5 tips to elevate your building's aesthetic with sleek solid aluminum cladding

March 28, 2024

Listen up, folks - if your building's facade is looking a little...blah lately, it's probably time to treat yourself to a lil' architectural glo-up in the form of solid aluminum cladding. This cladding material is one of the hottest trends taking over the design world right now, and for good reason. Solid aluminum's sturdy, sustainable, and can elevate your exterior from drab to dramatically fab with the quickness. Let’s elevate your building's aesthetic with sleek solid aluminium cladding.

Not sure where to start in incorporating this stunner into your plans? Don't sweat it - we've got your official checklist for using aluminum cladding to transform your basic shingle setup into a showstopper that makes the whole neighborhood do a double take. Just brace yourself to start fielding ALL the "who did your reno?" queries...

1. Get Bold With Your Finishes

One of aluminums top draws is its crazy versatility in finishes, so why not have some fun and get funky by mixing different colors, textures and glosses together? Don't sleep on the high-contrast impact of pairing complementing matte and polished tones for a lavish, multidimensional look.

Like maybe wrapping the exterior in sleek, satin charcoal planks with pops of high-shine bronze accents bordering windows and along rooflines? Or cultivating an earthy, organic vibe by layering auburn woodgrain-patterned panels with rich terra cotta and mustard hits. The ooh-and-ahh factor is guaranteed when you creatively combine finishes...just trust.

2. Play With Patterns and Dimensions

While low-key monochromatic cladding designs are modern classics in their own right, don't be afraid to get playful by choosing planks with textured, embossed or geometrically-stamped patterns adding built-in depth and dimension up close.

Even super subtle striations, beveled edges or triple-panel layouts arranged in staggered or herringbone formations can work wonders for cultivating intriguing visual interest that catches eyes. Basically, the more multifarious textures you can mix in, the more luxe and eye-catching your new alum'd up exterior will become.

3. Let Them Eat Cake...Paneling

Another cool detailing trick that'll immediately vibe up your building's attitude? Play with proportions and mix horizontal, vertical and square paneling together to delineate sections, accent protruding architectural elements, or create unique partitions.

Install svelte vertical planks flanking entryways to build height, then frame out the overhead areas using classic horizontal courses. Or cluster featherweight square tiles in a contemporary parquet-inspired pattern overtop key sections you want attention drawn to. You can get downright artistic and avant-garde here!

4. Lean Into Mother Nature

Whether the goal is blending your dwelling into its natural surroundings or simply cultivating an earthy, woodsy atmosphere, aluminum cladding has a plethora of organic-inspired finishes and hues made to give off those back-to-nature vibes.

The industrial material expertly masquerades as rugged, knot-filled wood grain panels or even burnished, multi-tonal terracotta if you so desire. And cool, placid pastels suggestive of desert sands, moss greens and oceanic driftwood tones are all yours for the choosing. Basically, if you're aiming for an organic, homey-yet-refined feel, aluminum's your guy.

5. Consider Function AND Form

While aluminum cladding already packs a visual punch, the best installations are those carefully calculated to serve key performance bonuses too. Like, does your build have any southern or western exposures where raging heat absorption is an issue? Choose paneling featuring unique cooling crystals embedded to better deflect solar intensity while protecting interiors.

Are you in a coastal region grappling with moisture and corrosive salt air? Opt for cladding coated in marine-grade finishes explicitly designed to withstand even the harshest oceanside conditions season after season. The beauty of aluminum is that you never have to choose aesthetic over eco-functionality if you get choosey and strategic with your cladding specs.

Bringing It All Together

See, the key to absolutely crushing it with aluminum cladding is letting your creativity run wild while still keeping performance top of mind. Think colors, textures, patterns and dimension you truly vibe with. Then allow the material's sustainability cred, durability and protective properties to be the cherries on top.

By intentionally combining eye-popping visuals and sturdy functionality, you're guaranteed an exterior that ages elegantly while impressing everyone. Curb appeal, energy savings, low-maintenance design that always looks polished and fresh? Where do we sign to get in on that?

We'll go ahead and save you the headache now - just commit to Doing The Thing with aluminum cladding already! In a few years, you'll be the envy of the whole neighborhood, lapping up compliments on your visual masterpiece while your investment pays itself off in dividends. So why not treat yourself and start that glo-up ASAP? With fresh new aluminum armor, your building will officially have everybody's jaws -- and maybe even their monthly utility costs -- dropping to the floor.


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