Cara Delevingne's Studio City Home Collapses In A Massive Fire

March 15, 2024

The $7 million Studio City home that Cara Delevingne purchased in 2019, sadly went up in flames Friday morning. On March 15, TMZ reported a call around 3:52 am reporting that there was a fire at the home. Neighbors described hearing a loud bang, as if glass was shattering, coming from Cara's home. 

Credit: Google Earth

The fire spread quickly, and took over the entirety of the home. With 13 different engine companies totaling 94 firefighters, the fire was controlled after more than two hours. While it's not known at this time what caused the fire, it did in fact spread up to the attic, which caused the roof to then collapse. 


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Thankfully Cara wasn't home at the time, as she is currently in London working at the Playhouse Theater, performing as Sally Bowles in Cabaret. This is a developing story, so I'm sure more information will come to light in the next few days. We can rest assured at least, that it seems no one was killed. It is reported that four ambulances were sent to the home, with a firefighter falling off a ladder while fighting the blaze. Also, someone who was staying at the home at the time, has been treated for smoke inhalation. 

I can't imagine the feeling of being across the ocean while your home is burning. Cara posted to her Instagram stories a picture of her two adorable kitties, stating "my heart is broken." 

Credit: Cara Delevingne Instagram

Happily it wasn’t long after she posted that heartbreaking image, that her beloved babies were found and safe. 

Credit: Cara Delevingne Instagram

A spokesperson for the LAFD stated that “We have no reports of any animals being injured and once we did an extensive search of the property, we did not find any that were injured.”

Credit: Cara Delevingne Instagram

In 2021 Cara opened her one of a kind home to Architectural Digest. The uniqueness of the home captured Cara's personality perfectly. It's devastating to lose your home, but it's such a blessing that no one was seriously injured, or worse. 

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