The Alarming State of Florida’s Home Burglary: Why Automate Your Home

February 9, 2024

According to FBI reports, home theft is a growing crime in Florida. Across the state, a staggering number of over 10,000 households were victims of theft in 2023.

Not long ago, a mother and her only child came face-to-face with a home burglary suspect who broke into their house in Florida, Martin, the County Sheriff’s office, stated.

This incident happened on Saturday on Duncan Street, Hobe Sound. The brave woman confronted the suspect and managed to drive him out. Thankfully, neither the items were stolen nor were injuries reported.

The confrontation details were not made available right away, but the burglary suspect fled, and he is still out there.

The news of the attempted crime comes amidst reports of thieves trying to break into a home in Palm City. Six other burglaries have been reported; in five out of them, homeowners’ vigilance, cameras, and security alarms have managed to thwart the criminals.

Florida Home Theft Statistics

Recently, the FBI released its 2023 data for home theft in Florida. According to the statistics, the rate of home theft, which includes aggravated assault, homicide, and robbery, was below average. Here is what was observed from the statistics:

  • About 142 offenses were linked to property damage.
  • Personal weapons, including fists, hands, or feet, comprised the most weapons used.
  • Around 451 offenses happen in personal homes.
  • Offenders age range between 21 and 38, committing over 567 offenses.

Why Automate Your Florida’s Home

For us, Alexa and Siri are the game-changer. Your case could be different, but we've automated many things in our homes in Florida. The lights turn on as we approach, coffee makes itself every morning, and security systems disarm themselves when we are near home. These features are convenient and save us energy, thus saving money on utility bills.

However, home automation is still a new technology advancement, so some homeowners in Florida find it overwhelming. This is why it is important to approach experts to redefine the smart home system Florida and explore several services that can transform your home into a secure, efficient, and seamless living space.

Home automation systems integrate different components into a network, allowing you to centralize and control equipment with one installation. Like Martin Country’s Sherriff said, dialing 911 won’t be enough. We urge every Floridian to be vigilant, be your brothers’ keeper, and automate your home. Automating your home maximizes security in your home and the neighborhood.

Remember, your safety and that of your family is crucial. Studies show burglars are less likely to target homes with a security system put in place. Floridians want a safe home for all their loved ones, and through home automation systems, they can achieve that.

Florida’s home theft statistics are surprising. Why? Both opportunists and experienced thieves in Florida prefer easy scores. So, a perfect way to prevent thieves from breaking into your Florida home is to step up and defend your property. Besides, investing in preventative measures would be better than depending on homeowner’s insurance after a break-in.


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