Why You Should Consider Relocating to Paraguay  

March 22, 2024

The Republic of Paraguay is a country in the center of South America that has borders with Brazil, Argentina, and Bolivia. This is a country with ancient traditions, love for soccer, and fascinating nature. Why should you consider relocating to Paraguay in 2024? Let’s give an extended answer to this question.

Nature in Paraguay

In the east of the country, you will find tropical forests where yerba mate, a local tea variety, grows. In the west, there grow valuable tree species: chañar, guayacan, and quebracho. Forests cover about 33% of the entire territory of Paraguay. Besides, there are marshlands and savannahs in the country. Paraguay is rich in natural resources. Export of electricity, soy, and meat is an important component of the local economy.

Fauna in Paraguay

The marshlands are home to a large number of tropical birds: parrots, rheas, ibis, and others. Armadillos, deer, tapirs, jaguars, anteaters, capybaras are widespread. Insects are abundant: locusts, mosquitoes, mites, and so on.

Population of Paraguay

Around 7 million people live in the country. Around 95% are mestizos, descendants of Indians and Europeans. Purebred Indians make up about 2% of the population.

About 38% work in agriculture, 20% in industry and construction, 25% in trade and services, and 4% in transportation and utilities. The unemployment rate is about 9%.

The community is very agile, transfers from one social group to another are swift, and even the poorest peasant has a well-developed sense of self-esteem.  At the same time, Paraguayans are very friendly and that’s one of the main reasons whyexpats choose Paraguay for their residence.

Religion in Paraguay

Around 90% of the population are Roman Catholics.

Language in Paraguay

There are two official languages in Paraguay: Guarani and Spanish. Locals are often fluent in both of them.

Cuisine in Paraguay

Sweet porridges made from local grains, fruits and molasses are popular, especially when they go with the local mate's tea. Pork, beef and flesh of large birds is mostly cooked as for the main course and corn is most often used as a side dish. Sopa is a traditional Paraguayan dish. It is a cornmeal pie made with eggs, milk, cheese and onions. The national alcoholic drink is cane sugar honey moonshine.

Culture of Paraguay

The culture of Paraguay is a mixture of local traditions and the influence of Spanish colonists. Traditional crafts are especially popular in the country. Many craftswomen make Nanduti, laces that resemble spider’s webs (that’s exactly what the word means in Guarani).

Ceramics is another important element of Paraguayan culture. With the help of ancient techniques, Paraguayans make unique ceramic objects.

Music and dance hold a special place in the hearts of Paraguayans. Harpa (harp) is a national music instrument, a symbol of musical traditions in Paraguay. Paraguayans love dancing to the traditional music and the post popular dances are he Paraguayan polka and guaranía. The dances reflect the character and the historic heritage of Paraguay.

A bright and colorful carnival takes place in the country’s capital every year.

Things to see in Paraguay

The Iguazu Falls in Paraguay are one of the most beautiful and most impressive natural attractions in the world. Thousands of waterfalls surrounded by thick tropical forests create breathtaking scenery and make an unforgettable impression on the viewer. There you can walk along the trails rejoicing in the beauty of the nature around you or you can take a boat trip to get closer to the waterfalls and feel their grandeur.

In addition to natural wonders, Paraguay offers rich cultural heritage and multiple historical sites. Asuncion, the capital of the country, is an ideal place for those interested in history and architecture. There you will find colonial buildings, churches, and museums that can tell a lot about the history of Paraguay. The town of Encarnacion is also worth a visit, as it is known for its multiple galleries and art shops where you can buy unique handmade dolls.

Security in Paraguay

Paraguay is one of the safest countries in Latin America. The people are friendly and the crime rates are low.

Citizenship of Paraguay

Acquiring a legal residence permit in Paraguay is fast and easy. Invest only US$ 70,000 in the local economy and you will qualify for a cedula (a residence card) instantly!

You have to visit the country to apply for residence by investment but the good news is that citizens of most countries can enter Paraguay without visas and stay there for up to 90 days. This is more than enough to apply for a cedula. Submit the package of application documents to the immigration authorities and you will be issued a residence card within a month.

The residence card is valid for one or two years but you can easily extend it. Once you acquire a residence card for yourself, you are entitled to request residence cards for your spouse, children, parents, and siblings. Moreover, after living in Paraguay for only 3 years, you can apply for citizenship of the country by naturalization. If you make a more considerable investment in the economy of Paraguay, citizenship of the country can be granted to you almost instantly.

Advantages of legal residence in Paraguay

  • Low taxes: a 10% personal income tax and zero taxes on incomes from other countries, capital gains, and property.
  • Affordable living costs: a family of four can live on US$ 2,000 per month. Double the sum and you will live almost in luxury in Paraguay.
  • cedula holder can enter Paraguay at any time (remember the recent lockdown times).
  • A legal resident of Paraguay can work, do business, and open bank accounts in the country.

When you acquire a passport of Paraguay, you will be able to enter 146 countries without visas. You would not have to renounce your home country’s citizenship as dual citizenship is allowed in Paraguay.

Acquire legal residence in Paraguay in two steps

Step 1: Application document preparation

Apply for a consultation with an immigration specialist on the issue of obtaining legal residence in Paraguay by investment. With his/ her assistance, prepare the application document package.

Step 2: Cedula acquisition

Plan a 14-day visit to Paraguay to submit the application document to the Migrationes – the Migration Department in Paraguay. If you need a translator, you should take care of the issue in advance. Your cedula will be ready within one month. You can wait for it in Paraguay or have somebody obtain it for you by proxy.

A legal residence card gives its holder almost the same rights and a passport of Paraguay does. You cannot elect or be elected but you can travel freely across MERCOSUR on this document.

The sheer fact that acquiring legal residence in Paraguay is so easy makes this opportunity worth considering.


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