7 Fun and Functional Decor Ideas for Your New Kids' Play Area

April 22, 2024


If you have just given birth to your precious little one or will soon, getting your baby's room ready is of the utmost importance. After all, this is where your daughter or son will take their first steps, play around, and grow up.


Fortunately, new parents can choose from endless designs and ideas for their children's playrooms today. The global playroom market size is forecasted to be around US $6700 million by 2032.


So, if you're also looking for some fun, quirky, and functional decoration ideas for your kid's playroom, then keep reading this article!


1. Soft carpet

A carpet makes the room appear cozier and more beautiful, but there's also a hidden functionality here. Since toddlers can often fall and hurt themselves, a soft rug or carpet will reduce the impact on your baby's tender skin.


This way, even if your baby falls or topples over, they won't suffer from serious injuries. You can choose from a wide range of carpet choices, ranging right from zooming cars to pretty princess themes or even fun shapes and colors!


2. Armchair

Next up, a comfortable armchair is a must. Remember, newborns have to be fed throughout the day and after feeding, they need to be rocked to sleep.


If you keep taking them out of their playroom to feed them and then put them back to sleep in the playroom, it will be a tedious task for both you and your child.


A much easier alternative is to place a comfortable and durable armchair in one corner of the room, preferably near the baby's crib. This way, you can feed and rock your baby to sleep in the same room and spend some quality time with them!

3. Toy sets

Of course, no playroom is complete without a toy set or two! No matter how old your kid is, you have to keep at least two or three sets of matching toys.


Toy cutouts and sets not only help children improve their cognitive and mental skills but also indirectly promote better social behavior.


For example, you can buy a kitchen set and invite your kid's friends to have a make-believe tea party. Or you can gift a gardening set and encourage them to plant a seed in a small potted plant.


You can also create a metal wall art with the help of plasma dxf files. It will make your job easier & also give a new edge to your kid's play area.


4. Teepee

You can never go wrong with a small teepee or tent in your child's playroom! As children, we all have loved hiding in DIY pillow forts and tents, and our children deserve the same kind of fun.


Making a tent out of old bedsheets is pretty easy, as long as you have some sturdy rods and screws. And if you wish to do something really simple, you can simply hang some bedsheets on a clothesline and put your children's pillows and toys inside the teepee.


Not only is it a fun way for your kids to enjoy themselves but your extra bedsheets, pillows, and other fabrics also get reused!


5. Bookshelf

Even if your child is a newborn or a toddler, a bookshelf in the playroom is a great idea. Unfortunately, children today spend too much time watching cartoons on the TV or playing on iPads and phones.


To escape that, you must cultivate a reading culture at home. Start by placing some simple bars and bookends on the wall. Put your kid's favorite storybooks and add some decoration pieces.


As your little one grows up, encourage them to pick out their favorite books from the shelf and read a story to you.



6. Cubby houses

Cubby houses are another way to make your children socialize and understand the art of playing together.


However, these playhouses can also be great areas for storage. If the playroom is small and there isn't enough space to keep all the items in storage boxes or shelves, you can safely store them in a cubby house.


Moreover, storing a heap of toys can make the room look messy, so putting them away in a cubby house makes the entire room look neater. Depending on the room's dimensions and your child's preference, you can opt for a small, lightweight house or a bigger, fancier one.



Before you rebuild the play area, identify the right balance between beauty and functionality. Remember the play area will directly impact your child's development and well-being. So don't take it casually. In fact, plan it with caution and keep your child's interests in mind.




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