3 Common HVAC Problems and How to Fix Them

March 25, 2024

HVACs, once considered a luxury, have become a “must” in recent years. An extraordinary increase in their use has been witnessed in the United States over the past decade.

With 36.24% of AC ownership, Phoenix, Arizona, ranks as the top city with AC usage. Miami, Florida, with 35.22%, is a close second. Houston, Texas, with 35.52% of AC ownership, rounds out the top three. Even Los Angeles, California (29.44%) and Chicago, Illinois (37.64%) are among the top 15 cities with the most AC usage.

HVAC systems keep people comfortable all year round. They cool the space during summer and warm it in the winter while filtering the air and maintaining proper humidity levels. However, just like other electronics, they are bound to malfunction.

Here, we’ll discuss some problems common in HVACs and provide practical solutions to fix them.

#1 Clogged Air Filters

Is your HVAC struggling to keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter? The air filters of your unit are likely clogged. Dirty or clogged air filters hinder airflow, causing the unit to work harder, which results in unusually high utility bills.

Air filters get clogged due to several reasons. Your HVAC unit’s filter might have passed its expiration date. Air filters have a lifespan of about one to three months, depending on the type and the indoor air quality. It’s bound to malfunction if it’s more than three months old.

Another common reason behind the clogging of air filters is blockage. Dirt and debris might be trapped in the air filter, restricting airflow. If you own a pet, its hair might have clogged the air filter.

Fortunately, this issue can be easily remedied by cleaning the filters or replacing them altogether. It’s a good idea to replace your unit’s air filter every three months. However, change them every two months if you own a pet. That is because the hair of pets gets into the unit and clogs the air filters.

#2 Refrigerant Leaks

Often, homeowners complain that their HVAC system is blowing warm air in the summer months. Are you also experiencing the same? There might be a refrigerant leak. There are several causes behind refrigerant leaks besides the normal wear and tear of the unit.

Poor installation and factory defects can cause refrigerant leaks. However, hot outdoor weather could also contribute to a refrigerant leak.

If you live in Florida, Louisiana, or Texas, the hot weather might have taken a toll on your HVAC and resulted in a refrigerant leak. These states in the U.S. recorded the hottest temperature in 2023. The average temperature ranged between 73.4 °F and 68 °F. Georgia and Mississippi, with 66.2 °F and 66.1 °F, respectively, rounded out the top five states with the highest temperature.

Even in Illinois– ranked as the 22nd hottest state– the temperature can reach dangerous levels. The average temperature of the state was 54 °F. A refrigerant leak is most likely to occur in these states due to high temperatures.

Unfortunately, fixing a refrigerant leak isn’t a DIY chore. You shouldn’t try doing it yourself. We say so because refrigerant is a hazardous chemical. Hiring a professional is advisable.

Seasoned professionals bring a wealth of expertise in handling heating and cooling systems, notes Rellaire Smart Home Systems. Thus, you can rest easy knowing that knowledgeable experts who prioritize your comfort and satisfaction are handling your cooling service.

There is no dearth of HVAC service providers in the U.S. You can find a reputable provider by performing a quick search on Google. Just enter your city or state’s name on Google, and you’ll have plenty of options.

Searching for the “best HVAC services in Crystal Lake, Illinois,” will display the names of the top businesses in the city. Likewise, entering the “best HVAC services in Orlando, Florida” will bring forth tons of options. Whichever city you reside in, following the same method can help you find top-quality service providers in your area.

#3 Uneven Temperature Distribution

If one area of your home is warmer than the other or cooler, your HVAC unit is distributing air unevenly throughout the space. Various factors, such as the location of air vents, the room size, and the windows, determine which part of your home receives more or less airflow.

Poor insulation in certain parts of your home is likely the culprit behind uneven temperatures. Check if your home is properly insulated, especially the attic. That is because air is most likely to escape from the attic. If any area of your home isn’t properly insulated, add insulation. This should fix the issue.

Consider installing an HVAC damper. This small valve or plate regulates cooling or heating by controlling the airflow in an HVAC unit.

To wrap things up, the proper functioning of the HVAC is essential to maintaining a comfortable indoor environment. Many HVAC issues, at the beginning, seem trivial, but they can quickly escalate into something bigger if not dealt with. Addressing issues promptly will keep your system running efficiently and reliably all year round.

However, be sure to schedule a regular maintenance check to ensure optimal performance and to nip issues in the bud before it’s too late.


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