Cracks and Coatings: A Comprehensive Guide to Stucco Inspection

February 27, 2024

As a stucco-siding homeowner, you know that your home’s exterior needs regular maintenance and checking. Stucco, a popular siding material with an attractive and durable finish, can also develop cracks, discoloration, and other problems over time.

In addition, stucco might be vulnerable to damages caused by weather patterns, moisture content in the air, or settling of the wall, thereby requiring expensive repairs if unchecked. Therefore, it is necessary to have your stucco examined frequently by an expert.

This comprehensive guide will provide you with everything you need to know about stucco inspections, including why they are necessary, what to expect, and how to prepare for one.

Moreover, you'll learn about the inspection process, what to look for, and how to address any issues that may be identified. Source

1. The Importance Of Stucco Inspections

Maintaining stucco inspections is a must to keep the integrity of your home’s exterior parts. When purchasing a new house or selling one with stucco, inspection can help identify and rectify any issues.

On top of that, an inspection may be necessary if you are worried about moisture coming into your home via stucco or if it exhibits signs of warping, buckling, or delaminating. Make sure you have regular stucco inspections to catch problems early before they become more expensive.

Equally important, proactive steps and addressing problems promptly will prevent costly future repairs. Lastly, regular stucco inspections provide peace of mind, ensuring the longevity and safety of your home's exterior.

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2. Preparing For A Stucco Inspection

Before the inspector arrives, there are a few things you need to do in preparation. First, ensure that the area around your house's exterior is free of obstacles or litter. With this, the inspector will be able to reach all corners of the stucco.

Pay close attention to any areas of concern, including cracks and discoloration. This information will guide the inspector to these areas so they can be given attention. In the end, ensure that you or another person is available to let the inspector in and answer any inquiries.

3. The Inspection Process

They will begin with a visual assessment of the outside parts of your house. They will look for any obvious deterioration or damage like chipping, cracking, or discoloration.

Moreover, they may also look for indications of moisture penetration, such as blistering or peel-off paint, and consider the overall condition of stucco and its coatings.

After this, the inspector will use specialized tools to conduct a more thorough inspection. To determine how much moisture content is in the stucco, he may use a moisture meter; he might employ a thermal imaging camera to see under hidden areas where water is seeping into the home.

Moreover, a hammer or other individual objects can be used by them to test if it is structurally sound and identify any weak points around it.

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4. Understanding The Inspection Report

The inspection officer will prepare an extensive report on his findings once he is done with the investigation. This report will also briefly mention the results and recommendations thereof for maintenance or repairs.

Therefore, you should give specific attention to this report and do not hesitate to ask the inspector if there are any uncertainties. If these suggestions look uncertain, ask another inspector for a second opinion.

5. Addressing Stucco Issues

If the inspection reveals any issues with your stucco, you must address them immediately. Don't wait, or the problems could get worse. Depending on how bad the issues are, you may need to bring in help. You should hire a contractor who knows stucco. They can make repairs or put on new coatings.

Sometimes, parts of the stucco may need to be replaced fully. That's okay. Just find a well-known contractor in your area. Make sure they have done stucco jobs before. They should give you a detailed estimate first. The forecast will say how much it will cost. They should also give you a schedule for when the work will get done. Then you'll know when your stucco will be fixed up properly.

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6. Choosing The Right Inspector

Selecting the Correct Inspector is an important choice that will greatly influence how your project turns out. You have to begin by checking inspectors who are licensed, insured, and have vast experience in your area.

Also, ask for references and review online ratings before settling on the inspector because that guarantees their dependability. Consequently, consider an inspector's credentials, including certificates and areas of expertise, as they could offer great insights.

In addition, it would be helpful if you asked about the inspector’s method of operation and the kind of tests they did to ensure a comprehensive assessment was done. Additionally, please talk about how an inspector communicates since one will need someone to clarify their findings and give some usable suggestions.

Finally, compare fees charged and services given by various inspectors to identify a reasonable investment option. Such considerations increase your chances of selecting the best inspector for your needs.

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Final Thoughts

Regular stucco inspections are essential to sustain the integrity and appearance of your home’s exterior. By regularly examining your stucco, any problems may be identified and dealt with before they get worse.

Invest in annual inspections, follow recommended maintenance schedules, and promptly address any repairs to preserve your investment and guarantee the long-term performance of your stucco siding.

Additionally, by working with a reputable inspector and addressing any issues promptly, you can help ensure that your stucco remains in good condition for years to come.


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