International Variations of the PB&J Sandwich You Must Try

January 15, 2024

Famous worldwide, the Peanut Butter and Jelly (PB&J) sandwich is a staple of American cuisine. This simple yet delightful combination of peanut butter and fruit jelly spread between slices of bread has evolved, embracing unique flavors and ingredients worldwide. We'll also sample some tasty international takes on the basic peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

The British Crunchy Twist: Peanut Butter & Jelly with Crumpets

In the UK, PB&J finds its way onto crumpets, a griddled bread with a spongy texture and distinct holes. These crumpets are toasted to golden-brown perfection, creating a delightful crunch contrasting with the creamy peanut butter and sweet jelly. Let the peanut butter melt slightly into the crumpet's crevices, followed by a layer of your favorite jelly, offering a mouth-watering mix of textures and flavors.

The French Gourmet: Croissant Peanut Butter & Jelly with Fig Jam

France brings a touch of elegance to PB&J with buttery, flaky croissants. Replace traditional jelly with fig jam for a gourmet experience. The richness of the croissant, combined with the nutty peanut butter and the sweet, slightly tart fig jam, creates a luxurious treat. Serve this with soft, creamy cheese or a glass of French wine for an indulgent snack. Is jam healthier than jelly? It's worth noting that jam, with its fruit-forward flavors and lower sugar content, is often considered a healthier choice than traditional jelly.

The Japanese Kawaii Sandwich: Peanut Butter & Jelly Sushi Rolls

Japan transforms PB&J into adorable sushi rolls, ideal for a kawaii (cute) twist. Put some peanut butter and jelly on white bread, roll it up tightly, then cut it into bite-sized pieces of sushi. These rolls are visually appealing and a fun, portable snack, blending the comforting flavors of PB&J with the artful presentation of Japanese cuisine.

The Mexican Spicy Kick: Peanut Butter & Jelly Torta with Jalapeño

Mexico introduces a spicy kick to the classic sandwich with the PB&J Torta. A soft Torta roll, a staple in Mexican cuisine, is the base for this variation. Add thinly sliced jalapeños to the peanut butter for a spicy contrast to the sweet jelly. This combination creates a harmonious balance of spicy, sweet, and savory, wrapped in a delightful, crusty bread.

The Italian Dolce Vita: PB&J Bruschetta with Honey Drizzle

Italy's version, the PB&J Bruschetta, is a fusion of sweet and savory. Toast slices of Italian bread spread with peanut butter, and top with jelly. Drizzle honey over the top for an extra layer of sweetness. This version is perfect as an appetizer or a sweet snack, showcasing the simplicity and elegance of Italian cuisine.

The Indian Fusion: Peanut Butter & Jelly Naan with Mango Chutney

India offers a unique twist by using Naan, a traditional flatbread, as the base for PB&J. Instead of jelly, use mango chutney, which provides a tangy and sweet flavor. The soft, pillowy Naan complements the textures of peanut butter and chutney, making it a delightful fusion that captures the essence of Indian flavors.

The Australian Down Under Delight: PB&J Lamingtons

Australia turns the classic sandwich into a dessert with PB&J Lamingtons. Lamingtons are sponge cakes coated in chocolate and rolled in desiccated coconut. Incorporate peanut butter and jelly into the sponge cake for a surprising twist. This dessert is a unique and delightful way to enjoy the flavors of PB&J.

The Brazilian Tropical Twist: Peanut Butter and Jelly Açaí Bowl

Brazil reimagines the PB&J as a nourishing Açaí Bowl. Blend frozen açaí berries with bananas to create a thick, smoothie-like base. Swirl in peanut butter for richness, and top with a generous dollop of guava jelly, bringing a tropical sweetness. This bowl can be garnished with granola, fresh fruits, and chia seeds, offering a refreshing and nutritious take on the classic PB&J flavors.

The Scandinavian Cozy Comfort: PB&J Lingonberry Flatbread

In Sweden and Norway, the PB&J is reimagined using traditional Scandinavian flatbread, known for its softness and slight chewiness. A layer of creamy peanut butter is spread on the bread, followed by a generous topping of lingonberry jam, a beloved Nordic staple. The jam's tartness pairs perfectly with the rich peanut butter, creating a delicious contrast. Typically enjoyed as a snack or light lunch, this sandwich is a testament to the simplicity and wholesomeness of Scandinavian cuisine.

How Can I Improve the Healthiness of Peanut Butter and Jelly Recipes?

Here are some tips to help you achieve a healthier version of these international PB&J sandwiches:

Choose Whole-Grain Bread Options

Opt for whole grain bread, flatbreads, tortillas, or other alternatives that are higher in fiber and nutrients. Whole grains are healthier and provide a satisfying texture and nutty flavor that complements the PB&J combo.

Select Natural or Low-Sugar Peanut Butter

Avoid those with added sweeteners, oils, or preservatives in favor of peanut butter with only peanuts and salt. Protein and heart-healthy fats abound in unrefined peanut butter.

Use Homemade or Low-Sugar Jams and Jellies

Making your jam or jelly allows you to control the amount of sugar. Honey and maple syrup are two more natural alternatives. Store-bought low-sugar or sugar-free jams are also an option.

Incorporate Fresh Fruits

Adding fresh fruits to your PB&J variations provides natural sweetness and boosts the nutritional content. Slices of banana, strawberries, or apple can complement the flavors and add a refreshing element.

Cut Down on Portion Sizes

Moderation is key. You can enjoy these PB&J variations while watching portion sizes to manage calorie intake.

Be Mindful of Allergies and Dietary Restrictions

Tailor your PB&J variations to any dietary needs or allergies. Gluten-free, vegan, and nut-free options can be easily incorporated into these recipes.

Balance Your Meal

Pair your PB&J with other healthy food options like a side salad, yogurt, or a handful of nuts to create a balanced meal.

Final Thoughts

The versatility of the PB&J sandwich serves as a delightful reminder of how a simple dish can transcend borders, adapting to a multitude of tastes and cultures. We hope you're inspired to experiment in your kitchen as you explore these international variations, blending tradition with innovation. Whether it's through crafting a healthier version or inventing an entirely new combination, the possibilities are endless. So, spread the joy, share your unique PB&J creations with friends and family, and continue to savor this timeless comfort food in its many delicious forms. Bon appétit!



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