6 Best Tourist Spots in Saudi Arabia That Will Surprise You

February 23, 2024


Saudi Arabia is known for its fascinating experience, featuring history, diverse landscapes, and vibrant culture. So, to have a unique holiday experience this season, you can plan a trip to Saudi Arabia. A lot here will keep you hooked and give you an unforgettable time. If you have finally decided to explore the much-anticipated Middle Eastern region, you must know about the best tourist spots in Saudi Arabia that will surprise you.

Whether you are a history buff, archaeology-lover, or someone who loves to spend time in nature or indulge in adrenaline-rushing activities, you will get it all in Saudi Arabia. There is something for everyone here, so everyone wants to visit it. You can start looking for flights to Saudi Arabia from London for the most exhilarating experience this holiday season.

6 Surprising Tourist Spots in Saudi Arabia

1. Al Ula and Mada’in Saleh

If you want to visit the most surprising tourist attraction of Saudi Arabia, it cannot be more astonishing than Al Ula and Mada’in Saleh. Because of this UNESCO heritage site, tourists worldwide plan to visit the Kingdom. Al Ula is among the most prominent historical sites in the region and was a famous city during the times of the Nabataen civilisation. The Al Ula National Park lets you indulge in thrilling activities like camping and hiking. So, planning your Al Ula holidays is undoubtedly a good decision.

Moreover, Mada’in Saleh is the most prominent archaeological site in the Kingdom. It is also as old as the Nabataen Kingdom and has ancient tombs and stunning rock-cut structures that represent history and culture at its best. Also, the architectural expertise of ancient people stuns everyone.

2. Umm Al-Qamari Island

Saudi Arabia’s islands are the epitome of luxury and natural beauty. Umm Al-Qamari Island is a prominent tourist spot in the region that gives you a relaxing escape from nature. You will find many different species of migratory birds and rich bio-diversity. You will witness it all on this heavenly island, from exotic flora to stunning corals.

Therefore, it is a serene escape and enables you to experience the dense wilderness. So, if you are a fan of nature and wilderness, you cannot miss a trip to Umm Al-Qamari Island while in the Kingdom.

3. Aseer National Park

If you want to witness more of the spectacular natural beauty and greenery in Saudi Arabia, visit the Aseer National Park. It is the first National Park in the region. Here, you will witness the most spectacular scenery, with expansive lush green wilderness. It is undoubtedly a haven for all the lovers. This National Park has the highest mountain in the region, with a height of 10,522 meters.

Moreover, this park has around 300 unique and indigenous wilds and an expansive area of lush green flora that will refresh your mind instantly. In addition to the rare wildlife and exploring exotic birds and plants, you can also indulge in various thrilling activities here, like hiking and trekking.

4. King Abdul-Aziz Historical Centre

You cannot visit Saudi Arabia and not explore its history. The Kingdom is famous for its rich and fascinating history. Numerous landmarks in the Kingdom reflect the nation’s rich history, and King Abdul-Aziz Historical Centre is one of them. This museum is built around the famous historical landmark Murabba Palace. There are eight exhibition halls at this historical centre. Many exhibitions here represent various times and eras of Saudi history and heritage.

Moreover, the centre also has a mosque, conference hall, and a library. The place is also surrounded by green parks and beautiful fountains that add to the beauty of this historic centre.

5. Al Asfar Lake

Al Asfar Lake is a UNESCO heritage site of the Kingdom. This beautiful site gives you the most mesmerising experience with the spectacular golden sands surrounding stunning waters. You will be surprised to see the blue waters, golden sands, and lush greenery all in a single place. This makes it a favourite spot of all the nature lovers and fascinates everyone.

Moreover, you will also find around 40 different species of flora at this beautiful lake. You will also be stunned by the glorious seasonal birds seen at the lake.

6. Jebel Al Akhdar

Saudi Arabia is not short of natural beauty; another example is the charming Jebel Al Akhdar. This site will give you the most panoramic views of Saudi Arabia’s natural beauty. It gives you the ideal nature and will detox your mind like anything else. You can take stunning photographs amidst the most calming and scenic natural beauty.

Moreover, there are also small cafes around this place where you can try out some delicious snacks. So, do not miss out on this experience while you are in the region.

Final Words

You will travel to Saudi Arabia soon if you get your Ramadan Umrah packages. Make sure to explore the tourist areas of the Kingdom too while you are in the best. You must explore the best tourist spots in Saudi Arabia that will surprise you and make your time in the region worthwhile.


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