental income potential

Now, depending on the property’s location, you can multiply your income by renting it out to people. If you are sure that the rental income from the property will be good, it makes sense that you want to keep and rent the property instead of selling it. Conduct proper research to assess what’s right for you and the home you have inherited.

Tax implications

Owing an inherited home comes with tax implications, in most cases. Unless there are clauses clarified and mentioned, you’d have to pay taxes on the place you just got after someone died in the family. So, if you are confused about whether to keep or sell it, consider the estate planning and tax implications.

Future family plans

This might seem redundant but do you see this inherited property as a family home in the future? If yes, you can consider keeping it instead of selling it at the moment. When you are ready to expand your family, you already have a home waiting for you to grow with your family.

Getting possession of an inheritance property out of the blue can be complicated. If you are confused about whether to keep or sell the property, we hope this gives you a bit of an understanding of what’s right and what’s not. At the end of the day, the final decision is yours to make.


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