5 Most Popular Jewellery Types Used in Singapore

February 14, 2024

Jewellery in Singapore is a known feature of this country, which has successfully made it an international hub for business and finances for all worldwide. With the inclusion of sold and traded jewellery, the country has managed to attract the attention and physical presence of worldwide investors and adorers of valuable metals such as gold on top of its South Asian beauty.

Gold enthusiasts are keen to keep up with the changes in the jewellery market and are constantly seeking the best options to purchase and invest in gold jewellery. Further, gold adornments in the Singaporean market have won the hearts of many due to their easy affordability, high safety, and best quality, which trumps gold jewellery in any other country.

Even with a general love for gold jewellery, some types seem to take the higher throne out of the vast collection of golden beauties. Fashion magazines, tabloids, and social media influencers may tell you countless jewellery trends, claiming them to be the most popular in fashion right now, but it is a famous secret that all of these are heavily biased forms of media.

The truth is that the genuine popularity of gold jewellery here lies in the hearts of gold lovers who consistently seek out, purchase, and accessorise them on a daily basis. Based on this, we have brought together the 5 most popular jewellery in Singapore that are bubbling like hot tea right now in one article. Below, you will find all the essential details to know about these top 5 types of golden beauties.

  • Necklaces are one of the most loved jewellery in Singapore
  • Pendants to bedazzle your beautiful necklaces
  • Earrings to complement your face
  • Bracelets to adorn your wrists
  • Rings that will decorate your hands

1. Necklaces are one of the most loved jewellery in Singapore

Before talking about jewellery in Singapore, the intricate designs that have adorned people's necks have been loved and cherished from the beginning of time when it comes to accessories. People in ancient civilisations wore necklaces to bring the observer's attention to their faces and shoulders, which radiated energy. The popular, more known notion that only the wealthy and the powerful, such as kings, queens and traders, wore necklaces is a false one, as many people from different social classes accessorised their outfits with necklaces made of naturally found materials.

Its popularity has remained throughout the years as a result of the elegance and versatility in the wear of a gold necklace. When accessorised properly, a gold necklace is very likely the first and most immediate thing that catches an approacher's eye out of all jewellery in Singapore you can wear. Unlike a pair of earrings, which sits on the sides of the face, a gold necklace shines right on the front part of your body, fashioning your shoulders and collarbones.

Worn on the neck, the chances of a gold necklace being exposed to physical damage and lots of skin contact decreases, improving its longevity; as we know, physical exposure to different things like chemicals, tangling and sweat can affect the appearance and quality of gold jewellery, especially during wear.

Different styles of necklaces have recently been popular among jewellery in Singapore, with a few dominating the top due to their timeless, fashionable, edgy appeal. The 916 gold hollow rope necklace is an excellent example of one of the styles that will never go out of style.

2. Pendants to bedazzle your beautiful necklaces

This one may not come as a surprise to you after we addressed necklaces as one of the most popular types of jewellery in Singapore. Yes, necklaces are great, but pendants are the icing on the cake if you will.

Being more than mere beautiful pieces of gold jewellery in Singapore, pendants carry numerous deep, rich symbolism behind them, influencing people's subconscious perception of you when they meet you. Sometimes throughout history, necklaces were worn as not just adornments to our ancestors' appearance but also protective features to safeguard the wearer from evil energy and to attract positive, healthy energy.

Today, when it comes to gold jewellery in Singapore, pendants take the forefront in displaying symbolism while being one of the most popular fashion expressions. For example, the infamous clover designs are believed to bring the wearer good luck and constant fortune, and on top of them, they look unmistakably wonderful. So, if you think you can use a little good luck this year, you can think about investing in a gorgeous little gold clover to decorate your pendant.

Moreover, fun and unique patterned designs in gold pendants have managed to steal the hearts and eyes of precious metal-loving citizens when it comes to gold jewellery in Singapore. Designs such as owls and durians are both great choices for anyone looking to level up their accessorising game while having a little fun with your stylish expression.

The great thing about gold pendants is that you can use one single little gold pendant to bejewel all your necklaces and bonus points if it is something sentimental to you because when you wear it as a pendant, it will always be right next to your heart.

3. Earrings to complement your face

When we ponder the question of what the most sold types of jewellery are in Singapore, one thing we cannot avoid talking about is earrings. If we take a look back at the history books, earrings are found to be widely worn by men to display their social class, wealth and prosperity. Among other cherished gold jewellery in Singapore, which once was a symbol of pride, it has become so much more in the present day.

Today, earrings have become a staple of everyday jewellery one would put on without thinking twice, regardless of gender, sex, or cultural background. The types and designs of earrings Singaporeans wear will differ depending on their accessorising purpose and personal preference. In the modern world, the popularity of gold earrings lies in their high affordability compared to other types of jewellery in Singapore.

The emphasis on earrings runs deep, especially in South Asian countries and cultures where gold earrings are associated with daintiness and good luck. Some believe that wearing earrings can help you achieve your goals as they elevate your psychological mood. On a visual note, a good, well-chosen pair of earrings can frame your face to contour and accentuate your facial features.

Classical designs such as gold hoops, waterdrops and studs can add an indescribable elegance to your whole look, while edgy designs will give you a unique and fresh appearance. You can experiment with different kinds of pairs of earnings to see which ones call out to you and bring out your face to make you look even better.

4. Bracelets to adorn your wrists

The buzz about gold bracelets has almost never died down, as new and fresh trends keep coming up, bearing new designs that are irresistible to Singaporeans. Jewellery in Singapore has set aside a special place for gold bracelets due to their cultural significance woven with their undying sophistication.

Gold bracelets indicate property and act as a symbol of every lasting endearment to someone you love. This is why gold bracelets are extremely famous for purchase as gifts among the wide variety of accessories in the city’s jewellery market. When worn, bracelets can add extra spice to your outfit, upgrading your whole look wherever you choose to go.

With its remaining popularity, a vast collection of different designs could be found if you walked into a jewellery shop asking for a bracelet, so much so that you would get lost in your head on what exactly to choose. In terms of jewellery in Singapore, both classical and modern-day designs are equally sought and loved, meaning the options in the jewellery market will be ample most of the time to provide the supply for the popular demand.

5. Rings to decorate your hands

Last but definitely not least, rings have managed to stay popular despite all the twists and turns society has taken when it comes to the perception of traditional marriage. Once only strictly associated with holy matrimony, rings are worn today for a wide range of purposes, from simple accessorising good fortune to personal expression of the self and one's own style.

Although not a fact, rings will probably score highest out of the 5 most popular jewellery in Singapore if we were to put all of them on a scale of sentimentality. As a result, many people can consider gifting it to an individual close to their heart, such as a spouse, daughter-in-law or mother.

Among jewellery in Singapore, most prefer traditional gold rings for weddings and engagements since they carry the perfect blend of classy beauty and never-ending nostalgia. The younger generations have been gravitating towards unconventional design, often layering and stacking rings, which is a trend many adore and follow.

Winding Up….

Now that we have answered the question of what the 5 most popular jewellery items in Singapore are in this article, you know what to stock up in your jewellery box. These different jewellery are loved for their durability, versatility, visual appeal and their rich symbolism tangled with sweet nostalgia, which makes them irresistible to the majority.

Apart from these golden creations, you sure will find jewellery that fits your needs and wins over your heart like a charm. So next time you go shopping to buy your loved ones a birthday necklace, a gold jewellery set for a wedding, or a lovely engagement ring for your fiancée, listen to what your heart says and pay attention to how you feel when you try on the jewellery.

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