February 7, 2024

Who does not want to revamp the kitchen space for full-stay gatherings and festivities? The only hurdle is the thought of unlimited expenses. Since we have been specializing in Nyc Kitchen Remodeling for years, today we will share our apt tips on how to stretch a kitchen remodeling budget.

Talking to an expert before starting the project sets the stage for you. You gain useful insights from a designer's experience and align your vision with your budget without taking any missteps. It is better to avoid mistakes than to rectify them later on since it's more costly.

We help you understand how to stretch your kitchen remodeling budget by establishing clear priorities. Some items in the kitchen are splurge-worthy and should never be compromised. At the same time, others work perfectly fine with a mid-range option.


One factor that influences homeowner's spending decisions is the duration of stay. How long will you stay in this house? Budget allocation varies if you plan to stay for a brief period compared to long periods. In the long run, homeowners invest for longevity, durability, and increased value.

Typically, NYC kitchen remodeling ranges from as low as $25000 to as high as $100000 and above. It all depends on the size of your kitchen; what kind of remodeling are you planning? Plenty of items in a kitchen, like cabinets, countertops, lighting, appliances, layout, and faucets, need to be considered.

The market is full of options, from high-end to affordable alternatives. Make prudent decisions according to your priorities, needs, and wallet.

Layout of kitchen

The first and foremost thing that costs the most in remodeling is the layout of the kitchen. If you want to change the sink position, it will cost more since we have to redo the pipelines and drainage. It is advised not to change the layout when trying to stretch the budget. With that, the layout defines the functionality of the kitchen. So, do not compromise on your workability.

It is said that the stove, sink, and refrigerator are a triangle that should have the least distance. Also, having a good pantry space is vital. If you face such major layout problems, only then change the layout; otherwise, keep the current structure.


Countertops have tons of variety, from natural stone to laminates. Its costs depend on the stone's origin, the pattern, installation labor, and maintenance. To cut costs, we prefer not to use luxurious stone countertops; instead, we look for alternatives with the same look and durability.

Quartz countertops are highly functional and gorgeous to look at. Synthetic countertops are also in demand, as are butcher block ones.


Cabinets are another crucial item that takes 30% to 40% of the kitchen remodeling budget. If they are in good shape, let's not install new ones. What can we do to give cabinets a new look and smooth functionality? If you have a very low budget, retain the existing cabinets. Paint them with spray paint, not roller paint to get a finished look.

We advise changing the front doors and hardware for a more elevated look. It will give the kitchen a totally new look and feel. For better functionality, change the door hinges and drawer runners to improve smoothness. Cabinetry is the thing that we recommend you not to compromise on. Because, once again, it defines the functionality of the kitchen. One can’t work with broken or no cabinets.


Painting the kitchen is the most common way of remodeling. It cost-effectively changes the aura of the place. Not all paints are equal; some are highly pigmented and cost more. Others are affordable and less expensive yet offer a good quality.

You can cut some costs on expensive paint but hire a skilled painter. The affordable paint will also be visually appealing if done smoothly.


Islands are quite popular these days, providing a space to gather, cook, and work together. Also, feels very handy in a busy kitchen. If your kitchen has one, great. If not, it comes with a high price tag.

Installing an island in a remodeling project with cabinets and drawers is highly costly. This is a thing you can skip to stretch your kitchen remodeling budget. If highly necessary, then cut costs from other items. This is where your designer consultation will be beneficial, as we suggested in the beginning.


A small thing that altogether changes the vibe is the faucet. We say splurge on it. It is not going to take some 30% of the budget, so green signal for faucets. A good quality faucet makes the cooking and washing process comfortable. It's a low-cost, big-impact item; make it a statement piece.


Backsplash gives homeowners room to show their creativity and life story. The backsplash needs to be visually appealing. The cheapest option is to paint, but we suggest you go for tiles. One should set a budget limit in selecting the tiles. Do not opt for the most exquisite ones; pick some classics like subway tiles. It also reduces the installation costs. This way, we hit all our boxes: functionality, look, and affordability.


Flooring can change the budget plan entirely. It’s a big item that requires a lot of money. Make the prudent decision to save some bucks. Select the one that is affordable yet does not sacrifice the style. Some options are luxury vinyl plank flooring, luxury vinyl tile flooring, and laminate wood flooring.


Every homeowner has a vision for their kitchen, the warmest place in the home. Define your priority areas, decide the budget, what things you can compromise on, look for affordable options in the market, and lastly, go for classic designs that do not become outdated quickly.

Applying these strategic choices, you can stretch a kitchen remodeling budget without sacrificing the style and functionality. In a nutshell, items that you should cut costs on are countertops, flooring, and islands. Do not compromise on the layout of the kitchen; splurge only if you must.


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