Instagrammable Places in Chicago: Street Art and Stunning Architecture

February 9, 2024

Are you looking for an amazing mix of incredible street art, mind-blowing buildings, and tons of spots that will make your Instagram pop? Well, guess what? Chicago is the place to be! It's not just about the yummy deep-dish pizza and enthusiastic sports fans. Nope, it's also a paradise for all creative minds who love cool city stuff and amazing buildings.

You'll find spots that are basically made for snapping pictures! And don’t forget to look for flights from London to Chicago!

Why Is Chicago So Famous Among Travellers?

Chicago is a stunning combo of old and new. The city keeps growing and changing. Imagine walking down the streets and being surrounded by murals and paintings that are basically giant works of art. And oh, the buildings! We think Chicago is famous for its architecture, just a fancy word for cool buildings. So, if you're all about that Instagram game, Chicago has your back.

This city is like a giant puzzle of coolness waiting for you to explore. Every corner has something exciting to show you. Plus, the blend of traditional and modern vibes creates a uniquely Chicago atmosphere. So, whether you're into history or all about the latest trends, Chicago has you covered. It's a city that's always moving, evolving, and ready to amaze, just like your favourite song that never gets old!

6 Most Instagrammable Places in Chicago

Get ready for a fun ride because we're about to explore the top 6 places in Chicago that are perfect for your Instagram. So, let's jump right in and discover these awesome spots!

1) Cloud Gate

Let's start with the first spot on our list: Cloud Gate. Imagine a huge, shiny, metal jelly bean. Mix in some mind-bending mirror effects; you've got Cloud Gate. It's right in Millennium Park and is basically a doorway to another world. It’s like a cool mirror from a funhouse with a modern Instagram twist! Snap as many pictures as you like here.

2) Navy Pier

This place is made for you! Imagine an amusement park throwing a bash right by Lake Michigan. The super tall Ferris wheel lets you see the city from way up high, and the vibrant carousel will bring out your inner kid. Navy Pier practically shouts, "Hey, put me on your Instagram!" Moreover, don't miss the fireworks that light up the sky over the lake!

3) Buckingham Fountain

This enormous work of art in Grant Park is like the city's way of rolling out a red carpet fit for royalty. How the water moves and the lights twinkle, especially when the sun sets, is pure magic. This fountain is like a shimmering, dancing daydream, waiting for its close-up moment on your Instagram page.

4) Chicago Theatre

Get ready for some lights, camera, and Instagram magic! This place isn't just a famous spot for shows. It's like a vintage piece of Hollywood right in the city's centre. The bright marquee and classic design will make you feel like you've entered an old-timey world of showbiz glamour. Take a picture here because it's like capturing a bit of that star-studded history on your feed!

5) Chicago Riverwalk

Imagine walking along the riverside in the city's heart and feeling those cool urban vibes. This practically made for Instagram places with its cute cafes, lovely gardens, and breathtaking scenes of skyscrapers mirrored in the water. It's like the trendiest spot in town for everyone, whether you're a visitor or a local.

And believe us, your camera will be so grateful after spending a day capturing the beauty here.

6) North Avenue Beach

You're in for a treat if you love the sun and the sand. This is the spot to bask in the sunshine and snap those awesome beach pics. It's like a dreamy scene right out of a postcard. Whether taking a relaxed walk, building sandcastles, or enjoying the view, North Avenue Beach is perfect.

Travel Photography Tips

You might not have the latest DSLR or the fanciest lens, but don't worry! Here are some travel photography tips to make your shots shine bright.

1) Embrace Golden Hour Magic

The soft, warm light during these times makes everything look extra magical. So, set that alarm clock, grab your camera, and head out to catch that enchanting golden hour glow.

2) Rule of Thirds? Yes, Please!

Imagine a tic-tac-toe grid on your camera screen. Got it? Now, position your subject along those lines or at the spots where the lines cross. This simple trick instantly adds flair and keeps your pictures balanced and captivating.

3) Get Up Close and Personal

Here's the deal: The little things matter big time. Get close and personal with your subject to uncover details you might have missed. Whether it's the cool patterns on Cloud Gate or the texture of street art, zoom in and let your camera tell a story of its own.

4) Candid is King

Okay, posed pics are neat, but candid shots are where the magic truly happens. Capture your friends laughing, exploring, or just lost in thought. These unposed moments are like a special kind of charm that you can't fake.

Long Story Short

Chicago isn't just a city; it's a canvas waiting for your creativity to paint it with pixels. From the reflective wonder of Cloud Gate to the sandy shores of North Avenue Beach, this city offers a whirlwind of Instagrammable delights. So, whether you're hopping on those flights from London to Chicago or embarking on a transatlantic quest for flights to USA from London, remember that Chicago has more than deep-dish pizza waiting for you. Unleash your creativity and write for us the vibrant stories of Chicago's endless charm.


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