What Educational Challenges Can AI Address Today?

February 19, 2024

Artificial intelligence (AI) is shaking up education, expected to grow at an annual rate of 45.12% to 10.38 billion by 2026. E-learning, allowing education to be accessible anywhere and anytime, is crucial in the remote work era.

Corporations, startups in educational technology, training companies, universities, schools, and students all benefit greatly from online learning, including reaching larger audiences. AI enhances e-learning by tackling underlying challenges.

Challenge: Finding the Perfect Match Between Talent and Roles at Scale

Corporations, training firms, and education tech startups are using AI-powered tools to assess workforce skills, making it easier to match the right talent with roles on a large scale.

Here's how it works: People describe skills just once, and then the machine takes over to analyze the data automatically. An AI algorithm assesses employees' job-ready skills based on their profiles and competency matrix.

By integrating AI into learning and development (L&D) and talent management departments, managers receive a list of candidates ranked by their skill levels. Plus, the data matches the company's required competencies.

Challenge: Addressing Skill Gaps through Integration, Upskilling, and Reskilling

9 from 10 executives acknowledge this challenge, but few feel capable of addressing it. Upskilling or reskilling across organizations is seen as a common strategy, yet around 70% of HR professionals are unhappy with how internal mobility needs are handled.

An AI-powered individual career path builder, combined with a Learning Experience Platform (LXP), provides a solution.

Employees can use this tool to discover open positions, comprehend the required skills for each role, and receive personalized recommendations for filling skill gaps with appropriate courses.

Challenge: Speeding Up Knowledge Acquisition and Enhancing Learning Results

Using automatic personalized AI-powered learning path creation with targeted content recommendations provides numerous advantages for employees or students. Once an initial knowledge check or skills assessment is completed, AI designs a customized learning path beginning with the most appropriate topic for the individual.

As learners advance through topics, they encounter questions with hints and detailed explanations for incorrect answers. After completing a designated number of topics and hours, the AI knowledge checker automatically reassesses learners to determine retained topics.

Topics in which learners excel are labeled as mastered, while those presenting challenges are revisited in the learning path for further review.

Challenge: Assessing the Efficacy of Training Initiatives

An AI-powered tool for tracking learning progress can assess whether employees or students are mastering or lacking the required competencies.

This helps gauge how well learning is working and tweaks it to get the best results.

How does it operate? The software gathers data on trainees' performance and grades from a learning management system (LMS), covering overall scores, skills, and any assignments that are incomplete or overdue.

An AI-powered progress tracking tool assesses each learner's progress by analyzing their individual activities and performance.

Educators and L&D teams access the compiled data through a unified dashboard and receive user-friendly reports. Moreover, the system identifies students at risk or employees with low performance, enabling educators and L&D managers to promptly intervene.

Challenge: Predicting Future Learning Results and Identifying Potential Issues

An AI-driven predictive analytics tool gathers data on past and current activities to understand how each learner behaves and predict their future proficiency levels for assessments. It automatically generates accurate reports for educators to spot potential issues early and intervene to improve success rates and retention.

L&D departments and educators use these predictive reports to help learners improve proficiency and address knowledge gaps sooner. The AI system can also alert mentors about events requiring attention or discussion.

AI in education not only addresses challenges like boosting user retention and course completion rates in language learning but also saves time for L&D, HR, and educational leaders by handling routine tasks through AI chatbots.

In conclusion

In today's crowded market, it's vital to distinguish between effective solutions and those that fall short. When thinking about investing in an AI-powered Learning Management System (LMS), getting advice from e-learning experts is key. They can help with integrating AI into existing LMS platforms or building one from scratch.

Choosing the right type of e-learning software that fits the target audience and learning goals is crucial. Options include AI LMS, Learning Experience Platforms (LXP), and mobile or web learning applications.

By adding AI features, a traditional admin-focused LMS becomes a learner-focused LXP, with AI suggesting personalized learning content.

E-learning mobile and web apps aim to offer learning opportunities anytime, anywhere, on personal devices.

For fast outcomes, experiment with simple-to-use solutions. Additionally, think about adapting old systems for new purposes rather than replacing them completely, as this could be a more budget-friendly option.


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