The Power of Words: How Online English Tutoring Can Help Students Improve Their Vocabulary

January 23, 2024


Building a strong vocabulary is important for middle school students. It helps them do better in school and communicate clearly. However, studies show that many students don’t have a sufficient grasp of vocabulary. This difficulty hinders their comprehension of reading materials and verbal communication. Online tutoring can help students learn new words in fun ways.

U.S. Students Vocabulary Knowledge: Impact on Learning and Success

Recent studies show students in the U.S. don’t know enough words. Roughly a quarter of high school seniors complete their education without a solid grasp of reading at the expected grade level. That's one out of four students. In research, it is found that elementary and middle school students who don’t know a lot of words struggle to understand what they read. They also have trouble explaining their ideas out loud and in writing.

Given that numerous students lack an adequate vocabulary, it's essential to provide additional assistance in learning new words. A bigger vocabulary helps students understand complicated textbooks and ideas. It also lets them explain their thoughts clearly when talking and writing. Without tutors to teach them new words, these problems will probably keep happening. Millions of students won’t be able to reach their potential.

How Online Tutoring Helps

Now let’s look at how online tutoring is a great solution. The popularity of online tutoring has notably surged, experiencing a substantial increase in student usage since 2020. It lets students work 1-on-1 with tutors online to build vocabulary. On the whole, online tutoring tends to bring about noticeable enhancements in students' vocabularies. Students say they like that tutoring is customized to their needs and they can access it anytime from their computer.

With personalized teaching, where an English online tutor helps students work on trouble spots, get past frustrations, and master new words. Tutors make learning interactive with fun vocabulary games and activities matched to each student’s level. This kind of individual help is hard for teachers to provide in big classes. However, it makes a huge difference in helping students learn the meanings of words and use them correctly.

Online tutoring also lets students learn vocabulary on their schedule at home. With 24/7 access, students can get tutor support and play engaging word games whenever they want. This flexibility helps students learn consistently without cramming for tests. Over time, they build vocabulary through activities tailored to them.

Ways Tutors Teach New Words

While studies prove online tutoring works, what helps is the variety of fun activities tutors use to expand students’ vocabularies. From reading questions to word puzzles and discussing interesting articles, experienced tutors have lots of ways to engage students and help them remember new words.

Here are some of the best methods:

Reading Comprehension Exercises

  • Students read passages and answer questions about new vocabulary words in context.
  • Helps students pick up new words naturally by reading.
  • Engaging in reading exercises is found to result in significantly greater vocabulary growth compared to relying solely on memorization.

Vocabulary Games and Quizzes

  • Crosswords, fill in the blank, matching definitions - make learning words entertaining.
  • Memory tricks like flashcards and competitions help students remember words.

Discussing Complex Articles

  • Read and talk about literature, news stories, and speeches with new terms.
  • Learn higher-level academic and professional words by seeing them used.
  • Practice using advanced vocabulary when speaking.

Additionally, tutors use educational technology tools that make learning even more interactive and engaging. Things like online whiteboards, dictionary apps, and grammar tools add an extra layer of fun and appeal to tech-savvy students. Currently, a considerable portion of teachers frequently incorporate technology to actively involve students in vocabulary lessons.

Although personalized teaching is crucial, the addition of games, discussions, and technology significantly accelerates the learning process. Students not only know definitions of advanced words. They can properly use them in academic writing and conversations.

Overcoming Common Challenges

While the previous success stories demonstrate the remarkable impact quality online tutoring can have, it’s also important to acknowledge common hiccups students may face and how to address them:

Online self-study requires strong intrinsic motivation without the external accountability of a structured classroom setting. Students must dig deep to find the drive within themselves to stick to a routine and make progress. This can be challenging at first when you don't have peers and teachers around you. However, with the right mindset and support system, students can thrive with independent vocabulary building.

The key is to create a structure where it is lacking. Set a weekly schedule with blocks of time for vocabulary lessons just as if you were going to a class. Treat this time as sacrosanct to help cement it as a habit. Inform family members of your schedule so they can provide encouragement and make sure you have the space to focus.

When motivation lags, remember why you wanted to improve your vocabulary in the first place. Revisit your goals and visualize the enhanced public speaking, academic performance, career prospects, or personal growth that an expanded vocabulary will bring. This refocuses your mind on the exciting possibilities ahead rather than the everyday drudgery.

Also, find little ways to make your study time more fun and engaging. Play upbeat music in the background, change up your study spot regularly, or use colorful pens and highlighters. Even small tweaks like these can stimulate your mind and prevent burnout.

Most importantly, don't be too hard on yourself if you miss a day or two. Life happens. Simply get back on track as soon as you can. Over time, your motivation will strengthen as you experience vocabulary growth.

Tech Problems

From software glitches to wifi outages, technical difficulties can throw a wrench in your vocabulary lessons. Losing connectivity during a video conference with your tutor or having laptop issues that erase your recent work can be incredibly frustrating. However, with the right backup plans, you can navigate past these bumps in the road.

Firstly, accept that tech problems are inevitable in our complex digital age. Don't beat yourself up when they arise. Simply take a deep breath and focus on finding a solution. Know who to reach out to for troubleshooting help, whether that's your tutor, a family tech expert, or customer support.

Maintain vigilance about saving your latest vocabulary worksheet or lesson recording frequently so you don't lose too much progress if there is a tech malfunction. Browsers and apps often have auto-save features you can enable as well.

When possible, have backup devices, internet connections, power sources, and data storage options you can turn to when your primary tools are down. For example, tether your phone's internet if your home wifi goes out. Switch to paper dictionaries if your internet dictionary site won't load. The more redundancy built into your system, the less likely a tech issue will disrupt your learning.

Finally, have a plan for what to do during unexpected technology outages. Can you review the flashcards or worksheets you've already printed out? Practice writing sentences with new vocabulary words. Listen to a vocabulary-building podcast. Even without full tech capabilities, you can continue reinforcing your knowledge.

With preparation and flexibility, you can navigate technical problems smoothly and continue making progress with your online vocabulary tutoring. A little creativity goes a long way when technology throws a curveball. Stay persistent and don't let isolated glitches derail your journey toward an enriched vocabulary.


In today’s competitive academic and professional world, a strong vocabulary is vital for success. While many students lack enough words, online tutoring is an effective and convenient solution. With personalized coaching, fun activities, and technology, tutoring builds advanced vocabularies to help students thrive. Students gain the language power to succeed as clear communicators in any field. So don't wait - unlock your full potential and embrace online tutoring to boost your vocabulary today!



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