How Do I Fix a Cracked Impact Window? Easy Steps

February 24, 2024


Impact windows, also known as hurricane windows, are a great addition to your home; they protect your house from hurricanes and keep your house cool and breezy in the summer heat. Additionally, impact windows provide an extra layer of warmth in the winter. Thus, investing in impact windows is essential if you live in a place susceptible to hurricanes and storms.

Impact windows are not designed from ordinary glass that breaks when force is applied. This type of glass is laminated with plastic, providing layers of glass that are resistant to breakage. Impact windows also have another advantage: they do not let excess noise enter your house. Also, they protect against ultraviolet rays, which otherwise could lead to skin cancer. Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure the optimal performance of impact windows. If you ever encounter issues that require professional attention, consider reaching out to services like Impact Window Repair Ft Lauderdale for expert assistance in maintaining the durability and effectiveness of your impact windows.


Causes of Cracked Impact Windows

1.Wear and Tear

Everything dulls and weakens over time, and windows are no exception to this rule. Impact windows protect against hurricanes, extreme heat, or cold entering the house. These windows are subject to the intense stress of keeping hurricanes out of the house. Impact windows are made from durable glass, but this glass gets worn with time. The glass may be strong, but as time passes, cracks may appear in the interior of the windows.

2. Impact

Impact windows are going to bear the force of collisions again and again. Each time bad weather hits, these windows will bear the repercussions. This results in cracks, which may appear over time simply because of impact.

3. Changes in Temperature

Temperatures can fluctuate between extremes from time to time. A hot summer day causes damage to the windows. Extreme heat or sudden extreme cold may form cracks in the windows.

How to Fix a Cracked Impact Window?


Here are a few steps to fix impact windows so you can avoid spending on new windows if the damage can be fixed.

1. Evaluate the Amount of Damage Transpired

First, evaluate the amount of damage that occurred. Investigate the cracks to ensure that they are worthy of repair. If not, then the windows might need replacement. If the cracks are small enough for repair, follow the next few simple steps to restore your windows.

2. Keep Your Safety in Mind

You must understand that you are handling glass panes. Glass panes can shatter and pierce your skin, so follow the necessary safety precautions. Wear safety equipment, including gloves and goggles. Keep your distance and avoid unnecessary handling of the glass panes.

3. Cleanliness is Important

Clean the window panes before proceeding with the repair. Excess dirt will only hinder the process of restoration.

4. Follow the Manufacturer's Guide

Follow the manufacturer's guide for the application of epoxy resin. The length and amount of time needed for application vary with different manufacturers. Read the guide thoroughly, or contact the manufacturer for additional information. Be confident that you can handle this restoration on your own. If not, call the specific services available to repair the impact windows.

5. Sealant is Applied to Seal the Resin

A sealant is applied, which is waterproof. It helps to seal the resin, avoiding any impairment due to moisture contact. Moisture can lead to damaging effects because the resin will not exhibit its desired effect.

6. Clean the Excess Components

There might be excess sealant or resin dripping down the windows. Carefully wipe the windows, and behold the newly repaired windows.


How to Prevent Cracks in Impact Windows?

Let's find out how to prevent cracks from occurring in the impact windows.

1. Proper Maintenance

The first step towards safety is to avoid laziness in routine investigations of your impact windows. A regular check and balance of the sturdiness of your windows will help prevent cracks from occurring in the windows.

2. Protect from Excess Indoor Temperatures

Adjust the thermostat to avoid extreme temperature changes. That will directly affect the sturdiness of your windows, allowing cracks to form in the glass. Hence, proper care is needed to avoid any mistakes in setting the thermostat to extreme temperature highs or lows.

3. No Contact Between Heavy Materials and the Impact of Windows

No heavy equipment should come into contact with the windows. All the heavy machinery and equipment should be stored away from the windows, ensuring no contact.

4. Regular Checking and Proofing

You don't need an expert to realize if something is wrong with the windows. If the window seems cracked, don't delay it any longer; this could cost your safety. Always be vigilant and updated on the durability of your windows.

5. Proper Induction of Windows

The windows properly need installation from the start. If the windows are installed unacceptably, it could lead to problems in the future.



It might seem like impact windows are high maintenance, but it's the opposite. You can fix a cracked impact window without any problem by following the steps mentioned in this article. You can also prevent future cracks by regularly checking and proofing the windows. A small step towards improving the cracks will go a long way in safeguarding the comfort of your home.


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