The Art of Promoting Books: A Complete Book Marketing Checklist for Authors

January 22, 2024



So, you finished writing your amazing new book. Congrats! But getting your book out there is just half the journey. Smart promoting and savvy marketing increases future book sales. In this blog, we will break down key ways top authors and a clever book marketing company skillfully spread the word about exciting book projects. Use this info to create your own book promotion game plan.

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Perfect Your Book Sales Pages Across Online Stores

Before book marketing services get your book pages primed for selling success. Take time to detail your product pages at major bookstores like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple Books and more with compelling sales copy, eye catching cover art, an intriguing book overview blurb, eye-catching category tags, stellar reviews and previewable sample content. Strong sales pages convert the marketing interest you generate into actual sales.

Create Shareable Graphics and Social Media Content

Another foundation for promoting books is great graphics and social content. Design colorful show-me posts, quote cards, character images, contests, quizzes and inspirational shareables related to your unique story themes, locations, time periods or author journey. Share links are the seed that kicks off viral growth across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok.

Launch an Email List and Website Hub for Your Book

Don’t forget to leverage the power of email subscribers and book-specific websites too when mapping out your marketing approach. An owned newsletter list allows you to message fans directly whenever you have new book announcements. A dedicated site hub offers a home to house all your content, media assets, extras and events in one place for visitors to dive deeper into your world.

Spread Early Copies to Key Influencers

Another smart idea is to distribute early free reviewer copies to targeted influencers like book bloggers, librarians, literary agents, and media tastemakers tied to your book’s key themes and genres. Getting endorsements from voices with established authority helps validate quality to like minded readers. Influencer interest sparks faster word-of-mouth buzz.

Line Up Local Book Signings and Library Events

While online promotion expands your reach widely, anchor your plans with real world community connections too. Reach out early to independent book shops, neighborhood libraries, literary festivals, local schools, niche conventions and community centers that align with your book’s topics to inquire about potential author events, story times, signings, workshops or panel talks once launched. Nothing beats in-person engagement with fans.

Run Paid Advertising to Relevant Readers

Another component that smart book marketing companies leverage is targeted paid ads. Identify reader demographics, trends and interests tied to your book niche and story style and place digital ads on platforms like Amazon, Facebook, BookBub and Google aimed to spur visibility and engagement with potential fans. Pay-to-play advertising multiplies how many suitable readers discover your work.

Partner Up with Relevant Brands or Causes

Keep your eyes open for interesting potential partnerships that could cross-promote your book organically too. Relevant brands, complementary authors, tie-in products, niche podcasts, topical causes or corporate sponsors associated with imagery, themes or topics featured in your unique story may welcome creative co-marketing opportunities allowing both parties to expand reach. One hand washes the other.

Run Engaging Contests, Games or Giveaways

Fun contests, games and giveaways related to your book also make great marketing content to attract interest on social media. For example, you might challenge readers to caption key book scenes for prizes or have fans vote battle bracket style on elements like characters, settings or artifacts. Random book giveaways for tagged followers or email subscribers work well too. Contests boost visibility and build community.

Utilize Hashtags and Mentions

Hashtags and mentions on channels like Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and Facebook allow you to tap into existing conversations and communities passionate about genres, topics and elements relevant to your book concept. Identify popular fan hashtags and spotlight influencer voices already actively discussing subjects tied to your story to ride existing social momentum. Effortlessly put your book on more relevant people’s radar this way.

Pitch TV, Film and Merchandise Potential

Finally, a forward-thinking book marketing approach looks at complementary media extensions too. Is your premise or world primed for film/TV adaption or sequels? Would your settings, characters or artifacts make great branded merchandise? Are your themes timely for serializing as a podcast? Pitch creative producers and merchants aligned to profitably expand your intellectual property further into pop culture. IP developers can become great marketing partners.


As you can see, successfully promoting an amazing book requires artfully blending together both online and real world marketing best practices for maximum visibility. Use this thorough book promotion checklist to inventively brainstorm, collaborate and hustle up buzz from the moment your work goes to publish! Consistent creativity and persistence pays off in the long run.


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