6 Ways to Make Your Farmhouse Look Cosy and Charming

April 24, 2024

Starting off:

People usually think of warm, cosy rooms that combine traditional charm with rough elements when they hear the phrase "farmhouse style." This style, which is known for effortlessly combining comfort and good looks, has been a favourite among homeowners who want to make their homes feel warm and welcoming. This piece by IQ Glass, a frameless sliding glass door will talk about six important tips that will help you give your home a cosy, charming farmhouse look. With these tips, you can make a space that feels both classic and lived-in. They cover everything from picking the right colours and materials to adding antiques and useful decorations.

Use natural materials.

The use of natural materials that make your home feel warm and real is a big part of the country style. Not only are metals, stones, and wood strong, but they also have a natural, earthy beauty that is hard to find in man-made materials.


Wood is the very definition of a home. Having exposed wooden beams, hardwood floors, and furniture made from used wood can really make a room feel more rustic. A big wooden eating table or an old wooden chest could be the centre of attention in your rooms.

Rocks Stone

A stone wall in the kitchen or bathroom or the surround of a fireplace can add a dramatic and natural touch to country decor. It's not just about how it looks; stone is also strong and has a classic look that gets better with age.

Material Metal

Metal elements, such as wrought iron light fixtures or metal chairs, can add an industrial touch that goes well with a country style. To avoid looking too new, choose brushed or aged metals. This will keep the lived-in look that is important for country style.

By using these items in your home's decor, you can make sure that it not only looks like it came from a country, but also feels like it comes from the tradition and usefulness that this style values.

Pick a neutral colour scheme.

In any style, the colours you choose are very important for setting the mood. The country style is no different. Choosing neutral colours helps make a space feel calm and welcoming, which is perfect for a style that values ease and comfort.

Creams and soft whites

Soft whites and creams should be used as a base. These colours make the room brighter and are great for drawing attention to other things, like stone or wood that is naturally there. Beautifully reflecting light, they make your room look bigger and more open.

Tone of Earth

Pair your whites with earthy colours like brown, soft grey, and soft blue. These colours give the room depth and warmth without taking away from the country style's soft, rustic vibes.

Adding Accents

The main colour scheme should stay light and neutral, but adding small touches of blue, forest green, or rustic red can make it look more sophisticated and unique. To keep things balanced and cohesive, don't use these colours too much in things like throw pillows, flowers, or wall art.

By choosing your colours and where to use them with care, you can make your home look more like a country while still keeping it fresh and modern.

Incorporate old items

One important part of getting a real country look is adding old pieces. These things not only give your home a sense of history and individuality, but they also help you connect with the past, which is an important part of this style.

How to Find the Right Old Things

Look through flea markets, estate sales, and antique shops to find one-of-a-kind old things. Find things that have a story to tell, like an old country table, a classic rocking chair, or rough barn doors. Your farmhouse decor will look more interesting with these things' patina and wear.

Old and New Together

Even though vintage items are classic, adding modern conveniences to your home will keep it warm and useful. For instance, you could put modern chairs around an old wooden table or store modern gadgets in an old cabinet.

With a Purpose, Repurposing

A lot of old things can be used in new ways to make a home more modern. You can make a cute bookshelf out of an old ladder, and you can use old mason jars for lighting or herb plants. This not only brings the things to life again, but it also makes your decor more unique.

You can make sure that your country style is not only cute and cosy, but also full of stories and history by adding these vintage items in a thoughtful way.

Add Comfort with Clothes

Textiles are a big part of making the country style more comfortable and nice to look at. The right materials can make a big difference in how your home feels, from soft throw pillows to curtains that flow.

Pick soft fabrics that will last.

Choose fabrics that are soft to the touch and will last a long time. For a country look, linen, cotton and hessian are all great choices. Not only are they comfy, but they also give the room a natural, rustic look.

Layer clothes

Putting different fabrics on top of each other can give your rooms more depth and interest. Make sure the throw pillows, blankets, and rugs all match in colour and feel. You can feel more comfortable and the space will look better when you layer things like this.

How to Cover Windows

Another place where textiles can be very useful is in window covers. Choose curtains that are light and open so that natural light can flow through. This will make the room brighter while still giving you privacy. Think about designs that go with the farmhouse style, like plaids or stripes.

You can make a warm, welcoming space by carefully choosing and arranging textiles. This will make you want to relax and enjoy the comforts of country life.

Open shelves and useful storage

Not only does open shelving look great in a country style, it's also a useful way to store and show off things. This method lets you show off your style with decorative items and keeps your most-used items close at hand.

Accept open shelving

Choose open shelves to store dishes, jars, books, and other everyday things in the kitchen and living room. This set-up makes it easier to stay organised and gives the space a casual, open feel. It also gives you a chance to show off old things and family heirlooms that add to the country charm.

Useful ways to store things

Besides open shelves, you might want to think about other storage options that are useful and nice to look at. Large wooden crates, woven baskets, and old metal tubs are all unique ways to store things that fit with a country style.

Use the hidden storage

It's great to have open shelves, but not everything needs to be shown. Use ottomans, benches, and side tables, which all have storage space built in. This helps keep things looking neat and gives you plenty of space to store things that aren't as important.

You can find a balance between usefulness and farmhouse style by carefully combining open shelving with useful storage options. This will make the space both organised and welcoming.

Add lighting that looks rustic

Lighting is an important part of farmhouse decor because it affects both the mood and the way the room works. In addition to lighting up your home, rustic light fixtures are also pretty pieces that add to the country look.

Pick Pieces That Say Something

Choose lights that stand out, like lamps made from old metal or wood or lantern-style lights that give the room an old-world feel. These features should not only do their job, but they should also be the centre of attention in your room.

Add more lighting.

Use a range of light sources to make an effect that is warm and rich. Mix ceiling lights, table lamps, and floor lamps to give the room both general and specific lighting. This method gives your rooms more depth and lets you change the lighting as needed.

Use natural things

Choose light sources made of wood, metal, and glass, which are all natural materials. These materials go well with the other natural elements in your country decor and help the whole thing look better.

You can make your farmhouse-style home feel cosier and friendlier by carefully choosing and placing your lighting. This will make it a great place for family and friends to relax.

In conclusion:

It's not enough to just pick out the right furniture to go with the country style. You need to make the room feel warm, welcoming, and truly yours. By using natural materials, picking a soothing neutral colour scheme, mixing old and new, stacking textiles, organising with open shelves, and choosing rustic lighting, you can make a home that looks cute and cosy and also works well in real life. With these tips, you can turn your living room into a cosy farmhouse-style retreat where everyone feels welcome.


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