Parcel Letterbox: The Perfect Solution for Online Shoppers

February 13, 2024


E-commerce has changed the way we shop, offering a vast array of options from an even larger number of retailers, including those overseas. Unlike traditional shopping, there are some advantages to visiting the digital aisles that many of us simply can’t overlook. The convenience of buying anytime, anywhere, makes for a quicker and simpler shopping experience without getting stuck in queues or traffic going to and fro the physical stores.

Despite all the pros, there’s the thought of what happens with the delivery. Receiving bills, leaflets, ads and letters is nice and easy, but when it comes to parcels, there’s a lot at stake if you miss delivery—the security of your goods and your information from prying eyes, and the weather elements that may not always be favourable. All this calls for the help of parcel letterboxes.

How Do Parcel Letterboxes Work?

Unlike traditional mailboxes, parcel letterboxes are spacious designs that accommodate large online shopping deliveries. Available in various models, from discreet brick-in designs to fence and gate boxes, they offer a solution to secure and weather-resistant parcel delivery.

From the fancy and sleek brick in parcel letterbox, fence and gate parcel boxes with two parts, the basic fastening wall-mounted design, to the seamless freestanding models, there’s a lot to choose from. All of them offer plenty of storage to house a variety of packages, be it clothes, wines, or even something bigger, to avoid those disappointing “sorry we missed you” notes, or worse, stolen goods or identity theft.

What all of these distinct designs have in common is the larger opening flap that can fit parcels and packages. Once the parcel or package is dropped in through the said flap, it makes its way to the secure hold, where it stays safe and protected until you unlock the door and retrieve it.

Despite the lock, there’s still a partial opening of the brick in the parcel letterbox and the rest of the models for more packages to be added. They're designed to ensure this safety and security with limitations in the opening of the flap, as well as additional features such as an internal shelf system, whether it’s baffle plates or a rising floor, to block access to the mail below. So, even if you’re out of town for a while, you can have peace of mind knowing your belongings will stay put until you get them.

These boxes are created from sturdy materials, so they’re robust and can stand up to the weather and temperature changes. Some of the popular materials you can find them in include robust powder-coated, galvanised, and stainless steel, as well as treated wood.

Parcel Letterbox Designs Explained

Parcel letterboxes differ in the way they're installed, and there are several options for you to choose from:

Brick In

Brick features are aesthetically beautiful and can elevate the curb appeal of a home. But they can also make it difficult to install a letterbox. Well, you won’t have to worry about this when you pick a brick-in-parcel box instead of a traditional design, as it’s a pretty straightforward installation process.

This type of design is versatile and available in an array of colours, and yet that’s not the only bit that's incredible about it. It consists of two parts, one of which is installed on the outside, and the other on the inside - each of which is lockable. This means you can retrieve your mail from both sides, with the inside option even giving you more convenience, perfect for when the weather doesn’t exactly cooperate.

To make the most of this choice, look for stores that allow you to get a custom-made option for more flexibility with the size and storage space. You could also look for those designs that come with flexible sleeves that can be expanded as needed based on your brickwork size for a more customised fit if you can’t exactly get the custom-made option tailored to your requirements.

Fence/Gate Mounted

If you have a lovely fence or gate you’d like to use as the key element in curb appeal that you’d like to enhance with a mailbox, then rest assured there’s the perfect parcel design for them too. Same as the brick in letterbox with parcel it’s available in two pieces, installed on the front and rear sides, which makes this alternative as convenient as the counterpart.

A model with mounting flanges also makes for a hassle-free installation process. Just finish up with a sealant around the edges of the two parts, and moisture won’t be a match for your box!

Wall Mounted

Although somewhat smaller than the previous alternatives, the wall-mounted parcel design provides the right amount of space for parcels and can even fit several of them. Coming with a standard fit, it can be added to a wall right next to the front door to boost convenience. Consisting of an internal panel that lifts when a parcel is dropped, it works on the same principle as the rest of the models and keeps the mail safe.


If you’re into adding a standalone feature that would serve as a statement for the outdoor décor of your home, then you can certainly get it in the form of a freestanding parcel mailbox. In addition to standing on its own rather than being incorporated into an existing feature, what’s striking about it is its size, which is bigger than all of the aforementioned alternatives. Security-wise, it’s equally protected as the others, with a lifting panel system that keeps your belongings safe from sticky fingers.

The Additional Benefits of a Parcel Letterbox

No matter which of the letterbox with parcel models catches your eye the most, you’re set to benefit from this neat exterior feature. And increased safety and security of your packages aren’t the only pros you can expect to gain. What’s more from this investment is:


There’s no code to crack or remember when delivering your mail, so the delivery is a straightforward process for any courier company. The mailbox's roomy yet space-efficient design makes it convenient for both you and the delivery men to fit multiple parcels and packages, as well as other types of mail.


If your consumerism habits have been the cause of your worries, there’s one way you can improve them with this investment in the form of a smart mailbox, and that is by successfully receiving the mail on the first try. As there’s enough space, the courier doesn’t have to struggle trying to find you or an available neighbour to safely and securely deliver the package.

No more trips to your house or the post office. Not only do you save precious time and money, but you also reduce the carbon footprint, which benefits the environment significantly.

Enhanced Aesthetic

Want to increase the value of your property but don’t have the budget for a hefty project? A simple change with the new mailbox can be the much-needed change that can give your curb appeal a boost. Choose a material in a finish or colour same or similar to the rest of the features - it’s your call!


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