Top Trends in Commercial Roofing - Insights From Expert Contractors

January 17, 2024

The roofing industry is a vital part of construction. Its development depends on a number of factors, including sustainability and innovation.

Contractors cited increased building material costs, lack of qualified workers, and supply shortages as top challenges. However, these issues have course corrected to more normal levels.

1. Sustainable Solutions

Roofing solutions are becoming more sustainable, which is especially important for commercial properties. For fort wayne commercial roofing, our services encompass coatings that minimize maintenance and boost energy efficiency, ensuring lasting performance.

Additionally, solar panels are becoming popular among environmentally-conscious property owners. These panels harness the power of the sun to help reduce heating and cooling costs, as well as the use of harmful fossil fuels.

Other sustainability-focused roofing options include using repurposed materials, which reduce waste and promote circular economy principles. Also, incorporating vegetation into roofing systems can provide insulation and contribute to the environment.

Finally, the labor shortage continues to be a significant challenge for many commercial contractors. Recruiting skilled workers and offering incentives like increased pay is an effective strategy to address this issue. Additionally, incorporating modular roofing systems is another way to save time and money.

2. Eco-Friendly Materials

As commercial properties plan their reroofing projects for 2022, they are seeking roofing materials that are cost-effective, durable and long-lasting. They also want to work with contractors who use eco-friendly materials.

For example, metal roofs reflect the sun’s rays, keeping buildings cool and cutting energy costs by reducing the demand for air conditioning. Additionally, green roofs provide natural insulation and act as a filter for stormwater runoff.

These eco-friendly roofing systems are a growing trend as building owners and property managers seek ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Choosing recyclable materials like EPDM and ethylene propylene diene methylene (EPDM), as well as shingles that contain recycled content, helps companies reduce their environmental impact. Shipments via rail also help reduce carbon emissions, especially as trucking rates are increasing.

3. Innovative Design

Many roofing innovations aim to improve energy efficiency. For example, green roofs, which are covered in vegetation over a waterproof membrane, offer several benefits, including improved air quality, natural insulation, and a reduction in the urban heat island effect.

Other eco-friendly roof trends include cool roofs, which are made of reflective materials that reduce the amount of heat they absorb. These can significantly cut cooling costs, especially in Mid-Missouri's hot summers.

Roofing companies are also working to incorporate innovative designs into their roofs. For example, they are offering a wide variety of colors and textures, as well as culturally fitting options. These designs are not only more attractive, but they can also increase a building's value and attract customers.

4. Technology

Roofing technology continues to advance, with new materials that are less expensive, more durable, and longer lasting. Additionally, technologies make inspections and installations more efficient.

For example, drones are being used to conduct inspections and surveys of roofs, which saves time and money. They can also detect issues that are difficult to spot by human eyes.

Other technological advances include green roofs, which are partially or completely covered in vegetation. These eco-friendly roofs improve energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact. They can also boost a company’s reputation by demonstrating its commitment to sustainability. In addition, green roofs help to filter airborne pollution and reduce the urban heat island effect.

5. Safety

Commercial roofing requires a different approach than residential roofing. This includes specialized roof materials and technologies designed to meet specific environmental and structural needs.

Ensuring safety is paramount for commercial roofing in mishawaka in prioritized by our dedicated contractors for every project. They use a variety of methods to keep workers safe, including verbal reminders, signage, and training. This helps create a culture of safety that becomes second nature to team members.

The survey also revealed that many commercial roofing contractors face increased building material costs, lack of qualified workers, and supply shortages as their biggest challenges.

These issues will require continued attention from the industry to overcome. However, innovative technology is helping to alleviate some of these problems. One example is the winch-based robotic shingle installer, which offers more efficiency and better accuracy than traditional manual labor.


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