Unveiling The Benefits: Is Calcium AKG A Bone Health Miracle?

March 4, 2024


Calcium is a mineral that needs little introduction. The mineral is involved in numerous bodily functions, especially processes that aid healthy bone growth and development.

However, one form of calcium deserves special recognition - calcium AKG.

This article briefly introduces calcium AKG before delving into its perceived health benefits.

Best Calcium Rich Foods Sources. Healthy eating. Foods rich in calcium such as bean, almonds, hazelnuts, spinach leaves, cheese, and fresh milk


About Calcium AKG

Calcium alpha-ketoglutarate, more commonly abbreviated as calcium AKG, is a special mineral calcium widely marketed for its diverse health benefits.

Calcium AKG is especially noted for its ability to combat surges in blood calcium levels. It also binds to excess phosphate in the bloodstream, expelling this salt as a waste product.

Due to calcium alpha-ketoglutarate’s immense therapeutic properties, it’s essential to maintain healthy levels of this useful mineral in the body. However, factors like malnutrition, old age, and disease may slow the body’s ability to produce or respond to calcium AKG. That’s where supplements come in.

Taking a calcium AKG supplement restores calcium alpha-ketoglutarate levels in the bloodstream, consequently aiding bone development.

The Role of Calcium AKG in Bone Health

There’s no shortage of scientific evidence crediting calcium alpha-ketoglutarate for its ability to support bone health and development. One such study investigated the effects of consuming the compound among rodents with age-related osteoporosis.

In this experiment, researchers first measured the amount of calcium AKG in the bloodstream of osteoporotic mice aged 18 months and rats aged 24 months. Findings indicated that the mineral’s levels were significantly lower in both groups than in younger rodents aged 3 months. This was the clearest indication that the production of calcium (as with most minerals) declines with age.

Researchers then administered drinking water containing 0.25% or 0.75% of calcium alpha-ketoglutarate to the study subjects. Both concentrations restored blood serum levels, with the 0.75% group demonstrating higher serum levels. Serum is the fluid component of blood that’s not involved in clotting. However, it plays a pivotal role in bone development. Higher serum uric acid is linked to higher bone mass and lower prevalence of degenerative bone diseases, especially among postmenopausal women.


But calcium alpha-ketoglutarate did not just restore serum levels. Results from the above research also indicate that the mineral targeted virtually all aspects of bone development. MicroCT analyses revealed a significant increase in bone mineral density (BMD), trabecular thickness, and number. These changes affected all significant bones in the body, including the tibia, femur, and cervical bones.


There was also a marked improvement in the number of osteoblasts (cells that aid bone synthesis and mineralization) and osteoclasts (cells responsible for bone dissolution and absorption). This proved that the affected bones were undergoing an active remodeling phase. Other bone-related changes observed include higher bone formation rate (BFR) and mineral apposition rate (MAR).

Another noteworthy finding from the above research is that calcium AKG had no significant effects on body fat. That means the compound primarily targets bone density without triggering unintentional weight gain.

jogger at park with acute leg and knee pain.


Other Health Benefits of Calcium AKG

1. Fighting Premature Aging


Not only can calcium alpha-ketoglutarate guard against age-related bone wastage. The mineral’s antidegenerative effects may also counter other markers of premature aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines.

Most of calcium AKG’s anti-aging properties have been investigated in animal models. Studies conducted in mouse, rat, roundworm, and common fruit fly specimens have all demonstrated that AKG is pivotal in enhancing longevity.

The compound also packs antioxidant properties, which allow it to fight age-related skin problems, such as melanomas.

2. Building Muscle Mass


Calcium alpha-ketoglutarate has become a staple ingredient in many sports and fitness supplements. That’s understandably due to its ability to promote muscle mass, enhancing athletic performance.

Calcium AKG promotes muscle mass by upregulating the functions of specific amino acids that support healthy muscle development. The mineral regulates amino acids in the mammalian target rapamycin (mTOR). This protein works alongside other nutrients and enzymes in the body to coordinate cell growth and metabolism.

This complex mechanism has various health benefits, such as improved muscle mass.

A measure scoop filled with whey protein powder. - sporting protein shot in the gym.

3. Increasing Energy Levels


Calcium AKG exerts most of its therapeutic effects at a cellular level. In energy synthesis, the mineral impacts nearly all cell organelles, including the mitochondria.

Some research suggests that AKG regulates cellular energy status by inhibiting adenosine triphosphate synthase. The compound also reduces oxygen consumption during cellular respiration. While these effects may sound counterproductive at first glance, they’re necessary to improve the body’s overall energy status.

Additional findings indicate that AKG may promote amino acid and collagen synthesis, which are necessary for ramping up energy levels. So, there’s enough reason to add the mineral to your diet.

4. Supporting Fertility and Reproduction


A decline in reproductive health is one of the direct consequences of aging.

The fact that calcium alpha-ketoglutarate may fight premature aging makes the compound a potential treatment for the early onset of fertility problems.

One study found a correlation between calcium AKG supplementation and a low infertility prevalence. The mineral was especially cited for its ability to maintain estrogen production by fighting gonadal disorders caused by oxidative damage.

There's risk of injury in every sport


Is Calcium AKG A Bone Health Miracle?

Calcium alpha-ketoglutarate may not magically reverse bone wastage. However, multiple studies indicate that supplementing with the mineral regularly might stimulate bone regeneration. AKG’s antioxidant abilities allow it to guard against many other chronic illnesses.




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