Outdoor Living Trends In Ohio: Stylish Decks For All Seasons

February 6, 2024

Imagine sipping a drink or hosting weekend barbecues on your deck regardless of the season. Decks need to exhibit not only style but also resilience to the changing seasons.

Whether you’re a native or a new resident in Ohio gauging your options, you can make your deck space an instant envy of the neighborhood. With assistance from professional deck builders, such as Cincinnati Deck Builders, you can incorporate the following trends into your design so you can have the deck of your dreams for year-round use.

1. Modular Furniture

When designing a stylish deck, the furniture you choose is essential. Modular furniture is a fantastic trend that can be rearranged or combined in different ways to create various configurations. This flexibility makes them ideal for parties and family gatherings.

Consider investing in durable, weather-resistant outdoor furniture. Opt for a sectional sofa with ottomans for extra seating or side tables. You may also add colorful outdoor cushions and throw pillows for a cozy ambience. Remember to incorporate vibrant reds, blues, and yellows to add color to the space.

2. Garden

Imagine a mini garden on your deck! Greenery would be a lively touch.

You can grow herbs, flowers, and small vegetables in raised planters or on a garden bed. This gives your deck visual interest and a touch of nature while providing fresh produce and aromatic herbs for cooking.

Picture this: you’re picking fresh basil or cherry tomatoes on your deck for a summer salad. It’s the perfect blend of convenience and beauty!

3. Deck Lighting

Good lighting is essential so you can enjoy your deck throughout the year. Deck lighting makes evening gatherings safe and comfortable.

String lights are a classic, versatile option for railings, pergolas, and poles. They provide a soft, enchanting glow, perfect for a cozy ambiance.

For a more modern and sleek look, consider recessed deck lighting or solar-powered LED deck post lights. These fixtures illuminate your deck and highlight its architecture while being practical and stylish.

4. Kitchens And Bars

Take your outdoor living experience to the next level by adding a kitchen or bar! Imagine effortlessly preparing delicious meals or refreshing cocktails with friends and family on a sunny summer day.

Outdoor kitchens and bars can make your deck look opulent. You can achieve this by installing a grill, a mini-fridge, and a sink with running water. Or you can place a portable kitchen island with a built-in grill and shelving for food preparation.

Don’t forget to add bar stools or a counter space for seating and dining. This setup is ideal for hosting special events and creating lasting memories.

5. Firepit And Temperature-Control Feature

As the seasons change and temperatures drop, you don’t have to put off outdoor lounging just yet. With a firepit or temperature-control feature, you can extend your relaxation into fall and winter.

Firepits aren’t only functional but also offer an inviting ambiance. Imagine gathering around a crackling fire, toasting marshmallows, and enjoying the crisp air. Consider a portable, easy-to-store firepit if a permanent one isn’t feasible.

During chilly evenings, strategically placed patio heaters or outdoor heaters provide warmth. With these elements, you can enjoy your deck even in cold weather.

6. Living Rooms

Create an outdoor oasis with a cozy deck living room. This trend combines the coziness of an indoor living room with the tranquility of the outdoors. Consider following these steps:

  • Start with comfortable outdoor sofas or lounge chairs with weather-resistant cushions and sturdy frames.
  • Use side tables, coffee tables, and area rugs to define spaces and add functionality.
  • Incorporate outdoor curtains, plants, and lighting to enhance the atmosphere.

An outdoor living room is perfect for relaxing, reading a book, or having meaningful conversations while enjoying the scenery.

7. Connected Smart Home Products

Today’s technology-driven world allows you to add smart features to your outdoor living area. Popular smart home devices could improve deck functionality. For example, outdoor speakers connected to a smart-home system allow you to listen to your favorite music or podcasts on your deck.

You can also adjust deck light brightness and color with a voice command or a few taps on a smartphone. With these smart features, you can seamlessly integrate your outdoor living space into your connected home lifestyle. Just make sure to take precautionary measures to eliminate potential hazards.

Unleashing Year-Round Outdoor Style In Ohio

Investing in a deck is wise for Ohio homeowners who want to enjoy every season. So transform your outdoor space into a functional, inviting haven with a stylish, durable, and weatherproof deck.

When choosing decking elements, finding a balance between your style and practicality is crucial. It’s best to outsource reputable deck builders who can create decks for Ohio’s seasons.

Ready to adopt these trends? Start designing your dream deck today!


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