The Incessant Urge for Change: What Sparks the Desire for a New Home Design?

March 4, 2024

One could think of a bunch of reasons why people try a new design. Sometimes, it’s moving to a new house with a different structure that necessitates a different design. At other times, the wear and tear that eventually affects every furniture and appliance might be the cause. Curtains, carpets, couches, and cabinets, will one day lose their shimmering colors only to take away the charm and appeal our places once had.

Besides, there is always this deep desire for personalization that urges us to move a few things around and create a different style that is unique to us! So when we finally get there, what is the first step?

Crafting the Ideal Look for Your Home

The real question you should be answering when designing your place is not whether the new design is better than the old one but whether it is the best design for this house, and that includes functionality, sustainability, aesthetics, and overall comfort. To answer that, you need ideas. Plenty of them!

At first, you might be inspired by the design of your cousin’s new apartment, a recent reel you just saw on Instagram, or similar sources for home design ideas! They’re both good sources of inspiration but they’re never enough! To come up with a nice functional design for your place you need to look for home design ideas where you have access to an endless variety of designs, colors, and materials along with tips on how to adapt a certain style and where to buy the furniture you need.

You could imagine exploring a good source of home design ideas, not only fosters your creativity but helps you make the best possible choice, ensuring that the final design will align perfectly well with your vision for the place.

Balancing Styles and Preferences: Making the Choice

You might come across a couple of renowned design styles that interest you but you don’t have to stick to one of them. Combining various elements of several styles is a common practice nowadays and this gives you all the freedom you could ask for.

After exploring enough samples, it’s time to decide on the final design, the dominating colors, the furniture to be bought, and so on. Here, you could seek a designer’s advice to help you out when you’re stuck between several choices or when you can’t find a way to incorporate your personal style and preferences into the final design. This will only cost a measly amount compared to hiring a designer for the whole project.

Another alternative to this is using AI interior design. In this case, you only need to find a good tool that designs the rooms based on your choice of color, style, furniture, etc. Therefore, you could see your rooms in the same style but different colors or vice versa. This way, you’ll learn which style (and what colors) give a better look to your place!

Estimating the Amount of Work

Depending on the design you choose, you may need some renovations like removing a wall, replacing the cabinets, or painting the whole place. In case any renovations are in order, it’s up to you whether to hire a professional or not. The only advice I can give you there is to take all safety measures to prevent any mishaps!

One way or another, adopting the new design entails some work and costs that you should carefully consider and plan for. By being mindful of the necessary investments, both in terms of finances and personal involvement, you can navigate the process smoothly and achieve the desired transformation for your home.

Buying New Furniture

Although a new design doesn’t necessarily mean buying a new set of furniture, more often than not, a few items are needed! Perhaps some of your old stuff is out of shape or does not align with the desired style. The rule of thumb here is to buy the items you need and include as much old furniture in the new design as possible to reduce the costs.

You can also reduce the costs, by using a free home shopping assistant like AI HomeDesign that connects you to local and global furniture stores where you can find and order the items you like. Retailers like Home Depot or Lowe’s will do the job nicely. Therefore, you don’t need to go from one store to another looking for a certain brand or a certain color!

After purchasing all the necessary furniture and getting rid of those that you don’t need, you can begin implementing the new design.

Bringing the New Design Into Life

Almost done! Now it’s time to put each item in its new place and this shouldn’t bother you as you’re doing your job according to a well-prepared plan. Take your time to design the place room by room, and when you're finally done, remember to declutter and dust all the furniture so that everything shines!

Final Considerations

Going for a new home design is an exciting experience that has its own rewards especially if you gather enough home design ideas first. It’s important though not to judge the new style too soon!

As you move around your home for the first few hours, you might get too excited with how wonderful it looks, or get totally disappointed, thinking that it doesn’t look as attractive as it should.

The fact is that there are too many changes there that your mind can’t absorb all at once. Little by little, your eyes will get used to the new style. Then, you can have a better assessment of it. After a week or so, if you’re not still satisfied, you can make any necessary changes to reach that desired look you want for the place.


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