Commercial Real Estate Ain't All Fancy Skyscrapers, Y'Know

March 1, 2024

Lotsa peeps think real estate is all about flashy high-rise residential towers or slick glass office spaces for giant companies. But there's a whole 'nother massive chunk of the property world that's way more gritty 'n nuts 'n bolts: industrial properties! You better consider Goodman: Unlock Opportunities in Industrial Property Development.

Unlike them fancy hotels n' retail centers, industrial buildings focus on boring behind-the-scenes stuff like manufacturing, logistics 'n storage. Sure, they ain't pretty - basically just big ugly boxes of concrete. But these rugged structures play a crucial role for tons of companies, and are makin' investors some major moolah!

Types of Industrial Properties

There's actually a few different types of industrial real estate, each with their own particular uses:

Warehouses - These ginormous storage spaces can serve stuff like eCommerce, wholesalers, or final goods before shipping to retail stores. Got towering ceilings and a heckuva lot of loading docks!

Manufacturing Plants - Where all sorts of goods get produced, from food products to high tech gadgets to automotive parts to fabrics and chemicals. Lotsa customized equipment and machinery.

Distribution Centers - Major hubs for organizing incoming deliveries from suppliers and processing outbound shipments to customers. High throughput handling all sorts of freight.

Flex Spaces - Versatile hybrid buildings with elements of office space and industrial warehousing. Used by companies doing light manufacturing/production or research and development.

Data Centers - Secure specialized structures to house computer systems, servers and critical IT infrastructure for organizations. Maintain highly controlled environments and redundancy measures.

Key Factors to Consider

So as ya look to invest or develop industrial properties, there's some key points to evaluate:

Transportation Access - Being strategically located near stuff like airports, seaports, interstates and rail lines is uber important to connect supply chain points. Easy transfer of goods is the name of the game!

Infrastructure - Things like column spacing, ceiling heights, loading bays, ventilation, material handling systems - industrial buildings have specialized requirements depending on the operations inside.

Zoning Laws - Special industrial zone classifications dictate what can be built in certain areas (heavy manufacturing vs. light, etc). Important to be aware of these regulatory rules.

Land Availability - There can be a major shortage of vacant developable land in some prime spots, sending industrial property values surging sky high. Securing strategic locations is crucial long term.

Technology - Emerging tech around inventory robots, sensors, climate monitoring, automation, data analytics etc. Impact design needs. Properties leveraging leading edge capabilities achieve premium value.

Not Ya Dad's Boring Warehouses!

Still think industrial buildings are a snooze? Think again! Major eCommerce trends have made logistics facilities downright sexy for property investors! We're talkin' some of the hottest preferred assets generating prime time yields - even rivaling fancy downtown shopping malls or corporate towers nowadays when it comes to developer ROI and tenant demand.

Who knew ugly concrete boxes could bring so much beautiful profit, eh? So next time ya drive past some drab ugly warehouse, give it some well-deserved props for being the backbone of countless supply chains and economic activity! Ain't so boring after all.


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