Essential must-haves every cyclist must own.

February 8, 2024

Cycling is one of the most thrilling sports ever. It keeps you fit, and the fresh air blasting on your face makes you feel alive.

However, to ensure your safety and enjoy the activity the most, you must invest more in some essentials. So, let’s get right on the list!

1. Helmet

While you may have bought a cycling cap of great design, never skip on your cycling helmet. Always prioritize your safety and protection over style, as you never know when accidents happen. So, buy a well-fitted and sturdy cycling helmet.

In fact, in Australia, cyclists are legally required to wear helmets. Otherwise, you may get fined heftily. Statistics show that Australian cyclists who wear helmets have a 65% lower risk of death from head injury.

If you already have a helmet, ensure it’s of good quality. If it’s old, replace it for your safety.

2. Jersey

You might simply wear a cotton T-shirt if you’ve just picked up cycling. Most people start the same way but aren’t sure whether they’ll like it.

However, if you’re passionate about the sport, buy Cycling Jerseys. The material promotes ventilation with cooling and fast-drying technology. Some even come with extra pockets to carry small necessities.

While buying, choose a size that fits you just right – fitting enough to face the wind but not too tight. Go for a brand that doesn’t have over-the-top prices but still provides quality products.

3. Padded shorts

If it’s your first time cycling, your legs and thighs aren’t used to the pain of sitting on the cycle seat for long. So, to ensure you don’t end with excruciating pain from your practice, invest in padded shorts.

Of course, as you get used to cycling, you feel less pain. But you don’t need to endure pain in the first few weeks. A sturdy pair of padded shorts can keep you motivated and help you practice for longer!

These shorts may come with straps and suspenders as well. They reduce irritation and provide more comfort during the ride.

4. Eyewear

Good eyewear protects your eyes from sunlight, wind, dust, and rain. Otherwise, when you speed up, your eyes may feel irritated, and the entire session may get ruined.

Buy road-specific lightweight eyewear. These may also come with customizable lenses. Go for one that doesn’t obstruct your vision and has a comfortable fit on your face, along with your helmet. Ensure it has UV protection, and invest in polaroid lenses if possible.

5. Windproof vests

A windproof vest helps regulate your body temperature, especially in temperate climates. You can opt for sleeveless models and layer them over your jersey.

While buying, go for weather-resistant materials and mesh ventilation for increased breathability. Don’t forget to go for reflective accents. These improve visibility during morning and evening rides.

6. Track pump

Without the right volume of air in your tire, you can’t pick up speed and may need to put more pressure while pedaling. So, carry a track pump along with you.

This ensures you don’t have to cancel your cycling session and go to the bike maintenance shop. You can easily pump your cycle at home before you set off for the trip!

Invest in a reliable pump packed with good features. However, there’s no need to buy an over-the-top expensive model.

7. Hand pump

While track pumps are a great option to use at home, you can’t carry them around everywhere. Your tire pressure may change as you start cycling and are halfway out. Even worse – the tires may get punctured! In that case, it’ll be a major struggle to cycle back home.

In this case, a hand pump is here to save your day. This is a mini-pump that you can easily carry around in your jersey or vest pocket.

8. Tool kit

You may also face other bike part malfunctions during your ride. Of course, you can seek the help of a repairman. However, you must learn basic maintenance and invest in your tool kit.

This will save you money and time in the repair shop and prevent you from getting stranded in a faraway spot. You can buy a readymade kit or make your own with puncture patches, Allen keys, and tire levers.


You may hesitate to splurge more if you invest a lot in your bicycle. However, these essentials will make your experience much smoother and worth it. So, get your gear right now!


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