Dark-Themed Shows to Watch

February 23, 2024

Who says that all the shows you need to watch have to be all sunshine and rainbows? There are certain times when you should flip the switch and watch something that has more of a dark theme.

This could be related to murder, crime, and whatever out-of-the-ordinary you could think of. Usually, there is a lack of a love story that keeps the storyline going.

You may watch some dark-themed shows on TV as long as you have the channels for them, so be sure to keep an eye on the channel packages, such as the Xfinity TV packages that can give you a better insight on the channels that are offered. For more information, you can contact the Xfinity customer service team to sign up for the plan of your choice today.

Bates Motel

One of the most underrated shows you could watch.

Bates Motel is a contemporary prequel to the famous slasher film Psycho and it revolves around the story of Norman Bates and his mother, Norma Bates. In the show, Norman is played by Freddie Highmore while Norma is played by Vera Farmiga and both of them have outdone themselves when it comes to acting.

The show is about how Norman slowly loses his mind after he has a series of blackouts and how his mother doesn’t get him the help that he needs because she fears that his murderous routine will be exposed. Bates Motel is certainly a must-watch because each episode is bound to keep you hooked to your screen, asking for more.


Looks can most certainly be deceiving, especially if it is Joe Goldberg you are talking about.

YOU is about a young man named Joe (played by Penn Badgely) who works at a local library and how he finds himself being obsessed with women to the point that he starts stalking them. It also involves obsession to the point of murder, which makes the show stand out from the rest. At first, Joe seems like the kind of person who wouldn’t hurt a fly but once provoked, Joe becomes unrecognizable.

Until now, we have had two seasons of You and both of them have been amazing enough to keep the audience asking for more. Very soon, we will witness the third season of the show which continues the story of Joe and how he silently wreaks havoc wherever he goes. So stay tuned until the third season to find out what happens, meanwhile, be sure to catch up with the story through the first two seasons!

True Detective

Who doesn’t like a good show that’s about solving crime?

When it comes to such shows, True Detective is a very prominent name since it has been popular all over the country. It is about detectives who are asked to solve crimes that were deemed unsolvable and they must fight tooth and nail to solve the crime and bring justice to it. The show also has famous actors such as Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey in the initial seasons.

If you feel like you have a taste for crime dramas and to see things from a detective’s perspective, then this is the kind of show you would really want to watch. You can watch it on the Xfinity channel lineup as well.

Black Mirror

Technology is certainly a tool to make things a lot easier but what if you looked at the darker side of things?

In that case, technology really isn’t the blessing you would think it is. That is what Black Mirror focuses on, a dystopian world where technology causes destruction rather than making things easier for people.

Each episode of Black Mirror is unrelated to the other, so the episodes are not interlinked or have an impact on the storyline. However, there are subtle mentions of either previous or future episodes for fun. While you have the time, you can also watch the interactive movie called Bandersnatch where you are open to making your own choices and the movie progresses according to what your choices are.

Stranger Things

One of the most popular shows all over the world, Stranger Things is based more on sci-fi than horror.

It starts off with a boy named Will Byers who disappears and somehow ends up in an alternate dimension which was opened up by a girl who was being experimented on in a lab. What started off as this turned into something even more complex by the latest season as they connected the latest one to the first season, which opened up a lot of windows and started making more sense.

We are currently waiting for the next season, which will be the last in the series and will finally wrap up the havoc caused in Hawkins, Indiana, and how the girl (Eleven) will somehow mend all the problems that took place due to that portal being opened since the portal allowed monsters to traverse into our world.

Wrapping Up

When you feel like you need to watch something dark and eerie, these are some shows that you need to keep in mind since they will keep you hooked and will make you ask for more at the end of each episode.



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