European Themes: Everything American Homeowners Should Know

April 15, 2024

Many Americans prefer European themes when styling or designing their homes. According to People Magazine, most prefer Scandinavian designs because of their cozy textures and clean interiors.

Picture this: The moment you enter your home, you’ll be greeted with elegance and functionality, represented by its unique European charm.

Do you want your home’s interior to have the essence of irresistible European designs? Then, you must explore space-saving tricks and luxurious furnishing to mimic the timeless allure.

In this article, we’ll discuss everything an American homeowner needs to know about European interiors.

American vs. European Home Features: The Difference

There are very few similarities between European and American homes. That means the interiors will also have stark differences.

Let’s discuss the features of an American home:

  • There’s an emphasis on spaciousness because of the large and open layouts.
  • These homes have open floor plans and expansive living areas.
  • The interiors usually have bold patterns with a mix of modernity.
  • Its architectural style only focuses on contemporary and colonial themes.
  • The homes usually emphasize comfort and casual living.
  • Large decks, oversized furniture, and modern amenities make up an American home.

Now, let’s compare these features with those of a European-style house:

  • These are much smaller than American homes, but they use the space efficiently.
  • There are compartmentalized layouts, distinct rooms, and sophisticated elegance in the floor plans.
  • The interior design uses muted colors and unique craftsmanship over comfort.
  • The architectural style focuses on various regional European themes that are vintage and antique.
  • It prioritizes energy efficiency and sustainability over modern amenities.

All in all, European homes focus on smaller-scale and minimalistic designs. Meanwhile, American homes are closely inclined towards ‘go big or go home’ designs.

Have you decided to change your home’s interior? Then, you should surely look for European design elements.

Let’s say you want to remodel the American kitchen with a European design. In that case, you’ll need to find interior designers in your city. For example, if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, you can look for companies specializing in European interior designs.

When choosing, check their reviews, previous work, and industry knowledge. Doing so will ensure that the remodeling team fully captures the essence of a European kitchen design in the Bay Area. They’ll skillfully install cabinets, appliances, countertops, and fixtures that mimic the unique style.

The best part is that the Bay Area is slowly becoming home to thousands of unique European-themed properties. Millionaires are spending money on creating a utopia that mimics a remote Italian village.

3 European Interior Design Trends You Should Look Into

According to Artistic Kitchen, transforming an American home’s interior design with a European style will significantly elevate living, kitchen, and bedroom spaces. The main design elements include paneling, wood tones, old-world art, etc., to create a unique allure.

Are you intrigued? Then, as a homeowner, you should check out the following European design trends:

Baroque Themes

Baroque interior designs have no order or restraints. Features of this theme include irregular and curved lines on the ceilings, furniture, and walls.

The colors need to be bold and in contrast with the luxurious fabrics. You can also use mirrors to enhance the element of grandiosity. This dramatic style comes together with lavish materials, oversized paintings, and sculptures.

Scandinavian Themes

According to Architectural Digest, Scandinavian themes are nature-inspired, minimalistic, and winter-friendly. Do you know what this theme is characterized by? That would be simple designs, clean lines, neutral colors, and natural lighting.

Moreover, the furniture you buy should be customized or made with quality craftsmanship. Using sheepskin, rustic rugs, or mohair throws will give the theme a distinct textural element.

Rococo Themes

These focus on whimsical and intricate themes. The style uses pastel color palettes with a light and airy vibe. With this, you’ll have ornate carvings, delicate patterns, and asymmetrical designs.

You must find customized furniture with old-fashioned carvings to replicate the Rococo theme. Delicate colors and ornamental wall panels can also help bring together this intricate design.

How Can You Make Your Home Feel European?

Do you want the comfort, elegance, and style of European homes? Then you need to follow these tips:

  • Add statement pieces to each room. Along with that, infuse natural elements like plants.
  • Always select a chic, elegant, or inviting theme. These can be Scandinavian, Rococo, or Baroque.
  • Pastel hues and neutral colors will be perfect for creating a soothing environment. Remember to select rustic textures and classic styles.

The allure of European interior design is truly irresistible among Americans. Its grandeur, simplicity, and rich tapestry speak volumes.

In conclusion, changing your home’s interior can be easy if you have professional help. But first, you must understand the uniqueness of European homes and how they structurally differ from yours.

After that, you can follow the interior design trends shared in this blog to select a theme that suits your needs. Then, you can go through the tips to change your home’s interior design into a vibrant European theme.

Remember, you must let your imagination reflect your home’s unique personality.


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