The Benefits of Pet Screening for Your Rental Property

March 22, 2024

Landlords have many considerations to make when they start renting out a property, and whether they will allow pets is one of them. There are many benefits and drawbacks for landlords when it comes to allowing tenants to keep pets.

Even though it might seem easier to simply not allow pets, having a pet policy could actually benefit both you and your renters in the long run.

Why Allow Pets on Your Property?

When you and your tenants have workable agreements in place, allowing pets can lower your risk of high tenancy turnover. Since finding rentals that allow pets can be tricky, a pet policy will likely make your current tenant want to stay longer. This reduces the stress and cost of finding new tenants for your property.

Additionally, allowing pets will expand your potential pool of tenants if you’re just starting out as a landlord and looking for the ideal renter. The key is to include a detailed and exhaustive pet policy in your rental agreement that keeps both parties on the same page regarding animals.

Why You Should Conduct Proper Pet Screenings According to Property Management in San Diego

Even though allowing pets could create certain benefits for you and your tenants, doing so without conducting pet screenings could create issues. A pet screening helps you learn important information about your current or future tenant’s pets and whether they will be a good fit for your rental.

When no screening is done, you become much more likely to experience the types of situations that make landlords not want to allow pets. (Think property damage and noise complaints from the neighbors.) Here are a few key reasons why screenings can make all the difference with your pet policy.

Better Safety Adherence

Noise and property damage aside, landlords and their tenants must adhere to certain safety rules. When it comes to animals on the property, issues with health safety can arise if the right precautions aren’t taken.

If your tenant has failed to vaccinate their pet according to health standards or allows an unregulated buildup of animal waste, it could pose a serious health risk for neighbors. This is especially true if others living nearby also have pets who could easily contract diseases from your tenant’s animals.

Fewer Disturbances

One of the most common reasons property management in San Diego will advise against allowing pets is the potential for noise complaints. When a tenant has a yappy dog or even multiple dogs, it can create tense relationships with the surrounding neighbors. Additionally, untrained dogs can pose a safety risk to the community.

Screening your tenant’s pet in advance can allow you to learn what type of dog they have, how well-trained it is, and whether it has any known behavioral issues. Even though allowing renters to keep pets is always a risk, screening for this information will let you make a more informed decision as the landlord.

Reduced Property Damage

It’s no secret that poorly trained or neglected animals can cause significant property damage. When pet owners don’t clean up after their pets for extended periods, or they allow destructive behaviors like scratching and chewing, severe damage to the property can be the result.

Repairing your rental between tenants after an animal has caused damage can be a huge hassle, not to mention expensive. Make sure your tenant understands the financial repercussions of housing a pet should they create any damage that requires repairs or replacements.

Better Tenant-Landlord Relationship

Unfortunately, it’s common for tenants to secretly keep pets under leases that don’t allow them or to own more pets than their landlord has agreed to. Even though you can demand financial consequences from your tenant if their undisclosed pet causes issues, you’ll still have poor relationships with neighbors and damage to your property to worry about.

Get rid of this risk by allowing pets that meet your requirements. The right tenant will be willing to follow the rules as long as they can keep their beloved pet.

Screen Your Tenants for Pets in San Diego

Anyone who works in property management in San Diego can attest that when the relationship between tenant and landlord is positive, the renter is more likely to remain on the property as a loyal tenant for years to come. Conducting pet screenings is one simple way to establish expectations with renters.


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