Travel Tips For Your Next Adventure In Mexico

February 13, 2024

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Enjoying Cancun beaches and diving off Cozumel are incredible experiences, but Mexico offers so much more! Below are our top travel tips to ensure that your next visit to this amazing country goes off without a hitch.

Avoid eating fruit that has been sitting around. Filtered water bottles with Steripen for sterilizing should also be included to help make drinking water safe to drink. And do not assume that what you would expect with New Mexico is what you get in Mexico. Just the names are similar.

Avoid flashy watches and jewelry

While many may assume Mexico to be unsafe based on drug war headlines and crime statistics, this may not always be the case. Before visiting, do your research on each individual state or region you plan to visit so that you are informed of any important safety tips or warnings specific to that region or state.

Always consult the US State Department's travel advisory before visiting Mexico, so as to maximize your enjoyment during your stay there. By doing this, you will ensure an enjoyable trip.

Take long distance buses

Locating cities of Mexico can be quite a difficult challenge, with Metro systems in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey serving as godsends while the remainder of the nation relies heavily on buses for getting from one point to the next.

Though not as luxurious, bus travel in Mexico is affordable and relatively comfortable, offering multiple class levels so you're bound to find something within your budget.

Bus stations in Mexico tend to be vast, offering everything from convenience stores and coffee shops, fast food options and clean bathrooms (though some charge a small fee). For longer trips (5 hours or more), I would advise booking an executive class ticket.

Avoid snapping photos of Mexicans

Take photos of Mexicans without their consent is considered rude and could put you at risk for petty crime. Tangerine Travels provides a fantastic YouTube video explaining this point further.

At times it may also be wise to refrain from photographing people at religious places or during ceremonial occasions.

As part of your preparations to visit Mexico, it is advisable to read up on government travel warnings for each state and region you plan to visit. While headlines regarding cartel violence can seem alarming, tourists typically are not targets as most violence happens between cartel members themselves. Download an app like Babbel for basic phrases before arriving, as well as bring along a reusable water bottle equipped with Steripen for on-the-go water sterilization!

Be mindful of haggling

Though many large shops in tourist areas offer fixed prices with policies against haggling, smaller vendors often do. To prevent over-inflated pricing for items such as rugs, hammocks and paintings at markets or mercado, it is wise to do your research beforehand.

Before traveling to Mexico, it's beneficial to brush up on basic Spanish. Even if you already speak some of it, Mexican Spanish varies slightly from its standard counterpart - using an app such as Babbel to rapidly improve your abilities is a fantastic way to quickly improve them!

Always drink in moderation while in Mexico, particularly if planning on spending any time at bars and nightclubs. Preventive measures should always be taken such as drinking plenty of water, taking anti-hangover pills or wearing protective earplugs to stay safe.

Don’t travel at night

Even though Mexico provides plenty of activities beyond beaches, visitors should still keep in mind that crime rates spike at night - including pickpocketing, purse snatching and carjacking. Furthermore, some tourists have fallen prey to "express kidnapping," where criminals demand an immediate ransom via debit or credit card.

To minimize risks while taking full advantage of what Mexico has to offer, travel during the day using only first-class buses and only using authorized taxis with uniform colors and signs (which you should negotiate the price before entering a vehicle). Filtered water bottles coupled with Steripen can also help ensure safe consumption of tap water - these tips should keep you safe while enjoying all Mexico has to offer!


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